3 Anti-Aging Tips That Are Totally FREE!

When it comes to health I say it often; it’s a simple game. All of our dis-ease is nothing more than imbalance. We have a tendency to over do things a bit here in life…We form complex thoughts with even more complex judgements. We sleep too little and eat too much, breathe too shallow and sit too long. What really mixes us up is when we try to solve a problem at the level of the problem. I don’t know what genius dermatologist and his team of “scientist” thought that a cream of 9,000 ingredients was the solution to acne? The bottom line is the simplest of things give us nourishment; sunlight, oxygen, and sleep are perhaps the most powerful remedies to any imbalance. These life-granted gifts we were given at birth are therapies that recognize and honor the essentials to life. Somewhere down the road that acne was nothing more than an imbalance of one or all of these core pieces. As Einstein so cleverly put; in order to solve a problem you must focus at the level of the solution. Utilizing Air, Water and Sleep Whatever stage of your journey to health you are at rest assured that daily sun-exposure, deep breathing and rest will be your best tools for restoring your youth and vitality.

  1. Sunlight & Vitamin D: I know from personal experimentation that sunlight is more important than food; I kid you not. Today is a perfect example. I unfortunately got only a few hours of sleep today. In result; my digestion is about half way working, my eyes are burning and I feel like I’m battling a mild case of diabetes. High quality water helps with energy — as sleep deprivation in the slightest leads to dehydration — which often is the major source of fatigue. Herbs and the right food can help stabilize blood sugar and keep the adrenals from overworking. However, considering digestive function falls short when you’re exhausted, all of these things together will not fix lack of sleep. Of course the only solution is sleep but a close second is sun light. The best choice would be to combine the two like I did! Within only 20 minutes of sun exposure meets rest and I felt like a plant, eating up sunlight for fuel! Other than being the vital life force that nourishes all living things and keeps us warm, sun light helps us make vitamin D, a potent anti-aging hormone — rather than vitamin — that offers countless health benefits. Some of these benefits include but at not excluded to; strengthen our natural immunity, building muscle mass, repairing skin tissue, preventing heart disease and even attributing to ideal weight management. Vitamin D regulates up to 200 genes that control cell growth and cellular differentiation. Considering the genetic theory of aging, maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels is pervasive for the proliferation of healthy, vibrant cells which will reduce the signs of genetic-related aging.Some; especially middle-aged women, are avoiding the sun like the pelage and making a huge mistake. In short, the endless benefits of sunlight far exceed any potential threat of UV exposure. It’s even been theorized that skin cancer is nothing more than the degeneration of skin cells and their defense due to internal toxicity. Ditch the sunblock and get a minimum of 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day. To avoid burning — if you’re sensitive — apply a natural sun block made of coconut oil, fresh aloe gel and zinc oxide powder. I also advise seeking Vitamin D rich foods daily. These foods would include; raw grass-fed butter and ghee, wild-caught salmon, pasture-raised eggs, and fermented cod-liver oil. If you have an issue digesting fats at all this could be due to a congested gallbladder or liver. No worries, you can supplement with a pancreatic enzyme and probiotic rich foods to increase fat digestion and cleanse and heal these precious organs, which are so vital to staying young. You can also supplement with Vitamin D, seek a naturopath, function medicine doctor or C.H.E.K Practitioner to learn more about your levels. Your best bet for optimal Vitamin D levels is of course, still sunlight! The best time to sunbath would be midday when the sun is at it’s peak. You only need a few minutes of direct light on your skin to reap the many anti-aging benefits of sun. 130507195807-large
  2. Breath work: Breath is life! Think about it, one missed breath is the difference between life and death. Because air is so abundant and breathing occurs unconsciously we easily take our very life force for granted! Most of us use only a fraction of our full breathing capacity- it’s no wonder we only use such a small portion of our brains as well! Without adequate oxygen our brain function is greatly decreased along with every other cellular function. When we stress we shorten our breath dramatically. Instead of proper full-disparagement breaths we take shallow chest breaths. Right now I want you to pay attention to your breath. Are you filling your belly and lower lungs with oxygen? Or is it hardly existent?  