How To Recover After a Long Day

When it comes to life, it’s all about balance. Everything in life is constantly working to achieve balance. In nature, the seasons bring balance to life. In our bodies, we need a proper electrolyte balance, blood sugar balance, hormonal balance and emotional balance. There’s not too much needed to say other than it is the natural ebb and flow of life.

We have all experienced what it’s like to be unbalanced. One day of poor sleep can really set you out of whack the entire day. Too much or little of food and we are not happy people. These experience’s are constantly reminding us that balance is way to a healthy and successful life.

However…We humans have a tendancy to try to defy nature and throw outselves out of whack from time to time. We eat too much, sleep too little, feel extremities of emotions, spend too much, and in general life seems to be all or nothing for us. Though all is well and it can be a healthy experience to test the extremes so we can reside in the middle; how do we recover healthfully

Recovering from imbalance

According to Chinese Medicine we have 3 types of energy that circulate health throughout our bodies; Jing, Shen, and Chi. Chi is acquired energy that we give to ourselves through diet, lifestyle, breathe and thoughts. When we are healthy and energetic we are constantly circulating our chi. This built energy is what brings balance, harmony and wellness. When we are over worked, we are overly “yang” we are putting out too much. In order to restore the balance of yin and yang we must bring chi energy back in.

  1. Take your shoes off-  Usually after a long day people complain about their feet hurting, they can’t wait to get home, take of their shoes and relax. “Take your shoes off” has become a catch-phrase for relaxation and is no coincidence. Our feet are the center for all of our body’s meridians. These meridians are energy channels that connect everything in the body. Wearing shoes adds a restrictiveness to our bodies. By having our feet bound in tight, uncomfortable shoes we literally begin to feel bound and tight energetically. I suggest getting barefoot immediately after a long day, or during it if you can. If you work a job that requires you to be on your feet and you can’t make time to go bare-foot I highly recommend some Vibrams. These are formed to your natural contour of your foot and provide incredible stress-release. Also, wearing toe-sandals will actually stimulate your liver meridian. Your liver meridian starts at the big toe and wraps around to the second toe. The shape of these sandals will massage them as you walk. Because the liver manufactures all our energy, its a good idea to nourish it if we want to recharge and avoid depletion.
  2. Grab some Coconut Water Kefir– When we stress our bodies with too much, we create an electrolyte and mineral imbalance. Most “electrolyte drinks” are sugar-rich, chemical water that only create further imbalance. Instead, coconut water is natures most efficient natural electrolyte replenishing drink there is. Alone, coconut water can be overly sweet with too much sugar. Sugar, even healthy sugar, can lead to imbalances of gut-bacteria. Instead, fermenting coconut water into a kefir will not only remove the sugar but make it easier to digest, add beneficial enzymes and bacteria and cleanse the kidney, liver and intestinal tract. All which are important for recovery. The kidneys can take a huge hit when we are over-stressed. They have to pump adrenaline and cortisol in excess and we then become mineral depleted. Coconut kefir is very nourishing for the kidneys helping them cleanse and recharge. Not to mention, during the fermentation process the healthy bacteria eat up the sugar and create tons of B vitamins as a byproduct. B vitamins are energy vitamins, helping restore our inner-reserve that becomes depleted through sweat and stress. Have about 8-12 oz of coconut water kefir after a long day before a meal to hydrate, heal and energize.
  3. Practice mindful eating at dinner- The art of chewing is actually a great way to “get into the gap” as Deepak Chopra calls it. Because not all of us are enlightened sages who live in total awareness as the creator of their world, it’s easy to feel stress. Mindful eating brings back bodily awareness and shuts off the mind. One of the most effective ways to not be a victim of daily stressors is to say incredibly alert. When’s the last time you sat down, ate a meal and really tasted every bite? Shut your mind off, sit some where peaceful and quite and experience your meal fully. You owe it to yourself to eat like a God, in deep peace, with blissful, harmonious awareness. Chew your food thoroughly, pay attention to your body, how full you feel and how delicious the foods taste. As you enter this present moment, the stress of the day will melt away from you and you will be left with a clean slate. Chewing also exercises and stretches the muscles in your jaw which can become tense during work. A mindful dinner is a easy and simple way to give  yourself a mini-mind retreat to dissolve and cleanse yourself of all tension.
  4. Give love- Despite what the law of economics says about giving, the law of love plays by different rules. Love is the force that drives the universe, it is much more powerful than economics. In short, what you give you receive back ten fold. After a long day we can be cranky, irritable, hungry and deprived. The fastest way to fill those reserves is to share a smile, give a compliment, some appreciation or thanks to life. I have done a lot of intense manual labor growing up. At the end of those days I felt as if I lived three days in one. Just recently, I worked with my brother and to my surprise had incredible energy to get done and go write! Yes, my diet is different, I am healthier than I was and more than both of those was my attitude. I gave thanks and love to my brother for letting me work. Before, I would make it through those days with a gratefulness for the money I earned and it was never enough. These days, I find gratitude in so many things. I was sincerely grateful for the chance to move my body to it’s fullest ability. I was grateful for the time I got to spend with him. The music we listened to while we worked and so many things. By the time I got done expressing all this love in me I felt recharged. Love is a spiritual life energy. Love is the powerful energy that creates babies! I felt nourished and recharged on a deeper spiritual level, my chi had began to restore.

I’d love to hear what you do to recover after a long day in the comments below!
Stay blessed, stay loved, stay healthy,


2 thoughts on “How To Recover After a Long Day

  1. Samantha Rodes

    My favorite way to wind down is to spend 30 minutes or even an hour doing yoga and stretching before dinner while listening to my favorite entertainment industry podcasts.


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