The Law Of Magic – Being Without Reason


I want to share with you one of the most foundational laws of life. This is something that once known, changes how you view everything in your life. Likely, what I am about to tell you is the opposite of what you’ve learned anywhere. You have heard about – the base of science – cause and effect. According to this law of cause and effect, you create the cause and the effect follows. If you put a seed in the soil then it will sprout and then the tree will follow. There is a fire; you place your hand in it and it burns. The cause is there and the effect follows. You arrange for the cause and then the effect follows.


Cause is complete freedom. It is above needing space, it holds no space or time, it doesn’t even have to agree, cause just is; it’s the ability to use space.  A cause precedes responsibility, where a responsibility is your willingness to own, act, use or be used. If you look at this physical universe, you’ll see that cause and effect appear on a stream of time. Therefore, you see the illusion that cause is being succeeded by an effect. You see a seed first being planted then a sprout occurring later.

However; you have to be an effect in order to have a cause in the future. Before the seed (apparent cause) was panted, there was an intention based on future motives. You wanted to eat, so you planted a seed of an apple tree to eat in the future. Thereby, all present moment causes are motivated by the future. The universal law says you cannot make an effect out of the past.


There is a second law which is still deeper than basic cause and effect, but you have to understand cause and effect first to understand to work it. One only fails at what he fails to learn the language of. Now that you hopefully have a good grasp no cause and effect, let’s talk about the “law of magic”.

The Law of Magic says; “Produce the effect and the cause follows.”

You create the effect, and the cause follows. This is to be without reason. Cause and effect needs a reason, a purpose. You play a song then you dance. There is a beautiful girl then you are motivated. Regarding cause and effect, and if you consider the work of a magician, you will see he knows this law. A magician determines first what his goal (effect) will be before he creates any action (cause). Then, he magician states exactly the steps he is going to take (his causes) that will bring about his desired effect. He is creating the effect first, then in present time creating the cause in motion.


In order to creating an outcome you must have a ritual or series of intentional events to accomplish the goal. Rituals are cycles of cause and effect in some sort or another. In order to not become the effect of your own cause, you must follow a ritual. Otherwise, you become the victim of a cause. For example, if you are unaware of your eating rituals you can very easily “become” surprised when you find yourself imbalanced, by accomplishing what seems surprising to him.

Therefore you know your desired outcome and along the way know you are creating action that will produce the outcome. You are being cause to an effect in a ritual, and the only way you become victim to cause — being an effect after the fact — is go on acting as if that you didn’t first create the intended effect. The truth is you did it, not anyone else did it. It’s easy to say “that made me feel this way” but that’s simply not true. The rain doesn’t make you feel sad, you look at he rain and decide “its raining so I am going to be sad now”. By consciously creating ritual with an intended outcome you know you did it.


You can put an insane man in a kingdom but that doesn’t make him a king. A true king, can be without his palace, horses, crown and servants yet remains a king at his innermost depths. To be a king you only have to act like a king, and act so totally that before you even a real king will appear as if he is just acting. And when the your energy has moved into this imagination, it becomes the image! Energy makes anything real. If you’re waiting for a kingdom before you act as a king, it will never come. Be a king without a kingdom without a reason to be one, and by be a kin I mean just be; be happy, be so totally and completely fulfilled that you frequency buzzes with serenity and all for no reason at all.


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