Pore-less Skin: Watermelon Kefir Recipe

You might have read one of my blogs talking about the benefits of coconut water kefir. If not, I’ll catch you up quickly. Coconut kefir is a coconut water drink made by fermenting raw coconut water with healthy bacteria (probiotics). The main benefit of drinking this crazy concoction is for it’s digestive support. A 2 oz shot of this stuff provides over 200 billion CFU’s of healthy bacteria. The health of our intestinal tract is based on the ratio of healthy bacteria to unhealthy bacteria. Because a healthy gut requires up to trillions of cells of bacteria it’s imperative we live, eat and drink in such ways that nourish these bacteria. Otherwise, when these cells are damaged, we become unhealthy. We stop digestion food well, lose energy, become emotionally unstable and because our liver has to filter the undigested food, negative emotions and stress-hormones eventually our skin takes a hit.

Your “Outer Liver”
The skin could be called your “outer liver”. Whatever you consume — food, water, air, cosmetics, shampoos, chemicals, emotional energies, and other experiences — must be processed and and handled by the liver. When the liver is overburdened with too much work, it sends whatever it can’t deal with to the skin. Yep, that simple is a call for help from your liver. If your skin is sending out warning signs often, you might want to reevaluate your relationship with your live– perhaps she needs a vacation or some assistance.

Kefir to the Rescue
Kefir is your liver’s best-friend. Your body is so tightly connected; by caring for your gut, you lighten up the load of your livers job. The healthy bacteria, enzymes and mineral content of kefir assists in digestion of your food. The more efficiently you digest your food the less undigested matter your liver has to deal with. In this way, kefir is indirectly “paying it forward” what generous organs we have when they are cared for! When our digestive system is thriving it happily removes toxins, pollutants and other unwelcome guests that wreak havoc on our skin.

Why Watermelon?
Coconut kefir is something special– coconut water’s rich mineral content makes it the perfect electrolyte drink — which aids in supple, soft skin. Yes, coconut kefir water alone has enough nutritional punch to give you a happy digestive tract, clean liver and radiant skin. Yet, you can’t really have to much of a good thing when it comes to good skin! Watermelon juice contains so many other skin benefiting nutrients that it’d be a shame not to combine these two super skin foods. Plus, how delicious is watermelon?! Aside from being another one of nature’s mineral waters, watermelon also:

  • Softens the skin
  • Reduces appearance of pores
  • Supports kidneys which keep blood clean and skin free of age-spots
  • Increases circulation/blood flow- result in healthy glow, hair growth and skin repair.
  • Cleanses the digestive system
  • Is anti-inflammatory, making it great for acne
  • Boosts energy by providing vitamin B6, which is used to create magnesium and dopamine (feel good nutrients)
  • Is rich in lycopene, citrulline, Vitamin A and Vitamin C – all skin supporting nu

How do I get pore-less?
Okay, so I won’t stretch this out any longer! The Vitamin A content found in watermelon — along with it’s other properties — will reduce the size of pores by minimizing the amount sebaceous oil secreted by the glands (the cause of large pores). The body secretes excess sebaceous oil for few reasons, mainly that the body is filled up with too much and is making an attempt to dump its excess! Watermelon cleansing properties aids healthy elimination and balances  the body back out, resulting in beautiful skin! Remember, skin problems are only a cry for help. If we keep our temple in tip top shape, it will shine for us daily.

Making Watermelon Kefir
Now that you’re well-informed about this beauty food let’s show you how to make it into one of the healthiest drink I know of!



  • 1 ripe local — preferably organic, seeded — watermelon
  • 1 Thai coconut
  • 1 packets of Kefir Starter Culture
  • 1 juicer (you can make without juicer as well



  1. Clean off the outside of the melon with a spray mixture of spring water and apple cider vinegar — you can skip this if you are not using a juicer for the recipe
  2. Cut the melon long ways in half, then do your best to make “strips” that will fit into a juicer — if you are not using a juicer, simply cube the melon and remove any seeds.
  3. Juicer watermelon with rind, then strain juicer into 32oz glass mason jar
  4. Crack your Thai coconut and strain water into the mason jar — you should have equal parts coconut:watermelon juice. If using a good sized coconut and full-watermelon you can make two jars with additional watermelon juice left over.
  5. Add the starter culture, stir with a wooden spoon and let sit for 24 hours on the counter at room temp, covered with a cheese-cloth or paper towel with a rubber band.
  6. If not using a juicer you will only get one 32oz jar. Add all the coconut water to the jar, then add the starter culture, followed by as many cubes of watermelon as you can until full. Then continue the end of step 5.
  7. After 24 hours is up, it should be bubbly and have a “fizz” to it. This is a result called lacto-fermentation; a by-product of the healthy bacteria eating up the sugar (this is a good thing because sugar; even fruit sugar, can age our skin and tissues). Enjoy it alone, or blend it with some additional beauty herbs like Schisandra and Goji (lycium) for even more liver cleansing, kidney supportive nourishment. Schisandra will make your face glow like a candle in a jack-0-lantern!

St goji


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