3 Plants Foods Anyone Can Afford That WILL Change Your Life

Change your health, change your life. That’s what happened to me at least. I became a health nut at a young age for a few reason; I was bothered by skin rashes, incredible break outs from poison ivy, and acne. I can still recall the day I got my first pimple! What started off as an intuitive feeling that something was off, turned into a vain attempt to heal my skin then what became a transformational journey to higher awareness. A simple rash opened the doors to more optimal living for me in ways so far and wide I am writing a book about it.

Today, I want to share with you 3 plant foods that could potentially open some bigger doors to freedom for you. These foods are affordable- heck – some of them are growing in your backyards, and most of all, they are miracles. Out of the many foods to eat I chose these because their powers are so immediate you can’t help but know there is a transformational experience awaiting you in the simplicity of every day life. Use this foods as an experiment if you will and watch how your thinking changes, your body and your life.

3 Miracle Foods

  1. Dandelion- Yes; those weeds that grow in your yard with the yellow flower- they are God’s gift to you. This is an eye opener, we’ve been paying thousands of dollars to remove them so our lawns look pretty, all while we complain about our health and finances…hmm. Maybe money does grow on trees or at least in our yards! This plant is literally good for everything- kidneys, liver, colon, immune system, which in result will heal your entire body. Remember what I am about to say next time you spend $1000 at Whole Foods on packaged food and over-priced plastic wrapped produce; dandelions are healthier than any food you will find in any store. It doesn’t matter how many superfood ingredients are in it, they were still packaged and processed in some way. Even fresh produce is grown in mineral-depleted soil to an extent and then shipped where it loses vitality. Dandelion is a wild food. It’s roots run so deep into the ground that these things are soaking up minerals deep in the earth. They are survivor plants! They are been seen growing through cement! If you want to be a survivor of hard times- eat foods that can survive hard times! To name a few benefits, dandelions are a source of; antioxidants, Vitamin A & E, B complexes, C, D, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, silica, sodium, and phytoestrogens…that was a mouth full! The greatest part about dandelions is that their bitter taste cleanses the blood and liver better than any herbal tincture. We all know a healthy gut loaded with probiotics is key to optimal health and dandelion regulates intestinal flora! Around the early spring pick the fresh leaves, wash them and enjoy. If they’re too bitter for you, you probably need them even more! Instead of forcing yourself to eat them, juice them with celery and lemon for a medicinal drink. You can also toss them into a salad with other more palatable vegetables. You can also make tea out of the leaves and roots, or take liquid tinctures to get the benefits when you cannot find wildly.
  2. Seaweed- There is not food more transformational and potent as seaweed. Known also as sea vegetables, they are the missing link to most peoples diet. This stuff seriously improves your skin, hair and overall health. Another miracle food; seaweed, is ounce for ounce the most nutrient dense food there is. It’s rich in protein, beta carotene, enzymes, fiber, iodine – a mineral we are lacking – and octacosanol, a compound needed for oxygenation. What’s amazing is the mineral ratios found in sea vegetables are identical to what’s found in our blood. Rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E and even a vegan source of B12! Alaria, a popular seaweed is richer in calcium than milk. Because they thrive in the mineral dense waters of the ocean they contain 10-20 times the amount of minerals than any land food. Thyroid problems? Take seaweed. Want your hair to grow like crazy? Seaweed. Want more protein? Seaweed. Want to look 5-10 years younger? Seaweed. I know I’m sounding a bit over the top and it’s all for good reason; sea vegetables are an over the top food. If you want super powers, eat this true super food. They nourish the endocrine system, especially thyroid and adrenals which have become a modern day epidemic; we need more sea weed in our diet! A few types of sea veggies you can start experimenting with today are Kelp (nori sheets), dulse and kombu. These are tasty and best liked initially. Other beauties are wakame, arame, bladderwrack and my favorite hijiki; a black rare seaweed so mineral rich your hair and skin are born again! Finding seaweed is actually easy; Whole Foods, any health food store, most markets, online, Asian markets and is now put into high-quality supplements. If you can’t stomach the idea of eating seaweed you don’t have to miss out on the healing magic. Get a detoxified iodine and an Ocean Plant Extract to start boosting your adrenals, thyroid and healing yourself! Add them to veggie dishes, soups and even smoothies, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Aloe Vera- This dessert beauty is without doubt the most magical food of all. You cut it and it literally heals itself! If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what does! I could write a short novel on this magic foods. The short story of aloe is it is natures true medicine. It has natural steroids, antibiotics, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and healing properties even science cannot fathom. One thing I love about aloe is its rich silicon and sulfur content. Wrinkles, thinning hair and weak joints all have a commonality in a loss of these magnificent minerals. They play huge roles in building strong cell walls, mucous membranes, artery walls, connective tissue, skin, hair and cartilage. It’s affectively used to treat all of our vanity issues; varicose veins, wrinkles, pimples, thin hair, sagging skin and so on. I’ve said it before, health and beauty are one. In addition to these surface level problems, aloe is one of the most effective cancer fighters. Being a strong colon cleanser it keeps us clean from the inside out, where all our cancers begin. Your skin cannot glow unless your clean and healthy on the side. If the physical exterior of your body is not glowing, then the physical outer reality of your life will not glow either. When it comes to consuming aloe; fresh is best. I find it growing in complete overflow in California, one of the most overpopulated places around. If you live near the dessert you should find it everywhere. Cut it open and apply to your skin and hair for a beauty treatment or heal burns and scars. Consume it in a smoothie for an internal cleanse and repair. If you cannot find it fresh look in health food stores for organic fresh gel, no additives. I also recommend Body Ecology Vitality SuperGreens as it’s loaded with beneficial healing ingredients with a super dose of aloe vera powder!

There you have it! My personal top picks for Life Changing foods. I would love for you to experiment with them and share with me what you find!

What foods have changed your life for the better? Comment below and let me know!




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