Goodbye Hair Problems; Hello Beautiful Hair!

I was born with a nice, thick mop of hair. Looking back at photos of my bowl cuts and mullets I can say I was proud to rock those ridiculous hair cuts. My hair had an unquestionable healthy luster! Right around the age of 14 though I noticed my hair quality fall apart. It was nothing drastic, it started with a simple shift in color. It had seemed to lose its vibrance and pigment. A few years after I noticed it shedding a lot; right around the time I decided to become vegan.

To save space for solutions to beautiful hair I will fast-forward my story for you. Veganism didn’t work to get rid of the new random acne I had developed or my noticeably lack-luster hair. It took many years for em to realize that my digestion had not ben working for years. Growing up, I witnessed a lot of “stress” that seemed to pass its way into my mind no matter how much I focused my thoughts toward good. I can say for certain that the almost ‘osmosis-learned’ mental stress had triggered a huge disruption in my adrenal function, which lead to an impaired digestive system.

I remember for a while being very concerned for my hair and overall health. Doctor visits called it genetics…what a joke. The point of this short story is o tell you that I know from experience; health is largely – if not completely – due to lifestyle factors. The book ‘The Genie In Your Genes‘ and ‘Epigenetics” have Nobel winning material to prove the Epigenetic phenomenon. Basically, what you might believe to be a “genetic health issue” is controllably by your lifestyle choices. That means for men and women who have accepted their hair for anything less than luscious locks, its time you unlock the hidden potential in your genetic expression. You can rewrite your genetics by the way you think about yourself, the way you look at yourself, feel about yourself and care for yourself. Overall, the secret to truly health hair is to choose wisely about what you put in your body; food, supplements, products, air, water, and thoughts.

I want to share with you 5 lifestyle tips that changed the quality of my hair health and appearance dramatically and also a very special herb I’ve used with incredible success over years of trial and error.

5 Tips for Beautiful Hair

  1. Get Your Blood Flowing- Getting good circulation in the body is step one for building that hair beauty. Though the topic of healthy blood is far less talked about or appealing as healthy hair, it’s a foundational aspect. The blood carries nutrients throughout the body; therefore, no blood flow means no nutrients to the scalp and hair shaft, which means hair loss or weak/brittle hair. The best way to get circulation flowing is to get moving. Exercise promotes circulation better than anything else. Movement is essential to our vitality, without it, our bodies would become like a stagnant body of water. This doesn’t mean; however, you have to go sign-up for Zumba or take the P90X challenge. Getting proper movement can be as simple as a few yoga poses each day, a daily walk, doing some vigorous cleaning, or even dancing! Ideally, you would break a moderate sweat each day to promote detoxication – leading to even cleaner blood – but simply staying busy; bending, lifting, pulling and twisting will keep your body circulating. As we age circulation becomes weaker as we tend to move less, the trick is to simply keep moving! We don’t stop moving because we get old, we get old because we stop moving. Exercise may change over the years from athletic sports to yoga with integrated weight-lifting to best suit your body, staying true to what works best with you takes a healthy relationship with your body. Yoga is a great mind/body practices for all ages and a few simple inversion poses will really promote circulation of the head and hair shaft. Some of my favorites are variations of handstands, headstands, and legs up the wall. Most inversions are more appropriate in the day as they strengthen and turn-on the nervous system. Legs up the wall; however, is great before bed and will still help bring new circulation into the body. Follow this pose up with a few cat and cow’s and you’ll have yourself a simple night-time routine for increased circulation. Some other great tools for promoting circulation – especially to the scalp – are inversion tables and deep tissue massages (especially around the neck), scalp massages, herbs like ginger, cayenne and gotu kula.If you are intimidated by the idea of an exercise routine there are tons of home workout videos on YouTube – I’ll be launching my channel tomorrow! – or you could also make the investment on yourself and get a personal coach. I offer online health coaching with customized workout plans [done in a gym or at home] meal plans and personal support.

  2. Care For Your Kidneys- According to Chinese Medicine, the kidneys play a vital role in the quality of your hair. To keep this topic short and sweet I’ll cover a few basics. The first theory is that the kidneys store our “Jing Essence”. This is also known as our core energy. The kidneys also circulate Chi energy, the energy which we acquire through lifestyle; food, supplements, air, water, sleep and so on. When we drain these energies, we become drained, that is because health is energy. Without good energy stores our bodies could not function or grow hair. The adrenals are two small glands that rest on each one of the kidneys that govern this energy. They are apart of the endocrine and hormonal system which govern hormonal output. When we’re stressed they release stress hormones which helps us in the short-term but over extended periods of stress can shut down our digestive system, immune system which will lead to hair problems down the line. The other theory is that because the kidneys create reproductive fluid, which is made up largely of hair nutrients – trace minerals like zinc and amino acids – that weak kidneys results in low reproductive fluid and therefor a shortage in these nutrients.To care for your kidneys is simple:

