7 Beauty Foods for Healthy Hair and Skin


I’d imagine most of us have experienced looking into the mirror with less than authentic self-love. We see fine-lines, wrinkles, bags, puffiness and a seemingly endless list of “problems”. Once we start realizing that health and beauty are one, the fight for our beauty becomes a whole lot easier. No longer will we have to try to cover up our flaws; instead, we can embrace our reflection with a newfound love and appreciation. When we know taking care of ourselves is not only okay but fundamental to looking and living our best, the journey becomes one of joy and not desperation. To get started on this journey to true beauty, I offer you to try these 7 foods that will transform you from the inside out.

7 Beauty Foods
The key to healthy diet is to add more healthy foods in and crowd out the bad; focus on the good and forget the bad. Deprivation never works, you must focus on adding in more healthy foods not on eliminating the bad. Otherwise, you will always be focused on lack and feel a sense of unhealthy scarcity. In one regard, health will ultimately come down to what you take out (processed foods, bad fats, sugar and chemicals) and the best way to get rid of the bad is fill your life with so much healthy goodness that there is no room for toxic, aging foods. As you move through your journey to a healthier and more beautiful you, try adding these 7 beautifying, nutrient-dense and delicious foods to your diet.

  1. Dark Leafy Greens- Kale, spinach, chard, arugula, watercress, romaine, and for an extra punch; spirulina, blue-green algae, and chlorella, all pack a nutritional punch that beautify you from the inside out. Rich in all things happy skin loves; antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins A and K, as well enzymes and beautifying minerals like magnesium and calcium! Leafy greens are amongst the top of the list for beauty foods. Those with insufficient metabolisms may want to steam their leafy greens at first due to oxalate acid content. Without a healthy digestive system, these acids can be problematic. However, the best way to boost your metabolism is by eating nutrient-dense, non-toxic plant foods that it was designed to eat! Fermenting your greens is another way to make them easier to digest plus you get the added digestive support of probiotics, which will make you shine from the inside out. Adding a greens powder containing spinach, dark green micro-grasses, and algaes like Sunwarrior’s Ormus Greens or Body Ecology’s Vitality Supergreens. Both contain probiotics that cleanse and support your digestive tract while adding an easy-to-digest boost of beauty greens.
  2. Sweet Potatoes- Dark circles under the eyes anyone? If you’ve ever been sleep depived; let me rephrase that…the days you are sleep deprived are usually painted on your face. The eyes are connected to the Kidney meridians in our bodies. When we lose sleep our kidneys take a hit, thus resulting in blood sugar imbalances and elevated stress hormones. This depletes us of minerals like magnesium and calcium, which shows up under our eyes as dark circles and puffiness. Good news though! Sweet potatoes are loaded with magnesium! To reduce and eliiminate this puffiness we want to take a holistic approach including good sleep, stress elimination and a nutrient-dense diet. Sweet potatoes are loaded with anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that can support oxidative stress caused from elevated stress-hormones. You can also put slices of sweet potato over the eyes as a natural rememdy for puffiness and tired-eyes. The Manganese content found in sweet potatoes make them great for diabetics, those who suffer from hypoglycemia or for all of the times we feel diabetic for a day after no sleep! When choosing your sweet potatoes of course organic is going to be best. Look for ones with a deep orange color inside (you can peel a small piece of the skin away). Make sure the skin is evenly pigmented and choose medium sweets over large ones as they are lower in starch and more nutritious. 
    download (1)
  3. Almonds- A delicious source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and zinc, almonds fit the credentials for a top beauty food. Magnesium and calcium are two important beauty minerals we’ve already talked a little about. These minerals relax the body, increased nutrient absorption and support adrenals and thyroid in producing healthy energy and really health and beauty is in direct proportion to natural energy levels. When we are well rested and nourished, we shine! Zinc is another mineral that keeps us looking our best. It supports hormone function and grows thick, full hair. Additionally, almonds are packed with omega fatty acids. These healthy fats add supple-softness our skin, lubricate hair shafts for those luscious locks, and balance our hormones keeping us looking and feeling young. Your body doesn’t make essential fatty acids so it’s crucial we get them from our diet! When eating almonds it’s best to soak and sprout them. This activation process increases their digestibility, taking the burden off our digestive system which will leave us with more energy for growing healthy skin, hair and nails. Simply put organic raw (unpasteurized) almonds in water with sea salt and a tablespoon of fermented liquid like Innerbiotic and let sit up to 8 hours. In the morning, strain the water off, give a rinse and you have yourself a incredibly bio-available super food that you can eat alone, in a salad or combined a meal of non-starchy veggies. A great way to enjoy them would be to blend in a beauty-smoothie made of; coconut water, avocado, Sunwarrior Protein Powder, raw cacao powder and a few drops of liquid stevia
