A life-saving morning routine

If you follow me, you know I am all about saving lives…I myself was once lost in life, with no awareness and not a clue how to really change things. Little did I know my actions were taking such a beating on me physically, mentally and spiritually. I had always thought I was healthy; a dedicated gym fanatic, personal trainer, ate healthy and made it a point to do things I loved. In time, I learned I was overly “yang” or in my living. I was primarily action-orientated and spent no time inward, rejuvenating, and my mornings were proof in the pudding. When my life started to not work as I hoped it to, I knew something had to change…so I changed and here’s what I did.

My old morning routine

I won’t spend too much time here because just thinking about it gives me adrenal fatigue. To summarize, I would wake up to an alarm clock almost daily. I recall every morning waking up with the feeling that I could still sleep for the next 2 days straight. In fact, I thought this was a normal feeling. I now refer to this sign of chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue as “high-school morning syndrome”. Most of you have probably been there and maybe still are. You wake up feeling like you just got out of a wrestling match, your eyes are so heavy you don’t realize it but you are overspending yourself just to lift your eyelids. Then, to make matters worse I would in a rush get dressed, taking zero time to acknowledge if I was actually living or not. I was never a caffeine fan (besides those old pre-workouts…yikes) but I still chose to put my adrenals on their wits-end with a low quality, high-carb breakfast made from some sort of crappy almond or soy milk. Little did I know, starting a day this way was the source of many problems.

We can only give what we have

If you are happy, you give out a vibrational frequency of happiness. Basically, when you are happy you see happiness where you go! On a metaphysical or quantum level you attract others who are happy because of this measurable field of energy. To put it most simply, if you are tired because you got no sleep, you’re poorly nourished, your hormones are all out of whack and you go to school you are going to think school is the worst place on earth. It’s like being on a road trip and having to pee badly. You cannot focus on the beautiful scenery, your bladder is about to explode! You’re seeing the world through the lenses of this painful pressure in your lower abdomen! Therefore, if we do not take the time before each day to build a foundation of good energy and authentic positive emotions, we will take whatever feelings we have into the world; good or bad, and they will shape our day! If you want to have a successful day, you have to start off with a healthy attitude.

Nourishing your inner world

A healthy morning routine will always result in a healthy day. That means a day filled with positivity, feelings of joy, a fully functioning body, flexibility in your mind and body; all which will translate into your daily life. If you’re not healthy, what makes you think your actions, work, relationships or anything else will be? The good news is that there are things you can start doing and thinking of that will nourish yourself inward, so you can live healthy outward. Here are a few habits I have developed over the years that have had a profound impact on the health of my mind, body and overall life:

