The Secrets To Body Transformation

Great_Body_TransformationYou’ve likely seen a transformation [before and after] photo of someone who had lost dramatic amounts of weight. Maybe you heard a story of miraculous healing; someone over came cancer or some other life threatening illness. These incidents; no matter their extremes, show us the power of transformation. As inspiring as these stories are; the truth is, this power is available to all of us.

I want to share with you how exactly transformation occurs so you can harness this ability yourself. It doesn’t matter if you                   are trying lose 10 pounds or 200, overcome a disease or clear your skin, the principles for transformation are the same. Let’s take a look at what really makes these miraculous transformations of the body possible:

A Shift In Perception

The fundamental first step before we can step into the wisdom of transformation is to change our perception of our bodies. I am not only talking about the way we view our bodies judgmentally speaking [fat, old, ugly, thin, etc.] but to recognize what the body really is.

Most of us label our body as a noun, a thing. Though to some degree our body could classify as a noun; however, what we call our “physical” body is not as physical as we think. The body is made up of matter, therefore, we call it material. If we take a deeper look we can see that all matter is made up of atoms, which is really just moving space. Our body is more of a process than it ever is a material — concrete — finished object.

Right now your body is in the flux of constant change. You are not the same body you were when you first started reading this article. That’s because you are constantly recycling information in the form of thoughts, emotions, food, chemicals, and billions of other invisible particles. You are never the same person twice. In fact, none of the atoms you were bon with are in your body right now.

Right now you are ingesting this information, and it is actually having pysiological effect on your body. If this information makes you feel smart and happy then the positive emotions will be relasing chemicals that are actual immuno-modulators; enhancing your immunity and activating positive genetic expression.

So let’s begin viewing our bodies as the living activity they are; a verb if you will. If we see the body as a never ending process we stop fighting change; which leads to stagnation, and engaged in transformation. This thought alone will open the doors to change and transformation. Where a precpetive of th body as a noun or thing, makes it a very “dead” phenomenon.

Reinventing The Body

There are fundamental activities that promote transformation. Here are a few:

  1. Seep- When you sleep your body rejuvenates yourself. During sleep your body activates the self-repair mechanisms; growth hormones and enzymes, which slow aging. You likely already know you should be getting good sleep. The importance of it cannot be neglected if you want reinvent your body.
  2. Meditation- There is now scientific proof; experience, that correct meditation can increase the enzyme that controls biological age in little as four days. During meditation, there is increased genetic expression of self-repairing mechanisms and also a down regulation of the bio-makers of aging. Meditation brings homeostasis (balance) to the body. This is the self-healing mechanism of the body. Drugs or medicines, even diet will fail unless it brings balance back to the body. Meditation is a means to becoming more aware. You can practice meditation with guided audio tapes, attend meditation centers or get a TM teacher. The long-term goal is that meditation becomes a way of life; a wakefulness that is carried with you momentarily. You can learn more about my views on meditation here.
  3. Movement/Exercise- The more you move, the healthier your body. The type of exercise isn’t so important. If anything, the less important you make exercise the easier it will be for you to creatively fin ways to move; dancing, walking a dog, playing in a park, surfing, or house cleaning. There of course is the entire deep study of exercise sciences you can explore, for sake of brevity let’s keep it simple; just move, and move often and joyfully.
  4. Diet- When it comes to diet, let’s keep it simple above all. Instead of going for the next diet craze or book let’s use our simple intuition; eat REAL food. That’s it. Real food, incase you forgot, doesn’t come in a box or can. It comes from the ground and nature. These things are called vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, meats, eggs, fish and other plants like herbs. Shop at local farmers markets, the perimeter at the grocery store (avoiding isle as much as possible, other than maybe for coconut/olive oil) and get a good cook-book so you can learn to make your own food. Food is information, it is a frequency like you are. Processed and manufactured foods have no frequency, no life force and therefore rob you of yours. Feeding your body real food increases life force, Prana or Chi and will be one of the most effective ways in transforming your body. I  personally recommend The Body Ecology Diet for optimal nutritional wellness.

  5. Emotional Well Being- The limbic brain is your emotional brain, it is where you store emotional experience and were we react to things from. For those who have experienced emotional trauma, getting a better understanding of who you are (here’s a hint, you’re not your brain) wil be highly helpful in moving beyond the limitation of fears and negative emotions. What you want to do is to practice mindfully choosing positive emotions. You are not victim to your emotions; though you may have experienced differently, you are the choice maker of your emotions. Positive emotions such as; compassion, love, joy and empathy are immuno-modulators. These emotions create limbic resonance, which secrete neurotransmitter and neuropeptides like oxtocin, dopamin and serotonin will enhance self-healing. On the other hand, negative emotions create a disruption of homeostasis. Always reach for a higher frequency, you are in control.

It’s really this simple.

Putting It All Together

Now that you know the key components of a Transformational experience here is the formula;

  • Wake up each day with the intention of experiencing  a joyful transformational experience. Give gratitude to how rested you are from your sleep and how much energy you will have for the day. Carry this intention with you all day.
  • Drink a liter of clean, spring water followed by a nutrient-dense breakfast or perhaps a green drink.
  • Cultivate the feelings of compassion, peace, joy and self-love.
  • Experience lightness of soul. I encourage you to find your true self. If you think you’re just a personality and a body you will experience that very limited point of view and see it wherever you go. If you know yourself as a spirit, life will become an effortless joy.

Who Are You Really?

Did you know that you are more bacteria than you are human? Only 10% of you is human, and the rest of you is bacteria. You are made up of 600 trillion cells, 90% of them bacterial. You are a walking bacterial colony, all which work together to make up what you call “your self” or your body. This colony exists in largely in  your intestinal tract but is every where. The balance of your micro-biome influences your DNA, and self-repair mechanisms. All of the five tips I shared with you will help keep your bacterial colony in balance. In addition, I recommend a probiotic-rich diet to ensure you are replenishing yourself with the healthiest bacteria possible.

This goes to prove the phenomenon of your body as a process and opens the doors to knowing yourself as something that is beyond body. The body is self-regulating, self aware, and knows itself. Ultimately, this bacterial colony which you are is a microcosm of the cosmos. You are star-dust, bacteria, and even “non-stuff”. By tapping into the truer nature of yourself, you fill find that limitations are transcended and you can be transformed.


If you are interested in unlocking your potential then come work with me one-on-one! I offer Transformational Coaching to all those who are passionate about stepping into their greatest selves. Click here to learn more.


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