Ultimate Kidney Care In 5 Steps

The kidneys are marvelous organs that many of us take for granted with excessive behavoral patterns. We over work, under sleep, over eat and are practically hooked up to an IV of coffee and other stimulants. We’re we are going so quickly im not sure? Anyway, the kidneys main job is to manage our water intake, filter sexual fluids, blood, sweat, urine and proteins. We are 3/4 this “watery-stuff” and the kidneys job is to handle all of this! The kidneys then are responsible for regulating our heart beat, digestive fluids, sexual and reproductive function, brain, emotions, energy and a lot more. One of the most important functions of the kidneys is their duty to keep our blood clean. The blood is our life force, without it, no nourishment would reach our cells. If we don’t care for our kidneys — and related counter parts the adrenals and bladder — we put a major road block up in our bodies. Every single organ of our body is affected by the other, and the kidneys are one of the king organs. Everything rides on the ability of our kidneys function and therefore; our willingness to love them!

Causes of Kidney Disorders

  • Processed Carbs: bread, cereal, crackers, cookies, pastries, etc.
  • Too Much Protein
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Refined Salt/Too much salt
  • Not enough water

Signs of Kidney Problems

  • Regular low back pain
  • Low energy
  • Adrenal/Thyroid problems
  • Water retention
  • Issues with the eyes; wrinkles, puffiness, swelling or poor vision
  • Low sex drive
  • Dark urine
  • Gout
  • Stones

What To Do: 5 Steps

  1. Stress & Fear- This is the root cause of most disease; however, stress has it’s roots somewhere else too. To simply say “stop stressing!” is way too vague. You have to identify the source of your stress. You may be really surprised what comes up if you started journaling about what stresses you out. First you think it’s your personality, then find out it’s your job, to find out it’s really the fear of pursuing your dream job, and find out the source was your parents telling you that you weren’t good enough to pursue you dream job, to then find out the real source is you feel inadeqauteas a human to even be able to enjoy life. It’s a lot to think about I know, but this is your work! Do you want to spend your life living in fear and covering it up with denial and cancer causing comfort foods? Distracting your self will not fix it. Free yourself! The thing is, it’s really simple. When out start “de-stressing” for real, you’ll eventually see all your fears were fed to you by the survival mind, through others opinions and the media. It’s all a big joke, life isn’t scary people. The problem, is that everyone is scared, no that there is really much so be scared of.

    Action step: keep a journal of what stresses you out, once you start getting to he root causes, create very simple actions to eliminate them. If you hate your job, then quit. You can get another source of income. If your excuse is money; then ask yourself, would you rather have a house for your family where you’re so dead and miserable  you or they cant enjoy it, or take a possible short-term pay cut, have less but be filled with so much love daily? Can’t enjoy much of your false security when you’re on  dialysis machine. Okay, so don’t up and quit work today if it’s causing you more stress. Acknowledge this secret stress to your family and loved ons and ell them you want to start going for walks together, or decide that you’re going to buy that paint set you always wanted and work on your dream again instead of drink beer and watch TV. Just getting started will spark new life in you. The goal is to realize, it is not wrong for you o be happy. Joy is the most suppressed emotion in the wold. You’re not a hero or heroin for over working yourself. Let your self dance! For a more comprehensive guide on balancing stress, try this article I wrote.

  2. Eat A Sugar Free Diet- Eating sugar is very destructive to our kidneys, refined sugar especially. Other hidden forms of sugar include sweet carbohydrates, flour foods like bread, cereal, crackers, pies, cookies, etc. When we eat these foods they turn into sugar quickly in the body and burden our kidneys. This sugar overload turns into crystaline acid that the kidneys have to remove quickly or we die! This is why sugar addicts quickly become hypoglycemic then diabetic and then dead. Looking back at how stress damages our kidneys, it also triggers many to eat these food to cope, making people psychologically addicted to sugar too! Sugar is a highly addictive drug as it is, combining it with poor emotional states is a destructive combo! This is why a holistic approach is important. When we consume sugar the body shuts down the immune system and tries to protect us by creating fat and mucus which eventually damage the kidneys further. It’s this build up of acid crystals that creates kidney stones. Sugar creates glycation which is a hardening of tissues. Sugar acids bind with proteins and gives us wrinkles, cysts, vision problems and a million other issues. Throw in a buildup of lactic and uric acid once the kidneys start failing to filter them and you have yourself some nice kidney stones!

