How to Win the Game of Life

Let’s talk life. Well, I know we are always talking life, but today let’s get a little specific. What I want to share with you are some ideas oh how you can win the game of life.

Is there a Way we should be living?
There are endless perceptions and ideals of how life should be. From day one we were force fed ideas of what was right or wrong. First from our parents, then teachers and religious leaders as well as politicians and bosses. Our wants and needs are in constant tug-of-war because of these moral conflicts and it’s really no wonder the internet and libraries are filled with self-help material. We are stuck in the paralysis of information and can’t seem to make a decision. The real problem here is that what we have learned has been a lie. That’s right, your parents, teachers and respectable elders have fed you lies! Now don’t go out and start blaming these people, we can’t blame them, they were fed lies too. This cycle of “lies” has been going on for quite some time. The truth is, despite whatever religious material, mentoring advice or knowledge you’ve required from books has been coating the truth of your existence. With the risk of sounding esoteric and mystical, you were not put on this planet to follow someone elses rules, you were here to live a purpose, and that purpose was not predetermined by others. Your purpose, your reasoning is for you to decide. That means YOU get to write your personal contract with God, or whatever role you want to give to the universal intelligence. I know this might go against all of or even some of what you have learned but in my experience, what you most resist is typically what you most need to invest.

Breaking Away From Dogma

In short, what has stopped you from truly feeling fulfilled in dogmas and others perceptions. If you are not truly happy, you have only learned that behavior. Take a look around at your life, have the people you’ve come into contact with rubbed off on you? I’m sure if you look close enough you will see how every interaction in your life has added or taken away from you. This is not just some nonsensical opinion, but in truth you are constantly exchanging your energy. You eat something, it becomes a part of you, you breathe in something it becomes a part of you, you listen to someone it becomes a part of you and so on. You are in constant exchange with your experiences and if you go on living them unconsciously you never know how you will walk away from them. The great Jim Rohn states this simply; “Stand gaurd and the door of your mind.” I have yet to hear better advice put so simply. Wake up the witness within you, become aware, otherwise pay the price of becoming someone you didn’t intend on becoming. Because isn’t that what this is all about any way? Don’t you live in duality? Depending on becoming something, achieving something, getting to some goal in life so you can feel a certain way? Of course. Your emotions are guiding you constantly letting you know you are on track or off track with your purpose. What is making your decision making so hard is that you have lost sight of who you really are. You have been so unconscious that every road has gotten you no where. To let go of dogma is to just know it exists and come back to life again. Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you want to be? How can you serve? These are the profile of your soul! If you’re not feeling good about those things, then you have been a false victim to others dogmas and opinions of how life should be. Break free, you get to decide. I know this is scary, you want to follow someone else rules, you don’t want all the responsibilities, where is the bible? Where is the instruction manual? Life didn’t come with one. You get to write it. So as long as you are helping others along the way, you are on track with existence.

1. Decide the purpose of the game- This is where it all starts. You get to decide your purpose. Whatever it is you want to be just decide. Decide for now. It doesn’t have to be the end all be all to your life but you can start now. What did you want to be when you were young and innocent? Think back to those times of purity and innocence. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” “What do I want to be?” “What is my purpose?” “How can I help?” These are your soul profiles. If you can spend alone time you can get back to this inner most part of yourself.  Be alone to remove the crutches that are up holding your false self-image. If you don’t like your life you can start over, but do it with your intent. Spending time alone, in meditation, simply walking, driving, hiking, these all work. But be alone so the people and situations that are holding yourself image up fall down. Write your vision now, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Your goal isn’t to be perfect, it’s to be excellent and that you can do best if you are creating from your heart and soul.

