Why Your Not Inspired Anymore

Inspiration, motivation, ambition…we all seem to want more of these pleasure building sensations. We all know the feeling of aliveness that comes with these moments. I can recall moments of my life I felt absolutely ecstatic for life, and moments where I felt absolutely depressed. I’m going to take a guess and say most of you have experienced something similar. Maybe you don’t use quite the same describing words; however, the lows of life are undeniable. We seem to be stuck on the roller coaster of life, only getting short bursts of inspirations followed by a crash of doubt and fears. 

1. The Fear of Death
But why do we cling so desperately to the positive sensations in our life and condemn the negative? Because it is our souls deepest longing. We have something within; a Principle of Life, that never was never born and never dies. We can call that thing Spirit. But we lose that inspiration for life the moment we analyze our thoughts and settle for a mere satisfaction. But there can never come a lasting peace or happiness without spiritual conviction. That is because Spirit is Reality.

I know I am getting a little deep with you but stay with me. To simplify, if we can understand that we were truly never born and never die, the spirit in us will awaken and move us toward daily perfection of our own accord. Now think of a moment of inspiration; were you not fearless? Didn’t somehow your fears vanish? I know in moments of musical inspiration I begin to write and play really well. What was stopping me before? Fears like “I’m not all that great anyway” “Doing this right now isn’t going to change my life” and the most underlying fear “What’s even the point anyway?” The fact is, at the root of what’s keeping you standing still in a state of boredom, depression, hopelessness, simply feeling stuck or whatever it may be, there is really one underlying factor; the fear that it has no purpose if you’re just going to die anyway.

2. The Fear of Life

At the other end, we lack inspiration because were probably more afraid of life than we are dying. Hence, so many suicides and cases of depression, loneliness, and so on. It’s plain to see that there is no greater fear than the fear of life. Otherwise, people would be in constant celebration. Think about it, you know you’re going to die physically. Even without a spiritual awakening this knowledge should push you to life each day like it was your last. But here’s the thing, in life, you’re not alone. You have people, animals, and mother nature to share this place with. Fearing life is the same as fearing people, criticism and being sensitive to life circumstances. Where does this fear of life come from? It comes from ourselves. That’s right, we decide to feel inadequate. Jack Canfield uses a great tool to demonstrate this. It is called E(event) + R(response) = O(outcome). Meaning, if in an event something goes wrong. Let’s say you pursue the opposite sex and they reject you. Now here is where the magic happens. In your response to the event your outcome is created. In your response you have the ability to consciously decide what the event means. Does it mean you’re not good enough or perhaps life is saving you from a mistake. The problem is most of us have little self awareness. Instead of responding, we react unconsciously. We let the diseased mind win and buy into it’s negativity. 

Overcoming the Fear of Life and Death

There is no complex formula to escaping fear. Like all disease, it’s complicated. The solutions are always simple. To overcome the great fears of life and death and find inspiration again; which means, to be in spirit, we have to simply do just that. We must find our spirit, the One Intelligence that is universal to reality and see through the perceptive garbage covering it up; fear. When we find the spirit within us, we become one with existence. In that sensation, fear dissolves. How could one be afraid of life when we are life? How can you be afraid of another when you are part of that other? This sounds mystical but it’s true. It is true because you have experienced it and so have I. The time when things “weren’t as bad as they seemed”. We found out that in times of facing fears, even small ones, that our mind created layers of stories that added to our perception of reality. The more you face reality for what it is, the more you understand there is nothing to fear. That all fear is born of the mind. This isn’t to say fear doesn’t play a role. Fear creates insecurity and insecurity creates aliveness! In that aliveness though, you have two options. Cripple from it or move toward it. In crippling you lose life, you’ve lost your inspiration to move through life. In moving toward fear, you become more and more alive. Your heart beats faster, you sweat, you smile, you scream, you expose your soul. And in that exposure you find the greatest gift of all; inspiration and enjoyment for life. 



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