    Action Step: I highly recommend Body Ecology. This book/diet is a comprehensive and extensive guide to eating a delicious, sugar-free diet. It’s not only sugar free, but teaches you food-combining, effortless cleansing, the power of 80/20 [80% non-starchy vegetables 20% Animal protein] and the kidney healing miracle that is coconut kefir. These are all important to know about because too much animal protein, build up of toxicity physically and emotionally, and a poor gut bio-dome all cause kidney problems. At the end of this article I will give a few kidney healing recipes too, but for your action step, buy the book and start learning how to heal your body with delicious food and probiotics.

  3. Sleep Like A Baby- Following a natural sleep cycle — otherwise known as your circadian rhythm — is a necessity for god health especially the kidneys and adrenals. If you view the chart below you will see how a disrupted CR causes elevated stress-hormone cortisol to be released. Add that to the emotional and dietary stress and say hello to chronic fatigue, depression and a major lack of health and vitality. Attention workaholics of the world! I will say this again; it is not a virtue to overwork yourself, no one thinks you’re special because you work harder than them. All you’re  doing is destroying your kidneys health and beauty. All truly successful people know this; even the Presidents of the world don’t overwork, they play sports, meditate and practice optimal wellness because they know is enhances performance tenfold. This is a subtle mind shift change from more is better, less is more where needed. In this case, more sleep, less work. In result, a healthier body will give you a more effective work capability.

    Action Step: Now science has done a lot research on optimal sleep and in my opinion it’s a waste of time. The truth is always beatiful and simple. To learn how to sleep take a look at nature. Animals have no issue with resting, lounging and also exerting energy climbing, jumping and running daily. They sleep deep and long and unless nocternal, go to bed when the sun sets and wake up when it rises. We too should obey mother nature if we except her to nourish us. For those who I sound too taboo for, i’ll put it into American. Go to bed when the sun is not out, thats sometime around your craving for a pick-me up and some stimulating television. Wake up when you’re rested and the sun has peaked it’s way into your presence. If you forgot what rested feels like, it’s that feeling when you’re not depressed, obsessed and the only sensation you have is a burning psychological craving for coffee. Go back to bed and don’t get up until you hear birds chirping, the aliveness of your heartbeat and the warmth of your heart beating blood into your relaxed muscles. This may take  few days to really achieve again, expect it to be difficult as your body resets it’s hormonal rhythm but hang in there, soon enough you’ll remember what life feels like again! For the numbers people, a healthy individual can thrive off about 8.5 hours of sleep or less. Falling asleep around 10 p.m. and waking by 7 a.m. naturally without an alarm clock. This may differ depending on the season and your location. Best to go by your bodies needs, so tune back in!

  4. Corrective Exercise- Excessive exercise can create a lot of lactic acid for the kidneys t have to filter. Additionally, over-exercising puts a large demand on the adrenals and can weaken the thyroid. If you already have kidney problems then it’s time to trade in the miles on the treadmill for some meditation, yoga or tai chi. A lot of people  are working out very incorrectly. This again is an issue of balance. More isnt’ better when it comes to exercise people! Smarter is better, and smarter entails balance; in and out. Overworking yourself physically drains your energy [kidneys produce energy] and most of us don’t replace it! We stress our bodies with crossfit, long distance running, bodybuilding, and other extreme variations of exercise for what? To prove some egotistical point? If you truly loved your body, you would nourish it and any slightly aware individual in the modern world knows we are an imbalance of output verses input. We need to replenish ourselves before we extend ourselves. We are drained from unreasonable work schedules, stimulants on every corner [TV, media, movies, porn, caffeine, sugar, sports, alcohol, etc] and then add poor diet and an exercise program that leaves us feeling dead after the gym. Enough days of “going hard” and you’ll be finding yourself sick too often; going hard on the tissue box and antibiotics from your weakened immune system. But its okay,you’re awesome now and everyone knows from your fancy workout gear and unproportioned physique.

