What You Resist Persists: Affirmation by Negation

What do you find showing up in your life again and again that you don’t want there? Is it a debt, an illness or perhaps a particular limiting pattern? Whatever the case, you have brought it there by giving your attention to it. We often give our attention to what we don’t want out of fear of deciding what we do want. When we fail to manage our own state of emotions we create mirror effects in our lives of this state. A fearful state produces an environment to be feared; poverty, illness, addiction, violence and so on.

Desire Implies You Lack IT
The solution is not find the opposite of fear much like many attempt. There is no opposition to fear; opposite is to oppose, and to oppose is only to resist. What you resist will persist. When we resist something we are affirming it exists. How can a fight happen if you don’t buy into the lower frequency that will escalade it into existence? You simply won’t. The secret then, to creating what you do want is simple yet profound work. Seeking the opposite of fear is running from fear, instead we must master our states and reach for the higher frequency. This sounds simple; because it is, yet takes an understanding of our “emotional scaling system”.

The Emotional Scale
What is fundamentally important to understand is that all lower emotional frequencies result from suppressed higher emotional states. I provided an info-graphic for you to see how our emotional frequencies scale. If you take a look you will see fear resides just below anxiety and above despair. Consider a moment of anxiousness; you are worried you will fail your test because you haven’t studied. When we stay caught up in that state and do not reach for the higher state of action — studying — then we plummet into fear. Action is a much more joyful state of being, especially in this scenario. We do not reach for a higher state though because we set ourselves up for failure. Taking a look at the info-graphic you see the emotional state of anxiety to action is a pretty large jump. You see that boredom stands in the way and considering the topic of study, you may very well be bored with your topic of study. You will simply not study for a topic you have no sincere interest in. The reason you chose to study a topic unbeknownst to your own desire is another, later topic. The point to get here is in order to manage our state we must learn to ride the emotional scale in a more efficient manner. Instead of large leaps that feel enabling, we will better change our emotional state by moving along one higher state at a time.

Tone Scale

Managing Your State
The key to managing anything is first awareness; you must be aware of what state you’re actually in before you can shift. By getting familiar with the different types of emotional states we can then begin to discriminate between something like fear and unexpressed resentment; two very different states requiring two different actions for a shift. Once you become more aware and capable of witnessing your own state you can begin to differentiate and pin-point a first step. You can start by grouping your emotional states into two categories; positive and negative. If you can decipher between a good-feeling state and negative you will be more successful in breaking them down more precisely. So you’re feeling negative and cannot figure out why.

  1. How serious are you? Now that you have identified a negative emotion the next question to ask yourself is how serious is your emotional state; pretty serious, serious, real serious or dead serious?
  2. Pay attention to your physical ody: You will get a better idea on how alive in your body you feel. If you’re feeling sensation in your body, a lump in your throat, sinking in your stomach, a headache, or any sign other sign of aliveness; chances are your state is some where between antagonism and terror. After that we being to numb ourselves from our emotions; repression.
  3. Accept your state and befriend it: When we fight our own state we are only asking it to stay; by embracing it, we invite it to leave.
  4. Ask yourself for a first step: Your body houses 90% of your intelligence. Our conscious mind is only 10% of our physical capacity! However, harnessing the power of your conscious mind allows you to ask the more powerful part of your being for wisdom. Simply as your body for a step to take. Wisdom is always simple and beautiful. Wait for your body to respond and do not rush it, you will get an answer. It may be as simple as expressing yourself to someone, getting outside, or opening up your book to study.


When we allow what is, it doesn’t have a hold on us anymore. Most of us have been bamboozled by the idea that force gets us anything. If you have a problem, the most cowardly thin you could do is fight it. Overcoming a disease, fixing your finances or getting into your ideal job all require you first allowing the present moment to exist; remember, will is the opposite of resistance. This takes extreme courage because we fear our own power of personal will but is the only way to ever allow any change.

I hope this helps you manage your state, release old patterns from your life and welcome in the new.

With love,


4 thoughts on “What You Resist Persists: Affirmation by Negation

    1. Life Rediscovered Post author

      Thanks so much for the compliment Kyle! I’ve been doing some incredible studying with a very special mentor who has been the source of this truly transformational information!


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