3 Tips For Beating Seasonal Sickness


Flu season is in full swing here in the US and a lot of us will fall pray to runny noses, congestion and the associated fatigue if we don’t keep up with nature. There’s no need for  scientific explanation here; instead, I always find nature to be the best wisdom, especially when it revolves around health. To keep it brief, health is a state of balance and disease is a state of imbalance. The degree of imbalance is directly proportionate to the degree of over-accumulation or deprivation. Take seasonal sickness for example, we commonly have symptoms of cleansing [coughing, runny noses, breathing problems and teary eye] are all signs of the body trying to eliminate the “sickness“.

Why do we get sick?
Defining sickness as the flu or common cold in this particular scenario; we get sick from mostly an over accumulation. Our bodies have three barrier systems; the lungs/respiratory system, digestive system, and skin. Each of these systems are made up of both healthy and bad bacteria; with a ratio of 8:2 (healthy:bad). Their roles are to decide what gets into the body and what gets out. When we stray from nature we can easily over accumulate and overburden these systems and they can no longer properly decide what stays or what goes. The result is an off-set of the bacterial ratio that leads to leaky gut, respiratory infection and even skin rashes/issues.

Use nature as your guide
Summer is a time to eat light and cleansing foods such as; berries, greens, raw cultured vegetables, hydrating liquids and less heavier foods like; animal protein and fat. Where winter presents us with more heavy, grounding foods like; squash, nuts/seeds, root vegetables like beets, carrots and potatoes, and is an excellent time for hunting wild-game. Fall and spring are transitory periods that offer us a chance to cleanse the old away and embrace the new. If we have been living out of balance with nature, we will accumulate more than needed. Also, if we do not seize the opportunity to cleanse  our besides the same way nature cleanses the leaves of trees during the fall we can easily become backed up and sick throughout the winter.

How to avoid seasonal sickness?
Because we don’t always feel the immediate affects of what we do, we easily continue inappropriate behavior. However, once fall roles around we are reminded of our actions with flu-like symptoms. This is our bodies way of saying; “you’ve had too much, I have to get some of this stuff out of me!”. When the barrier systems are congested, we weaken the immune system by creating bacterial imbalance. These healthy bacteria are the foundation o our health as I always say. The three barrier systems need trillions of healthy bacteria to stay functioning properly. When they are outnumbered we set our selves up to becoming susceptible to worsen sickness. This how a cold can turn into the flu. The answers then to restoring our immunity and beating seasonal sickness are as follows:

  1. Eat Seasonally- Check out this info-graphic for eating seasonal foods below!
  2. Work with Nature– Instead of fighting the seasons, we  could be experiencing higher levels of energy and vitality by cleansing with the seasons. Fall and spring are the perfect times for a detox ourselves because nature will be supporting us throughout the process! Eventually your body is going to attempt to rid you of accumulated toxins, instead of waiting until you are bedridden you could assist your precious body with simply dietary and lifestyle changes. IF you want to boost your immunity and beat any seasonal sickness (cold, flu, respiratory problems, fatigue and seasonal depression) I suggest starting a simplified 2 week cleanse kit HERE.
  3. Promote your healthy bacteria– As you have learned, your barrier systems keep you protected from “germs” and environmental, food toxins with an army of trillions of healthy bacteria. There are many ways we can support their livelihood; stress management, (following steps 1 and 2), proper rest, laughter, exercise and mainly by     consuming healty bacteria! Fermented/cultured foods such as coconut kefir, raw kefir from cows orgoats milk, sauerkraut, kim-chi and beet kvass are all great probiotic foods that will restore bacterial balance to your barrier systems; aiding in cleansing, immunity and energy. Consuming probiotic foods are a powerful way to never get sck gain. Try making your own fall inspired sauerkraut this fall for the perfect Fall Immune booster. It’s incredibly delicious too!

Since I’ve started Body Ecology years ago I have not caught a cold or the flu! The closes I wil get is beginning symptoms if a cold and it’s enough of a sign for me to realign with nature,aid  my body in cleansing and up my intake of probiotics!

Sending you love and inspiration to stay healthy and balanced this fall!




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