    Action Step: From here out we view exercise in a list of priorities as follows; sleep, proper nutrition, energy building exercise, exertion exercise. If you have not slept well forget about the gym and eating your pre-work out meal, you won’t digest it first of all and the exercise will drain you and your kidneys even more so. In short, if your kidneys are not in good shape then most exercise is out of the question. Replace what you would consider exercise with energy building exercise such as; walking , slow flow traditional yoga [not hot yoga or most modern yoga that are at best an aerobic workout] tai chi, qi gong, dancing and gardening! This doesn’t mean you can never exercise until your exhausted again or go for a run, I am helping you become  conscious of your body’s needs. In short, work in before you work out. For more on this, I recommend Paul Chek’s How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy.qi_gong_outside_web607

  5. Ditch The Stimulants- Somethings are completely detrimental to our health; hard drugs, refined sugar, processed foods, because these are all very concentrated forms of stress. Coffee, green tea, cacao and other natural food sources of caffeine re not deadly. In many cases, the poison is in the dose; hence why refined sugar is so deadly. It’s not that   sugar kills, fruit sugar and vegetable sugars can be healthy, it’s when they are turned into high-fructose sweeteners when they kill us. The same rings true for caffeine and other stimulants. Most people drink black coffee and lots of it, on op of a low-fat, high-sugar diet. This high stimulant diet and lifestyle is the culprit. In general, stimulants such as the ones I just mentioned raise stress-hormones, deplete the kidneys of vital life force and leave them exhausted; leading to issues like adrenal fatigue and kidneys unable to filter.

    Action Step: For now, as you heal, ditch all stimulants; coffee, chocolate, green teas, alcohol and cigarettes. These all raise cortisol and deplete Kidney Essence. Instead, drink more high-quality water! Dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue. Most often I find clients getting off coffee easily with a simple shift to a morning liter of mineral rich springer water. I suggest San Pellegrino, Gerolsteiner, Mountain Valley or local spring water. These are all very high in dissolved mineral solids which — in simple terms — make the water much more bio-available for hydration. You can find these water at most markets and grocery stores. Vegetable juices such a celery, cucumber and lemon, raw coconut water and coconut kefir, and lemon water are all much more hydrating than regular water alone. If you don’t juice, I would advise adding a high-quality mineral supplement to your water along with fresh lemon juice for a healthy kidney tonic and hydrating liquid. If this doesn’t give you enough energy alone, I use and recommend adaptogenic Jing Herbs — He Shou Wu, Astragalus, Reishi — with great success. I will put a list of supplements at the bottom of this post.

Supplements & Specific Foods


Kidney Green Juice: Juice 4 stalks celery, 1 medium cucumber, 1/2 granny smith apple, 1 lemon, 1 lime and add 1 scoop of Vitality Geens. Drink in morning on empty stomach.

Probiotic Kidney Cleanser: 8 oz coconut kefir, 2 oz of fresh cranberry juice, 2 caps of Ancient Earth Minerals. Drink first thing in the a.m.

Stone-Crushing Tonic: Boil 2 tbs of Chanca Piedra leaves, 2 tbs of licorice root in 2 cups of spring water. Strain and put liquid in blender with 1 tsb of He Shou Wu, Ashwaganda, and organic ginger and cinnamon powder. Blend and sip.

Other Tips

Remember, if your kidneys are weak, so is your digestive tract. Before you attempt some kidney cleanse or these herbs you must fix your gut! Otherwise, the waste from dissolved kidney stones or any other toxins won’t leave the body. For more stubborn kid stones, drink Chanca Piedra tea 3x a day, and take Stone-Free. Be sure to eat a fiber and probiotic-rich, Body Ecology diet to help dispell any stones. If the digestive system isn’t working nothing else will work! For a more complete-guide on healing your digestive system with probiotic foods visit here. LOVE, Nick


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