  4. Berries- Keeping blood sugar levels balanced is key to keeping young and glowing. When blood sugar gets out of balance we create oxidative stress and excess cortisol that ages us rapidly. Berries are low-glycemic, meaning they have little impact on our blood sugar making them a beauty food staple. They taste amazing and are some of the best skin nourishing foods in town. They are amongst the highest in antioxidants and anthocyanins, which rejuvenate our cells. Berries are hydrating and rich in Vitamin C, both of which attribute to the production of collagen, a protein which keeps our skin elastic and young. You can enjoy berries alone for the perfect post-workout glycogen restore! I personally love adding berries to raw coconut kefir pudding for some tang and sweetness! Yum!
    Fresh Berries
  5. Coconut- Hands down; coconut is the King of beauty foods. This food; like many of others here, can be eaten, applied topically, used orally, and turned into a million and one DIY beauty-care products. This is truly one of the most holistic healing foods there are. At the root, extra virgin coconut oil detoxifies and cleanses. Because health problems and aging are a result of toxicity, when we ingest coconut oil we begin to free ourselves of the toxic material that has stolen our beauty in the first place. When eaten; coconut can also balances blood sugar, fights viruses, bacteria, parasites, nourishes the thyroid, warms the body, speeds metabolism and in short heals the immune system. Whatever heals the digestive system will heal the immune system which will heal all systems of the body, including any skin or hair conditions. When applied to the skin; it also works to cleanse and nourish the skin with anti-bacterial acids. It can remove fine lines, wrinkles and add back luster to dry hair. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the beautifying properties of coconut is to make coconut kefir from the raw water. This is the easiest way to digest this food and reap its many cleansing and nourishing benefits. Click here to learn how to make your own beauty kefir and why it’s so good for you.
    Coconut water story i152_518x280_GTWX
  6. Avocado- These rich and creamy delicacies are loaded with all the right stuff for a more beautiful you. Avocados are a rich source of protein, B vitamins like biotin and B6, omega3, sulfur, and glutathione. These particular nutrients are powerful liver cleansers. If you didn’t know, your skin is a reflection of the health of your liver. Got acne or other inflammatory skin problems? Chances are your liver isn’t too happy! Glutathione is a strong liver cleanser and antioxidant. Sulfur builds collagen and cleanses the blood giving your skin a beautiful glow and youthfulness. Enjoy these beauty fruits alone, as guacamole on mexican night with a cutie, or my personal favorite…in a smoothie! Throwing avocados in a smoothie makes them buttery smooth, almost like ice cream without the sugar plus a whole lot of skin lovin’.
  7. Chocolate- Now introducing the star of the show and my dearly beloved…CACAO! Yes, you can eat chocolate again. Not only can you, I suggest you do, lots of it and love it. Before you dive into a german chocolate cake or snickers lets define chocolate really quickly. Cacao is the raw fermented bean from the cacao pod fruit. This means the source of your chocolate should be chose wisely. Opt for raw, organic and fair trade as they will be the cleanest, purest, most nutritious and supportive of the ecosystem. I highly recommend Bulletproof Cacao as it’s tested for molds and alfatoxins that are found in most cacao. This chocolate is so decadent, enlivening and leaves you feeling lifted without the addictive high. Eaten in it’s raw fermented form it is a super beauty food. It is one of the highest, if not thee highest, magnesium containing foods in the world. It is loaded with numerous phenols and antioxidants that replenish our cells after times of stress. Cacao butter increases free testosterone which keeps our muscles strong, bodies ascetically appealing and our sex-drive healthy. Cacao butter is best applied topically to the skin for it’s hormonal balancing affects. Also, when applied to the skin this tropical butter takes you on a ride to paradise, you simply have to try it for yourself…there are no words. Check out my raw chocolate recipe for the healthiest possible chocolate you could ever consume! 

For hundreds of more beauty foods check out The Beauty Food Bible

What are some of your favorite beauty foods? I’d love to hear from you!



3 thoughts on “7 Beauty Foods for Healthy Hair and Skin

  1. Samantha Rodes

    Omega-3’s= Salmon (Wild Caught!) and Flaxseeds, which also soak up some water and reeeaaallllyyyy clean you out… if you know what I mean. 🙂 Although the form of Omega 3’s each possess is different.

    Cucumbers= Ever thirsty and hungry at the same time? Cucumbers are your friend. They are especially cooling, and hydrate your entire body. Also, their skin contains silica, which is also key to healthy, glowing skin. As a basic smoothie or juice, use cucumbers with celery and lemon, and, optionally, either spinach or a neutral tasting leafy green like romaine/red leaf/butter lettuce.

    Turmeric= Just googling its name and benefits leaves you with a wealth of information that is nothing short of awesome. But in addition to its powerful antioxidant powers, turmeric is great for the skin, no matter what condition you may have- dry, acneic, inflammed,damaged. aging, dull, it’s got your back. 🙂

    I was going to add leafy greens, but you already did that, haha.


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