10 Ways To Eat Mindfully

mindful eating 1
Any action that brings attention to the act of eating helps break the spell of going blank. It is in this “blank space” where we overeat, chew poorly, rush through meals and make all the mistakes of poor eating habits come to life. This applies to both how you eat and what we choose to put in our mouths.

Look over the following list and begin to adopt the information and turn it into knowledge through experience. Take them one at a time, beginning with the changes that would most benefit your unique eating habits.

  1. Eat only when you feel hungry- Notice and feel your hunger. This is the foundation of conscious eating.
  2. Get cozy when you eat- To encourage your full attention, always sit down when eating your meal in calm surroundings, free of distractions.
  3. Start off small- Start with a moderate portion of food, such as a half a plate. When you finish that, sit down for a moment and see how hungry you still feel. Sip on fresh ginger tea, warm water with lemon or a small glass of probiotic beverage to assist digestion beforeheading for seconds.
  4. Practice appreciation- Make taste an experience all its own. Really go into tasting each bite, instead of frantically chewing and swallowing. Linger over the different flavors putting your attention on the variety of tastes.
  5. Eat your bitters- Be aware that appetite can be manipulated by many thing; emotions, environment, even foods and tastes. For example, fatty, salty and sugary tastes increase appetite. Processed and refined versions of these tastes are even more stimulating, drug like. Bitter, sour and astringent food suppress appetite and stimulate digestion. Try sipping on some fermented beverages like kombucha or coconut kefir during a meal. The taste profile in these liquids cut craving incredibly, make you feel more full and aid in the release of digestive enzymes. You may also try digestive bitters before a meal. Though the bitter taste is  what stimulates the vagus nerve; which stimulates the digestive process, you can try pills if you can’t handle the bitter taste for now. My personal favorite is a product called Livamend, which will help by stimulate bile flow making digestion more efficient and you less hungry.


  6. Optimize your fats- In restaurants especially the fat of meat can be very unhealthy. Because most fat is delicate to heat, cooking it can make it rancid and very hard on your body. Unless the animal comes from a pastured-raised source, is organic and cooked properly (low and slow) then you will want to avoid this type of fat and replace it with fersh avocado, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil or you can even prepare by bringing a small little bottle of MCT oil to put onto salads and vegetables! These healthy fats boost metabolism, reduce hunger and are easily digested, requiring little to no enzyme activity from the liver!
  7. Slow & steady wins the race- Eat your food at the slowest pace that feels comfortable. A moderate pace that emphasizes chewing will optmalize digestion. Don’t fill your fork or put another bite in your mouth until the first bite is chewed well and swallowed.
  8. Prepared portions- If you’re a fast eater, or someone who tends to talk a lot while eating, watch television or distract yourself in anyway it’s common to be very unaware of how much and how quickly you’re actually eating. Because unconscious eating is so easy to do; especially once you’re in the act, prepare a head a time with unusually smaller portions. It’s easy to get a large plate and try to use will with fail. When you’re aware, you don’t need will power. Until your conscious eating habits evolve, you can help yourself by preparing ahead of time by taking small portions.
  9. Tell a friend- Impulsive eating is a common trait of unconscious eaters. To otften we keep things secret out of embarassment; hover,this embarssement is only ego fuel. your trueself knowsnothing about embarassment. You can do wondes for your impulsive eating habits by expressing them outloud, especially in eatingsituations. Tell a friend about the food choices you wantt o make and intend on making. You don’t need reminders, let your expression simply be a tool to monitor your own eating.
  10. Fill your stomach only 80%- Most of the worlds healthiest cultures practice the rule of 80/20 when it comes to eating. By eating only 80% of what you likely normally eat you will leave room for digestion. The greatest energy used by the body is digestion. You will notice you have more energy by leaving this small space in your stomach after meals. Making his choice before each meal will keep you in tune with how much you are eating throughout the meal as well.

Whatever it is you go on doing; eating, drinking, any action at all, remember one thing; you are there doing it.


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