The Most Fundemental Thing To Know About Life

I know this is a bold claim. How is it, that this one simple blog could provide something as profound as “the most fundamental” information? I will admit that what I am about to share with you has been learned through a personal journey and also handed down to me from the wisdom of great spiritual leaders. However, I am here sharing this information with you today because I have finally come to understand it for myself. 

Life’s Dualistic Character

That’s the secret. Life is dialectical; it lives through a dualistic nature. What that means is that life is always containing opposites. That is what makes life alive. I remember about a year ago a friend shared a simple explanation of this. She said, “If everything in life where blue, there would be no blue.” Think about it…we only know what blue is because there is green, pink, and white. We know blue by its contrast to other colors. If there was only blue, there would be no purpose to label it, making it distinct from something else because it itself is not separate. 

Negativity and Positivity are two sides of the same coin

Understanding duality is the most fundamental wisdom one can obtain because it destroys all negativities. We have come to believe in an illusion, the illusion that negativities are separate from positivity. When actually, they are constantly working synergistically together. When we understand this, we dissolve that illusion and all pains associated with “negativity”. A brilliant example of this would be found in nature. As the sun rises and daytime comes it is immediately moving toward nighttime. And as nighttime comes it has already started moving toward daytime again. Day and night are not separate things. They are the same phenomenon existing together. In fact, they only exist “separately” because they are one in reality.

Finding Understanding

When we learn to come to an understanding with something we are learning to relate to it instead of fight it. Understanding always brings wholeness and acceptance. The pain we try to avoid comes from feeling separated. Negativity for example, it only exists because of positivity. We know bad times because we have experienced good times. Without sadness, happiness loses all of its meaning. What has to be understood is that there is nothing wrong with negativity. Why not? Because, what we see as negative is only a perception. A normal reaction to a negative situation is even more negative than the situation. Meaning, it’s our perception of the situation that creates the negativity in the first place. In short, we believe that in the midst of a “negative” situation we are far from positivity and we fight it to the death, creating misery. When we are sick, we fight it. We think about how terrible and awful it is; we deny it completely! Instead, when we accept and embrace it, sickness can be a beautiful thing. It can be a time for deep rest, reflection, slowing down and learning to care for our selves again. In fact, it was most likely the obsession of always being healthy and active that caused the sickness. Most of us are in a state of activity and we burn ourselves out. If sickness is only a lack of health, if hate is only a lack of love, and if all negativity is only a lack of acceptance we can see how connected everything truly is. Negativity and positivity are not the diametrical opposites we assumed them to be, rather they are truly two sides the same thing. In finding acceptance for the lows in life, we no longer have to live in pain and negativity; instead we can find the opportunity and beauty in them. We truly learn that there are no failures, but challenges, and that all challenges are but beautiful opportunities for celebration and growth.

The take home message is acceptance. When we accept all things, we free ourselves of unnecessary turmoil and become alchemists of love. Instead of looking at situations as something broken that need to be fixed, we start shinning our love on them. And the beautiful thing about darkness is that once the light enters it, there is no more darkness. 


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