I Created A New Blog!

Hello my amazing followers and readers. I am making this post to tell you I have created a new blog.

It’s been a year of blogging, which all started on a whim. I’ve loved it so much that I have decided to finally go pro. Therefore, I have started a new professional wordpress.org site with self hosting!

This is a pretty big deal, I am basically the Will Smith of bloggers with this new domain and premium hosting package. Not really…

But! I will be able to provide a much more aesthetically pleasing website with tons of more organization so your reading experiencing is that much better. I will also be able to create fancier courses and deliver my knowledge and services at expedited speeds with easier-to-digest layouts.

I am thrilled and hope you are too!

Do me a favor, go HERE and follow my new blog. Subscribe and be on the look out via Instagram and your email for the latest updates. I’ll be posting daily, be it an incredibly healthy, mouth watering recipe, life wisdom, or inspirational natural movement videos. Who knows what I’ll get myself into but I would love if you joined me!

Also, leave a comment on my latest post with what you would love to see from me. The theme of holistic health and optimal living remains the same. Anything you feel I could help you with, feel free to ask away and I will be sure to read and create content from there!

The official domain for the new blog is WWW.NICKSFIT.COM
I’ll see you all there!



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