Take Charge Of Your Life: 3 Choices on Purpose

There is a part of you that is completely unchangeable, untouched by circumstance that is silently observing your life as it unfolds; the awareness of awareness. This part of you is what I call the choice maker. Once you find this core center within you, you awaken your “personal power”. So often we go through life feeling that it is particularly happening to us without our say. To a degree this is true, we don’t have too much control over the weather or perhaps the life span of others along with their choices.

However, to often we feel victimized by our own lifes wondering “how did this happen to me?” This disempowering focus leads to a life without meaning; from the spectrum of losing our keys to the death of a loved one and every where in between. These “Acts of God” can make us certain that there we are a small part of a much larger creation. This is partially true; the choice maker within you understands these unknowns and is aware of the unknowable much greater than your mind alone will.

I’m not here to enlighten you; rather, share my experience of how I woke up this silent power within myself, in hopes to help you do the same. To do so I want to get to know you, so you can get to know you. First and foremost, why are you here? Can you think about the purpose that drove you to this blog today? If so, you will start to make contact with the exact essence I am speaking of. You see, a part of you chose to woke up today, to eat, to get dressed and to read this blog. Behind all these actions; even reading this, lies a reason. I’d imagine that reason has something to do with growth, health, and living out your highest potential.

Can you recall now, the purpose driving your choices? The reason you have forgotten is because you simply put these decisions off in your subconscious mind where they have become habit. This is good and bad news. On one hand, you can accomplish many things at once; where on the other, if you fail to “update” or have consciously chosen which happens stay or go, you could very well be at the command of your mind; its servant.

To put you back in the driver’s seat of your life is to put the mind in its rightful place as servant. To do this is a simple task but requires incredible will in itself. To really take charge of your mind is to take charge of your life. If you want to have a meaningful life, you have to create a life of meaning. So my question is this…have you thought about the meaning of your life, or does that question alone trigger stress for you? If making this decision seems difficult let’s first remove some blocks by taking a look at a few different “mind-types”.

There are three types of people  that I am aware of:

  • The “go with the flow-er”- These are individuals that are so afraid of deciding that they don’t  decide at all. Their mode of fraction is the “no plan” plan. Which is hands down the worst plan there is. In one way, you may feel a sense of carefreeness without having a plan but deep down what’s directing your behavior is that you   believe control and purpose is outside of yourself. The major down fall is you have essentially given away all of your power; life is happening to you, separately from you. Usually these individuals are stimulant response creatures, where they are constantly reacting to life rather than responding, they are in complete survival mode. I’ve functioned here fora little while in my life only to feel that when a challenged arisen, I felt I had no choice and or power to better a situation.
  • The Controller- On the other end of the pectrum we have the controlling types. They associate themselves as “I” which is equated with a singular sense of ego and also; separateness. The controller is also afraid. They are so afraid that the other and life is against him, that he forces nearly everything to completion. In short, this person isn’t nearly in control of his life as much as he thinks. When fear makes your choices you can guarantee they will produce more results in which you will have to react to.
  • The Choice Maker– Then there is the fearless man; the choice maker. This individual differs in one very simple, core aspect; his choices are made consciously from love, from freedom. They understand that they are powerful beyond measure so they have no difficulty making a choice; detached from the outcome. They are already complete and immune to criticism so they have no need to force life to become good enough. The choice maker then, decides what to focus on, what the meaning events and circumstances will be and how to then match reality to his meaning.

What mind-type are you?

If you find yourself anywhere other than in the driver’s seat of your life then you may too often be the victim of your mind, emotions and “life”. No worries though, I’ve broken down how to become a conscious choice maker into three simple parts. These are three choices you can immediately make in each moment that will awaken your personal power and help you add meaning to your life.

  1. Decide What To Focus On- Whenever you catch yourself feeling trapped, stuck, or emotionally unwound ask yourself “what am I focused on?” This is no easy task when you really become entrenched in thought and worry. The truth is whenever you are upset you have simply chosen to focus on something unpleasant. You cannot be upset when you are completely focused on the good in your life. The more you buy into your thoughts the worse your mood and the worse life is. Though feeling emotion is completely rea and authentic, it’s easy to stay stuck there. To move out of this  thought pattern first become aware of what it is. Did waking up late spiral thoughts of negativity for you that lead to more thoughts of how you’re not good enough, always making mistakes and then became lost in the story of your every mistake? Once you’ve acknowledge your focus, change it. What is good? what are you grateful for? What’s awesome? Or above all, what would you rather focus on?
  2. Decide What “It” Means- Here in lies the greatest secret of life. Despite what anyone has ever convinced you of, the one thing no one can ever convince you of, is what you will be connvinced of. In other words, no one can think your toughts for you; therefore, noone can give meaning ot event but you. It’s that simple. If you woke up late for work again, before you let your boss, family or society convince you that you are a lazy piece of crap, decide for yourself. Maybe you’ve been killing yourself at work just needed the rest. Perhaps this is a little foresight that it’s time to change your job to one that wakes you up with excitement. Or at least, by sleeping in you avoided some chance car accident. It doesn’t matter what you choose at this point because you don’t really know what it means anyway. Just decide the better feeling and from here create the better reality.
  3. Decide What To Do- The final choice is that of inspired action. Once you have decided the meaning of your circumstances or life, it’s time to act. Here’s a trick. See your life for what it is – not worse than it is – then decide to see it better than it is. Finally, make it better than it is. All you’re doing is creating a life of purpose. Sticking to our theme for congruency; if you woke up late and had decided the meaning was “it’s time for a new job” then take a step towards it if it feels right. Get into work and make the most of it knowing you’ll soon be gone. Then after, get on the internet and explore some new jobs. Create a Linked-In account, put out flyers for your services, start a YouTube channel, website, hire a coach, or drop into that new boutique you would rather work at, even if the pay is less at first. You don’t have o change everything in one huge overhaul. One small inspired act will create a domino effect.

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