  1. Gratitude– Before getting out of bed, before any actual actions I plant the seeds of an amazing day with profound gratitude. This is hands down the first thing to do. Some days I am so resistant to it, I think “just get up, you have stuff to do”. Stuff? What’s that even mean? I supposed from living on autopilot for so many years this is a negative belief that lingers from time to time. The more I sit through it and over power it with conscious gratitude the more I recognize it comes from fear. For me, it was the fear of taking the time to care for myself. Some where we got this idea planted in us that being busy is cool. So much so, that I noticed for myself I would be busy doing stuff just to convince my mind and others that I was effective. I’m going to guess I’m not the only one who has experienced this. If you have a belief you do not have the extra 15 minutes (an hour is even better) to nourish your mind with the things you are grateful for then chances are you need to do this more than ever! You can write in a journal, think it to yourself or post them on social media. I like to get at least 5-10 things you truly appreciate until your state of being is one of authentic appreciation. You will likely wake up and make the “right” choice more easily. If you’re in a state of mind that says “wow I am so blessed” your mind will go on a new type of autopilot, one where your actions have this awareness of love for your life. This will make each action habitually patterned with “since my life is so great, what should I do next?”.
  2. Affirmations/Incantations– I am a big fan of incantations and affirmations. These seem pointless or esoteric at first; however, that resistance is proof you probably need to be doing them. I always notice the things I am most resistant to, I actually fear most and most need to experience. How I explain the idea of affirmations to people is that we all have tens of thousands of thoughts, words, beliefs and convictions we are rattling off in a day. That is inevitable, unless of course you do a lot of meditation or are purely enlightened! So if you are going to have thoughts scurrying about in your mind anyway, you might as well be conscious about what they’re going to be. Most of the time, our thoughts are out of habit. We are simply reacting unconsciously to situations with old beliefs given to us by our parents, friends and teachers. Many of our thoughts we affirm to ourselves could very well be limiting us. “Don’t talk to strangers” is a common belief we’ve made an affirmation. We have taken it from childhood and it may have served as well then but today it carries over into adult hood as shyness, limiting us to meeting new people, friends and business connections! Instead, giving yourself new messages daily will bring back awareness to your present moment and will better serve the way you respond to life. The main difference in that when doing an incantation you are sure to bring your body into the experience. When we tell ourselves “I am awesome!” It can be easy to not really believe it. Therefore, I like to do these affirmations on a walk, in nature, or looking in a mirror (After my gratitude). Anywhere I can pay closer attention to the way my body is responding. If there is resistance in my words then I know I need to shift something, I have to go deeper and see where a limiting belief is keeping me from believing. For example; if you affirm “money comes easily to me! and I make a living doing what I love” you could very well have some negative messages pop up. They might sounds like “yeah right” or they could be masked more deeply something like “I don’t need that much money though, it’s greedy, I should just work a regular job and be grateful.” Anything that challenges your affirmation is resistance saying “I am not good enough to have it”. The point isn’t to have everything you could ever desire, the point is to love yourself enough to know you deserve your desires. It doesn’t matter what you desire, just accept it so you can end self criticism. This will bring a new found energy into your life and each day you will begin to see new possibilities open up for you.
  3. Hydrate– I cannot believe the difference in my energy and thoughts when I am dehydrated. Science has discovered you lose up to 70% of your cognitive brain function once you are even slightly dehydrated. Most people are chronically dehydrated…Dehydration has been related to every single disease out there. Tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. If you are tired throughout the day, chances are you won’t have the best experience you could have. Staying hydrated improves your mood, your digestive function, increases productivity, and will even make you happier! The best ways I’ve found to hydrate are:
    -Spring water w/ apple cider vinegar, liquid fulvic minerals, lemon juice, a pinch of REAL sea salt.
    -8oz. of coconut kefir
    -Green juice of celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger.


  4. Probiotics– As the knowledge of our inner terrain is expanded we have learned that a healthy gut is connected intensively to a healthy mind. I’ve worked with many people and have experienced for myself how mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, cloudy thinking are all connected to an imbalanced gut. Your stomach not only digests foods but on a more holistic level, it digests your experiences. If  you are unable to digest new experiences, new ideas, a new day and release yesterday then you will have stomach trouble. Taking a holistic approach by working on your mind with gratitude and affirmations mixed with working on your body by using natural foods and supplemental foods rich in probiotics is the ultimate formula for success. My favorite are always living, liquid and raw probiotics. You can make these yourself or purchase them online and in-stores.
  5. 3 things- To do lists are a waste of time. They usually set us up for failure. We tend to make to-do lists that are completely out of are reach. They are like a wish list that just make us feel good by writing them out, paying no mind to actually accomplishing them. Instead, I like to ask myself “If I had time for only three things to do today, what would they be?” This puts your mind into a state of efficiency. It draws upon an intelligence that knows what is actually possible for you at this time. Also, because you are giving yourself a time limit (only three things in work day) you will automatically be thinking about how to effectively accomplish these things. Maybe it has something to do with challenging your mind that thinks its smart to do 20359853 things in a day, so you work faster and more efficiently to accomplish these three tasks in hopes to do something after. It’s leverage and it works! I also notice, narrowing our activity to a few things helps us stay centered and focus on what is actually important and valuable to us, not others projections. The more you do what you love, the better you will do it and the better your success,health and happiness.

These all have helped me incredibly over the past few years and I hope they help you. I usually spend about an hour now each morning before actually “starting my day” to build a foundation of health, happiness and appreciation. It works! I have un-friended the stress in my life and befriended authentic positivity. The more I practice the better life seems to get. Give this morning routine a try, maybe just add one of two things and start off with ten minutes to yourself and see the difference in your day! The moment you decide that the sun will shine in you, is the day you stop putting off to shinning your own light, waiting for the sun to shine.



One thought on “A life-saving morning routine

  1. Alejandro Plata

    This is really awesome, sometimes I wake up after 6:00am. and I`m in a hurry to do my yoga routine before breakfast and then a lot of nonsense thinking comes and stress me out just after waking up, I decided not to use the alarm anymore and relax, no rush, I`ll practice your routine man, please keep posting, I`m glad I found you, You`re a truly inspiration to me, BIG THANX 🙂


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