If you’re breathing shallow take a big breath filling your belly slow to the count of 4, pause for 4 then exhale slowly for 4. This is called 4×4 breathing and when practiced consistently will soften your skin, add luster to your hair, and give you incredibly energy. It seems daunting at first to think you have to learn to breathe; however, with practice and simply reminders it become a relearned second nature. When we properly breathe from our abdominals we welcome new life into our bodies. Life = health! The more filled of life you are the more energetic and vibrant you will be. Oxygen uptake increases with “belly breathing” which also balanes our blood Ph. There’s loads of hype around alkalinity and acidity and its correlation to disease. Yes, particular foods in excess can alter your urine pH, but shallow breathing is the number one cause of an over acidic body and also the best remedy to alkalizing the body! Aside from 4×4 breathing, you can start turning back the clocks with breathe work by taking up slow flow yoga, Thai Chi, Qi Gong, or if you’re in shape give HIIT Training or Spring 8’s a go. If you’re older and less likely to start sprinting and have the resources; Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are one of the best kept secrets of the rich and famous for staying young!
  3. Beauty Sleep: The genius that coined this term knew his stuff! All the science in the world cannot explain the healing phenomenon that goes on during sleep. Scientists have tried to track down hormone regulation and function only to explain a minesqule fraction of what takes place as the body repairs and re-grows during a nights sleep. For me personally, I advise personal experience as the truest knowledge in existence. And I’m not sure about you but as I shared earlier a day deprived of sleep has me obsessed, depressed and feening for chocolate like a crack addict…it’s far from beautiful. While after a night of deep sleep I wake up lookin, feelin, smellin like a million bucks. Insufficient sleep sadly plagues 50-80 million Americans today; especially women. It’s no irony that the number of diseased, cancerous people is so simlar to those with sleep issues; this is the very beginning stage! If we want to maintain our inherent youth that only activates through lifestyle modification we have to make it a point to honor our sleeping space. Though sleep has often become elusive and “uncool” if we want to look and feel our best we have to change this thought pattern immediately. Sleep is not something of little importance like we make it. Take a look around, there isn’t a single animal in nature that doesn’t practice incredible sleep habits. We are not separate from nature, we are dependent upon it. If we ignore it’s simply guidelines we will not only end up looking and feeling very unnatural, we can easily set ourselves up for all types of cognative brain issues, mood imbalances, and dismantle awareness. If sleep is something you’ve put off then I challenge you to get a weeks worth of high quality sleep and share with me the difference. I am willing to bet levels of health you’ve never experienced. Your digestion will sky rocket, your tummy will be flat as a board, your skin softer, free of fine lines, your eyes bright, and best of all your mood and energy will reveal a hidden life enthusiast! I won’t bore you with statistics; instead, I want you to just experience this natural wonder for yourself. The best way to capitalize on sleep for beauty is to follow nature. Your body works to a Circadian Rhythm; the rise and set of the sun. Make it an effort to go to bed when the sun sets and wake up naturally to it’s rise. This will look roughly like bed by 9 sleeping by 9-10 and waking up naturally about 8.5 hours later. Some simple sleep hacks: – Wind down. Spend an hour before bed without electronics and read a book, write in a gratitude journal or do restorative yoga poses. – Black out your room. Get rid of any lights, electronics and put up a dark set of blinds. This will promote the release of melatonin. – Try chamomile tea or apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of raw honey in warm water. These both induce sleep. – Take 600 mg CALM magnesium powder for bed. Magnesium promotes relaxation and good sleep amongst a million oher functions. CALM is the best magnesium around  for purity and absorption. – Try the Jing Herb formula Peaceful Spirit. These herbs open your heart, calm your pirit and relax your nervous system perparing you for a deep slee. These herbs are powerful extracted powders that treat sadness, anxiety and worrry all which are common sleep-stealing culprits. – For an overactive mind I HIGHLY recommend the herbal formula Bupleurum & Dragon Bone. Talk about a formula that works. I am great with mindful meditation; however, I have a powerful mind that won’t shut off often. This is truly the only supplement I’ve ever taken that actually works. – Make your last meal light and calming. A heavy protein meal with tons of fat can keep your digestive system active and you awake all night. Try instead a Body Ecology style dinner that includes grain-like seeds quinoa, millet, buckwheat or amaranth. These help create serotonin, a precursor to melatonin. Beauty-Sleep-Advantages-003

I hope you find these timeless tips useful, effective and easily implementable for you! Let me know in the comments the way you utilize these free tools! Love, Nick


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