    -Restrict ejaculation: [Your Age-7/4] and this is how many times a month you should ejaculate
    – Avoid or reduce stimulants/caffeine:
     Coffee, chocolate and black tea
    – Get roughly 8 hours of sleep daily [bed by 10 pm]
    Decompress/Destress daily: Meditate, walk, baths, laughter, or simply making it your duty to enjoy yourself daily.
    – Get daily sunshine
    – Sip on warm water throughout the day, opposed to chugging water
    – Reduce animal protein [20% of meal, one time daily]
    – Avoid sugar and minimize fruit sugar and other natural sweeteners
    – Take Jing Herbs
    – Drink/eat Probiotic Foods; these are powerful kidney cleansers

  3. Fix Your Digestion- Without a healthy digestive system all efforts for healthy hair will fail. The digestive stem is what    breaks down and turns what you eat into nourishment that is then sent to the blood to deliver to the hair. If your digestive system isn’t working then no amount of nutrients will make it to the blood, or the hair shaft. Digestive problems are amongst n all time high today and thought the digestive system is complex, it’s rather a simple game to play. Things that destroy the digestive system include; TOO much stress, food, alcohol, any amount of processed junk food, poor food combinations, medications – particularly antibiotics – dehydration and lack of sleep and exercise. The best way to promote healthy digestion is to eat nutrient dense, real food, eat only when relaxed, drink water between meals, practice food combining, eat right for your metabolic type, exercise daily, eat until your 80% full and take enzymes and probiotics to restore bacterial balance. If you fee you could use guidance in restoring your digestive health I recommend highly The Body Ecology Diet or you could enroll in my Home Study eCourse “Perfect Digestion” and get one-on-one help, exercises, menu ideas, healing recipes, shopping lists, supplement guides and simplified insights and solutions.
  4. Eat The Right Foods- Once you’ve considered and cared for the foundational aspects of your body which produce healthy hair it’s time to consider how you precisely feed your hair. Pasture-raised eggs, liver and to a lesser extent, avocado and salmon are a rich source of Biotin. This B complex also known as B7 is essential to hair growth. A deficiency in this vitamin is linked strongly to hair loss. You really only need a small amount of these foods each week. If you have a healthy gut-flora you will produce adequate amounts of Biotin and other B vitamin. This is because probiotics actually produce their own B vitamins in the intestines. B vitamins, omega 3’s, amino acids, and minerals like zinc, selenium and iodine are essential hair nutrients.The best foods/supplements for your hair will be:
    – Pastured Egg Yolks
    – Grass-fed Liver
    Coconut Kefir
    – Raw Sauerkraut
    – Wild-Caught Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel
    – Oysters
    – Seaweed
    – Brazil Nuts
    – Pumpkin Seeds
    – Leafy Greens
    – Avocados
    – Chia Seeds
    Fulvic/Humic Minerals
    – Grass-fed Gelatin and Collagen
    Hu Shou Wu
    – Fermented Cod Liver Oil
    Fermented Spirulina
  5. Wash Hair Less/Use DIY Hair Care Products- I know some of you might think that washing your hair frequently is good for you but it’s truly not. Washing frequently – especially with harsh chemical products containing SLS – strips the hair of essential oils. If  you are concerned that your hair will become dirty, greasy or unpleasant know that it will take time for your hair to adjust to its new regime. In time, and with a healthy digestive system  and diet your hair will maintain a natural sheen to it and be less prone to greasiness. The effect will also be a healthier scalp and fuller, softer hair shafts. After years of this practice I can go literally weeks without washing my hair and maintain manageable, full hair. With a few DIY recipes you can treat your hair from the root and really make your hair glow. The rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin or scalp. Chemical products will go right into the blood stream making your body toxic and eventually giving you unhealthy hair in the long run. Here are a few DIY recipes I use with great success for thickening, softening, and growing hair, increasing circulation, and treating damaged hair:
    – Hair Thickener: 1 egg, 1 tsp of grass-fed gelatin, 1 inch of fresh aloe gel. Mix together and apply to scalp and hair for 15 minutes, lightly rinse and voila!
    – Hair Thickener/Conditioner: 1 avocado, 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Mash together and apply to scalp and hair for 15 minutes, lightly rinse.
    – Hair conditioner: 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. aluminum-free baking soda, 1/2 cup water. Rinse hair after any treatment for a super soft maine, and clean scalp.
    – Hair growth: 2 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil, 1 tsp camu camu, 1 tsp, cayenne pepper. Mix together and apply to scalp for an hour. This will bring blood flow to the scalp and open up the hair follicles to get nourishment. Olive oil is also capable of pulling DHT build up from scalp making it great for anyone with Patterned Baldness.
    – Hair treatment: 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 overly ripe banana, 1 tsp raw honey, 1 tsp raw aloe gel. Mix and mash then apply to scalp. This will condition and treat dead hair and bring it back to life.DIY-Hair-Masks

He Shou Wu: A Powerful Herb for Hair Growth

This herb is so very special for hair growth. I posted a video to better inform you of it’s many benefits; as I could go on for another post for this herb alone. In short, this herb is holistic in treating hair growth. It’s a blood builder, kidney tonic, Jing tonic, promotes healthy digestion and energy, and contains hair minerals zinc and copper. Not to mention is a powerful anti-oxidant which keeps you young on a cellular level. If you follow these 5 steps and include He Shou Wu into your diet I know you will experience a shift in the quality of your hair. This herb is pure magic and I am forever grateful for it’s beautifying properties!



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