“Upgraded” Raw Chocolates

Chocolate has never made you feel so good…

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand benefits of chocolate. In fact, it actually seems to be built into our gene expression. We seem to have to instinctual need for chocolate, much like we do for love, sex, sleep, and other food. We long for the warmth and comfort that comes with enjoying a decadent piece of chocolate.

What is it about chocolate, like sex, that seems to have a pull over a more uncontrollable and instinctual part of our being?

Why We LOVE Chocolate

On a scientific plane, there are certain naturally occurring chemicals found in chocolate such as PEA(phenylethylamine) and oxytocin. These chemicals release other “feel good” hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine, which could have much to do with our strong gravitational pull toward chocolate.

These chemicals are present when a person is experiencing love. In our good moods and best memories we always have traces of these chemicals flooding our system. As human beings we strive for more of these feel good moments and less of their counter parts.

What’s interesting is that when we are experiencing good moods, we are really experiencing the chemical reaction to the situation and not the situation itself. What I mean is it is not chocolate we love so much but the chemical compounds in it, and it’s reaction we have to them.

So when we’re eating chocolate there is a lot going on psychologically and physiologically; we are actually falling in love with each bite!

Eat More Chocolate!

If you want to experience more falling in love, eat more chocolate. The raw cacao butter found in raw chocolates increases levels of testosterone which will aid in a healthy sex drive. In spiritual traditions they value sexual energy as the strongest most transmutable energy available to us.

Sex energy is life energy. 

I’m not suggesting to run about like a horny 13 year old. What I am talking about and what spiritual wisdom has to say is that the vitality and overall zest for life we experience in youth is directly connected to that store of energy.

Also, by consuming these sacred foods such as cacao we can restore and retain much of that energy. And like a child again, we can channel that energy into our lives; more play, more adventure, health, relationships and even our career pursuits.

Health is energy, and getting the right types of energy such as the natural energy available to us through proper nutrition, can restore our life force!

Not All Chocolate Is Created Equal

Plain and simple, chocolate has got a bad wrap and if you’re not up to date you might be avoiding chocolate in fear of weight gain or other health issues. The truth is, most people who experience adverse reactions to chocolate are those who are struggling to digest it properly.

Chocolate itself is incredibly medicinal. Weight gain, allergies, energy spikes, food cravings, digestive distress and other common issues associated with consumption are usually reactions to either:

A). Toxins found in poor quality cacao
B). Sugar found in most chocolate products.

Raw Chocolate Vs. Store Bought
I found as soon as I started making my own raw chocolates with organic, raw ingredients that some of the subtle reactions I had to chocolate disappeared.  I didn’t realize how store-bought organic chocolate bars (85% and higher cacao content) were actually taxing my body until I switched to home-made.

With store bought bars I noticed I would not be hungry at all for hours and experienced no sweet cravings, which was pretty awesome. However, I found that store-bought chocolate would dehydrate me very fast and cause my adrenals to fatigue pretty quickly.

Within a few days of consistent chocolate I’d need 11 hours of sleep just to feel okay. And still at that I’d feel pretty zombie-ish throughout the days. Additionally, I’d see my skin take a turn toward dullness. With raw chocolate I experienced no fatigue, no dehydration and an actual improvement to my skin. I contributed this mostly to the absence of sugar, considering I used stevia and xylitol to sweeten my own chocolate.

Upgraded Chocolate- The Ultimate Chocolate Experience

The star of this blog is this Upgraded Chocolate I have been experimenting with. Literally, upgrading from regular raw organic chocolate to this stuff was a whole new chocolate experience. It was like putting on glasses for the first time and not knowing how blind I truly was!

Upgraded chocolate is a product created by The Bullet Proof Executive, Dave Asprey. He started a company were he coined his name “Upgraded” and sells these “upgraded products” on his website. More than a website, his offers an entire lifestyle approach to Bullet Proof Living.

I stumbled across his stuff a few years ago while working at Erewhon in West Hollywood and talking to a friend/nutritional consultant who makes these awesome upgraded fat burning cookies with his products. He shared with me his knowledge of Bullet Proof and I took off from there on my own exploration. Basically, Dave’s mission is to achieve ultimate performance and human potential. He has taken the great and made it better.

For example, just when I thought chocolate couldn’t get any better than Raw and Organic I was reminded a great life lesson…never stay stagnant, there’s always more to learn, more to discover.

Here’s the deal: Cacao must be fermented to be eaten. Most of the processes in facilities are a simply open-air fermentation process. This allows proper fermentation but also leaves room for air-born bacteria, and mold to spore. Upgraded Cacao on the other hand is not only raw and organic but it has been passed through extremely religious mold and toxin inspection.

It turns out that much like the rest of our food that what’s wrong is not the food but what has been done to it. So many chocolate manufactures are selling moldy chocolate. Their regulations for edible chocolate are rather low.

Yes, you can eat chocolate that’s organic and fair trade, etc. and survive. In fact, you can still reap nutritional benefit. However, no one has ever thought about the molds and myotoxins created as a byproduct of the fermentation process and how it may be affecting us.

A mycotoxin-free chocolate takes you from surviving a chocolate experience to thriving in it. I notice all the positive, falling in love, happy, energetic and amazing benefits of chocolate with no adverse side affects.

Health Benefits of Upgraded Chocolate:

  • Increased Energy (up to 4-6 hours)
  • Increased Libido
  • Improved Skin
  • Incredible Cognitive and Mental Clarity
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Thermogenesis
  • Overall happiness increased
  • Improved positive outlook
  • Diminished food cravings
  • Increased productivity

Moderate Your Intake
Yes, I believe I have found the mecca of chocolates but I do not stuff chocolate down throat every second I get. Because this chocolate is so medicinal you actually need even less. Think of it as any other high quality food.

When you are getting nutrient, easy-to-digest food, you need less because you fill up more on nutrition. I am suggesting to indulge in more chocolate, but remember everything has a point of diminishing returns. The poison is in the dose — meaning that even too much of a good thing can become harmful.

Upgraded Raw Chocolates
(total prep. time: 30 minutes)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Melt cacao butter in double boiler.
  2. Turn heat high until water is boiling then turn to low and add cacao, stirring frequently until cacao is melted.
  3. Next, add in Brain Octane oil and liquid stevia then mix.
  4. Last, add dry ingredients (cacao powder, xylitol, vanilla) and mix well with a metal whisk.
  5. Once thoroughly mixed, pour liquid into silicon molds or unbleached paper baking cups. Place in freezer for 20-30 minutes and eat as desired!




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