The Biggest “Health” Mistake You Can Make

You want to get healthy right?

“What to do?” we say to oureslves…So we eat clean, drink enough water, get enough exercise, sleep on time and even practice positive affirmations. By definition — you’re doing all the right things — so you’re healthy, right? Not so fast!

There is no doubt that these practices, among others, are some of the staples of good health. Practicing proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement and a positive mind set all are the right behaviors but it is possible to rehearse the right behavior and not experience the right result. What’s the culprit? What’s standing in the way of us and our health? Ourselves.
The Power of Intention
It might seem a bit bizarre to think that one could take all the right actions and still not get to where they want to be. However, there is a something to be said about the intention of action that is so much more powerful than actions we take. The difference in intention can be seen through the demonstration of nature. A bee and a mosquito are both very busy creatures. They literally fly around through the day doing their work. However, the bee is praised and the mosquito gets swatted. Why is that? It’s a matter of intent! A lot of us are busy but busy doing what is the question? Health conscious people seem to be some of the busiest of all. With gym schedules, meal plans, food prep and so on it might be beneficial to take a look at ones intent. In my experience, “busy-ness” is usually a type of avoidance mechanism. We stay busy in fear of taking a look at the real meaning of our actions. Being a health conscious person I have learned this secret myself and have used it to my own benefit. I would like to share it with you now by asking you a question. Are you busying fighting against disease or are you busy being healthy?

Always be for Health, not against Disease

The fear of ill health is biggest mistake we can make on our journey to health. Being more afraid of sickness than we are joyed by health — we run around doing all the right things and all of these actions are deeply rooted in fear. This is the intention of the “sick healthy person.” To put it simply, a lot of people are working out because they hate their bodies not because they love them. I get it! You’re thinking that’s the whole point, if you don’t like something change it. I agree with that statement to a degree. The problem that can occur is that until you accept, forgive and embrace yourself or a problem, it will never change. You can go on doing one hundred and one things, you can find yourself far away from the problem but the source of the problem will always be carried within you. So I encourage you to question your motives. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is it that has you in such a rush on your way to the gym? Are you running from something? Or are you running toward something? This if the fundamental difference. If you are running from something; such as an overweight body, you will always be suppressing in some form or another. That is because the real problem isn’t your body. Your body is just outward manifestation of your inner self; your thoughts, beliefs and ideas of who you are. If this doesn’t change, it won’t matter what diet you’re on or what gym you find yourself in, you will still be dominated by your fearful intentions.
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Finding Self-Love: The Problem isn’t the Problem; You Are

I’m not saying you have a problem or that there is anything wrong with you. What I mean by this is that it is your idea of “you” or, self-image that is creating a problem. Somehow, you have convinced yourself there is something wrong with you. You took action to change it; great, but even if you accomplish your goal you will remain stuck with your problem; you! There is no need to think of your weight problem, your “disease” or any of the externals as a measurement of your self worth. Look inward and think in terms of yourself as your truest self, the part of you that loves everything about you. This isn’t narcissism, I am not saying to love your self-image, what I am saying is to find gratitude for all that has been given to you; your inner ability to choose love over fear. That is a blessing. Knowing your true self also empowers you as a creator. You realize you can recreate yourself by changing your thoughts first. You can drop the whole idea about your problem! The struggle is in your mind. You are struggling to accept your body and therefore the journey to change it has been the worst struggle of all. Accept yourself, because you are beautiful.  Stop throwing the responsibility on the problem, on others, on the world, on your genes, because it is not there! Not only that, but when you do, you give away your power. Without that power you cannot change, you cannot love yourself.
Love is Always the Answer: Finding 100% Responsibility
Today I offer you the gift of taking full responsibility for yourself. Deep down you know it is your responsibility to love yourself and that is inner work. Instead of doing so much outer work, so much working out, I invite you to work in. Take a look at your intentions to your actions in the gym, in the kitchen and throughout your health journey. Are they for freedom, for health, for love? Or are they against mental slavery, against weight problems and from fear? Don’t fight with the prison walls, look inside. When you look inside you realize you’ve had the answer all along! This health stuff has layers, I’ll admit. The best thing we can do experience great health is to shed those layers of self-doubt, fear, negativity and distrust. By doing so, we finally get out of our own way and let the health that’s always been there, come to us.

For more on healing and true health with the power of Self-Love I recommend Louis Hay’s – You Can Heal Your Life




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