There Is No Spoon


In my experience, most humans today are trying to leave. So much time is spent on trying to escape from what is now. During our days we are consumed in work, and at night we dream of ways to escape our days. This inherent rush of escape we are chasing is something that is only available to us in our presence.

The mediums we seek to alter our perceptions (drugs, films, people, food, etc), as most of us have experienced, are fleeting moments in our external world that never seem to nourish a deep inner calling. Our souls yearn to be present in an available vessel to actively observe this lifetime, free of associations, distractions, and alterations. What is more nourishing than now, observed from an empty vessel — free of stories and worries. Each breath, we have an option to see the light of life anew.

Being A Cause; Not An Effect
The lifetime we witness, is only a fraction of what we interpret. Rarely do we freely witness what is happening in our world without an internal diologue underscoring our perceptions. A person that we hate in this world, truly only innately exists. We conjure the hate inside of ourselves and allow our minds to warp reality to match our internal dialogue. On top of this, the mind is the catalyst for the ecology of our being. Our bodies are physiologically responding to the model of reality that we create in our brain. If we create the “bad”, then we certainly can create the “good”. To do this..we must choose the truth by:

  • Accepting that we all believe our perceptions as truth, regardless if they are skewed.
  • Deciding to write a new story about these “truths” and be fully committed to make them serving to you, everyone around you, and the greater good.

You could choose to fully devote energy to the thought that your parents were terrible and full of neglect, or you could choose to believe they did the best they could and feel grateful for what they did do. With which thought do you envision yourself blossoming? As we shift these old programs and thoughts, we can begin spending less time processing past traumas, and more time living in the nectar of “now”. Sow love in the garden of your mind, and reap the ever-blossoming fruit of inner peace.

On A Deeper Level, You Are Already Complete
What if we transformed each thought into a sacred oasis for our beings? With ease and grace, we can create a safe space for us to reside and relax in. To discover this alignment may be the most important thing to do during this lifetime…what are we waiting for? We could be gone tomorrow, never knowing the experience of dwelling in the spring of sanctity.

How lovely would it be to simply honor ourself without the need for action and reward? Our beingness is enough to make us worthy of all that we wish to be. This love dream we call “life” is nothing short of sincere magic. The world has an intuition to take care of us when we release our needs and fears. Your corporeal landscape is just an extension of a perpetual fantasy.

So, let love guide you. Allow yourself the freedom to unfold your beauty. Each experience is a quiet miracle that seeks no attention. With subtle shifts of focus, we can begin marveling in the magic of the present moment.

This guest post was created for you with love by my dear friends Noelle and David at The Rose Journals. This enlightened tag-team duo have co-created a community that is a mouth-watering and empowering. From raw chocolately treats, poetic descriptions, to beautifully aesthetic photography their work expresses a simple message; love. For more empowering words, one of a kind health recipes and a whole lot of happy visit their blog The Rose Journals, Facebook and follow them on Instagram!


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