2. Create rules for the game- Once you’ve decided what your purpose is for the time being, give yourself a few simple rules to know you’re on track. If you have no rules, no boundaries, you are only back where you started but on the other side of the fence. Before you had everyone else rules to play the game, now you have no rules so the game has no point. Imagine trying to play a game that no one knew the rules to, it wouldn’t last long before you became confused and bored. Make them simple, the simple the better. If you decided your purpose of the game of life was to share your talents then create a few rules that embody that. Perhaps you make it an effort to daily record a YouTube video to share, write a post on social media or give away something you made to co-workers or family. If your purpose is to write poetry then perhaps a rule could be that where ever you go you look for inspiration for a poem in your environment. Simple rules will let you know you are living your purpose.

3. Make rules consistent- Do not create rules that conflict! You want to be able to apply your rules to all situations, so you are not dependent on circumstance for your peace. If you have a rule that says “everything you want is outside of your comfort zone” and another rule that says “life is an offering”  you may find conflict in situations. In one scenario you are looking for new growth, a challenge, and opportunity to spice things up and essentially taking personal action to be an alchemist of your own emotional state. Where on the other hand you may be in a constant state of gratitude, enjoying things as they are, not looking to change anything even for the better but to enjoy them as they are. Though both are empowering rules, they may cause confusion in who you have decided to be. Remember, there are no right or wrong rules, you will know if they are right or wrong depending on your emotional state. If you uncomfortable you know you are not living your rules to your most important needs, get honest with yourself in step one.

4. Don’t have too many rules- A few rules is enough. If you start adapting every good piece of advice you won’t know you are. 3 or 4 rules is good enough. Something you can live each day without dependency on the outside. If you give yourself too many rules you will immobilize yourself. You could easily fall into the trap of absolute certainty. Having too much certainty leads to boredom and stagnation. If you had to know everything that was going to happen in a movie before you went and saw it there would be no point to see the movie, you need some excitement that comes from uncertainty. Variety is the spice of live remember! So give yourself some room to mess up, to learn a little bit, but not too much that you neglect your highest needs.

5. If You break rules, give yourself pain- Once you have a few rules set up so you can embody your highest values and appreciations then be sure to give yourself small amounts of pain when you fall off. If you don’t you could easily become victim to your mind again. The whole point of writing your own life script is to enjoy it, to have fun and of course grow as a human being. If you have all the freedom in the world you would become ultimately bored. True happiness and ecstasy is blissful discontent, meaning you have to have a tweak of unknowing to make things interesting. Innocence is bliss, not ignorance. So remain innocent, and while you are innocently creating yourself give yourself a reminder to stay on our path. If you break one of your own rules, give yourself a short burst of pain. This is for two reasons. One, if you learn to give yourself the pain you have truly mastered pain and anger. When you can bring it, you have truly overcome it. Most of us can’t bring our own emotions, we rely on life to hand them to us. So start here, start by giving yourself your own pain when you are engaged in creating yourself. Two, if you don’t, you will always feel lost in life. You will never know who you are, you will be a wandering nomadic nobody who has renounced. Renouncing is just the other extreme of neurosis. Instead, create yourself and when you fall off, remind yourself otherwise you give up the beauty that is knowing yourself.

6. When on track, give yourself pleasure- Just as you learn to bring and let go of anger and pain you must learn to bring and let go of happiness. After all, when you get approval from someone else. From the church, the school, the parent, society and so on you are relying. Not to mention all that occurs is inside of your own mind you say “Yay! I can allow myself to feel happy because I have been approved” and then you release the neurotransmitters that allow happiness. You’re a fool. Do that for yourself. Live your purpose and when you do small acts that embody your purpose, give yourself pleasure!

7. Don’t take life too seriously- This is simple. If you haven’t learned by now, life is not serious. This is not a life or death game. This is the real thing. You get one shot, this is not a practice run. So how are you going to spend it? Listening to others? Seeking approval? Being miserable, scared and hiding behind your fears? Or are you going to humiliate yourself, share, laugh, love, grow and do yourself the ultimate joy that is creating yourself from the deep purposeful calling in your heart? I choose the ladder.




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