5 Tips For Staying Fit During Fall

If you’re living where the weather takes a turn for the cold come this time of the year, you might find it difficult to stay active. When it’s cold outside all we really want to do is hibernate under some blankets; in fact, that’s what most of us do. We start off Fall with a trip to the cider mill — it’s just one doughnut — but one doughnut sets up the entire mood for the fall. Just like one small positive thought can change your whole day, likewise, one small doughnut can change your entire Fall season.

How you do one thing is how you do everything

Fall is a perfect opportunity to get fit or stay fit. This is the time where habits will be formed for the winter, where things can really get challenging. The trick is staying attentive during the small things. Have you ever noticed how your car, room or office is a reflection of your self? When  you have clarity in life,  your car all of a sudden gets treated to a deep cleaning? This is because we create a view– our view is delivered to the mind where it starts materializing — emotions make actions and actions become the support of our perception or reality. If we want to keep our body clean and tight we have to learn to look beyond the surface and deeper into ourselves. How are our thoughts deciding our behavior and are we over looking the little things as unimportant?

5 tips for staying fit this fall

  1. Think “present moment”- The greatest pit fall in our thinking is that the next moment will be better than this one. That somewhere in the future will there be a better opportunity; the “spring is better than fall” type thinking. Are there advantages to the warm weather that in comparison make fall seem sub-par? Of course; if that’s what you focus on. Come back to this moment because it is all you have. If you don’t have a “fit consciousness” in this moment what makes you think its going to change? Oh yeah…that part of your mind that tells you your whole life will be better if only…(insert disillusioned fantasy you use as avoidance of this moment). The trick is dropping the future or the past which can be as simple as changing your perspective; what are the advantages and benefits of this moment? How is today offering you an opportunity to stay healthy? When you drop the idea of perfection — that only exists in the future —  you lose your excuses and gain instant support, creativity and inspiration.
  2. Take advantage of the fall- Once you’ve dropped your excuses and remembered that this moment is your moment; you will start seeing opportunities. Simply asking yourself the question “what are the advantages to the fall that support my fitness?” will bring you an answer. Remember, where focus goes energy flows baby! Fall is an awesome time to enliven your senses; there’s apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaves to rake and hikes to hike! If you know of a close by river, get a couple of kayaks and explore the scenery of nature’s changes while getting an awesome upper body workout. Saunas are always great, but what better time to take advantage of this full body detox than when the air starts to chill. Dandelion, milk thistle and other liver detoxifying herbs are beginning to seed and root during fall. You can spend some time foraging in nature looking for these common wild edibles to turn into a liver detox tea. A clean liver is going to mean a faster metabolism, improved digestion, better muscle recovery, healthy hair and skin — all great for supporting your over all motivation and fitness.
  3. Get rid of the box- You might see a trend here — we are not what we do, we are what we think and believe we can do. Think outside the box? How about throw the box away. It’s the box that told you Fall is a bad time to stay fit, that it’s too cold out, that there’s nothing to do, and so on. Take a note from your kids (if you have any) they don’t see live so fragmented. They love each day as it comes to them. I’ve never heard my nephew tell me that it was too cold to fight dragons, he just wasn’t in the mood to build a spaceship, or that the weather was the reason he was eating so much candy that day. No excuses. Kids are real as it gets. If anything, the box is just an excuse, and at a deeper level a fear. Get rid of it — learn something new — so it’s cold out? How about tap dancing lessons? That’s indoors. You could also; learn to krump, take on ballet, join and indoor league, box, babysit a 3 year old (it’s extra money and they will give you the work of your life…). Fall is perhaps one of the greatest times to get fit because it actually challenges us to get creative. And what is P90x other than a series of creative, intermixed and constantly changing workouts? Getting some variety into your workout will give you explosive results. Tony Horton coined the term muscle confusion and it’s the real deal. Don’t be afraid to try something new; as the saying goes “everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone”.
  4. Become an active toothbrush-er- It’s not that difficult to get into shape. I know some of you probably just threw your laptop across the room after reading that — stay with me for a moment! You see, I’m an active toothbrush-er, walker, air-breather, job-er, eater, and cooker. I do small things with great love. Fitness is love for me. Going back to the introduction — the small things — are the things we do most unconsciously and show our truest colors. Do you slouch when you sit? Breathe shallow when you do breathe? Half consciously cook your meals? If you do basic things with a lack of love or in this case, bodily awareness, then chances are your attempt to work out will be below average as well. You don’t have to sign up for a class or gym to get fit, get started with incorporating a “fit consciousness” into your other activities. Now, I don’t recommenced multi-tasking, this always ends up equally poor. What I am advising is to bring full awareness into your tasks. When I brush my teeth for example I am totally present — I examine the feel and sensation — am I hitting each part of my mouth? I floss, tongue scrap and oil pull. Now I might not be burning incredibly calories yet I am prepping my mind for effectiveness. On one hand, calming the mind through awareness actually decreases cortisol and improves hormone function (a fitness plus) while on the other hand I am now trained to bring this same time of full-consciousness into my workouts where I can pay attention, listen, and observe my body. This way I never leave a workout feeling cheated or overworked. In this case, how you do something is equally if not more important as what you do. Do the little things with big love, that way when you do the big things, you’ll be prepared.
  5. Rejuvenate yourself- Fall is a time for rejuvenation — moving more inward and spending less time outside or as active. This doesn’t mean we stop being active and hanging out in nature all together. Yet the art of “going inward” must be done properly in order to not over-do it leading to weight-gain, lethargy and stagnation. A fit body requires a fit mind. We must learn the balance of yin and yang in order to fully achieve our dream bodies. The seasons demonstrate this balance; spring and summer are very yang (outward) while fall and winter are yin (inward). Just as it’s important to get adequate sleep to repair and grow muscle after a workout it’s important we bring this balance of quiet and movement into the fall. It is easy to become overly Yin during this season. Great ways to rejuvenate the body so we can build our inner energy are detox baths, spa treatments, massages, sex, participate in a seasonal cleanse, meditation, yoga, and various mindful activities (pumpkin carving!). Embrace the season as a time to rejuvenate our overly active minds and body. Keep the balance of these two energies by changing up your routine and engaging in some fun fall actives and you will find it much easier to stay fit this fall.

Without the seasons I believe us humans would easily lose balance; they are nature’s reminder to slow down or pick up. Let this fall season be a time for you to stay present, expand your opportunities, and rejuvenate and stay balanced!

What are some of your guy’s favorite ways to stay fit during the colder seasons? I’d love to hear in the comments!



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