3 Steps to “Doing more with Less”

We all live in the same world. Whether we have slightly different economies, environment and circumstances the truth is we all have 24 hours to our day and none of these external factors has the ability to shape our destiny. We have the ability to shape our destiny and it requires only our intent. When we think about how highly competitive our world is becoming we can easily fall into the trap of over-stimulation and confusion. We all understand how easy it is to get lost in traffic, media, phone calls, texts and have life pass us by. Depending on where you are in your path of discovery you may have more or less awareness of how to “get it all done” in today’s world.

However, no matter how evolved our world becomes there is a part of us that is constant and remains unchanged and unaffected by the stimuli of the modern world. It is your true self, your spirit or soul. I want to demystify the idea of spirituality in this blog and show you how simple and powerful returning to this place in your mind can help you easily accomplish your “to do” list and in less time than you would expect.

3 Keys to Efficiency

  1. Build Self Reliance- One of the greatest achievements we can experience is the achievement of total self reliance. I want to clarify exactly what I mean by self reliance before I continue, however…First off, self reliance is not about isolation or selfishness. What I mean by self reliance is having 100% belief in yourself. When you beileve in yourself, you are no longer at the will of others expectations, you understand your true priorities and you learn to “say no to the good so you can say yes to the great.”

To be completely self reliant one experiences the following:

  • Non-Judgement- This means; not only not judging others, but no longer judging your self by the thoughts you have or even actions you take.
  • Total Acceptance- Once you remove judgement from your mind you experience acceptance of reality. Instead of clinging to an ideal of how things “should be” you embrace them for what they really are.
  • No Expectations- Having no expectations is freedom. This means no longer judging people, things and situations and accepting reality as it is and lastly no longer anticipating happiness based on expectations or standards. You allow yourself to be fulfilled today, and without the burden of judgment and expectations you can take action by making the most of what you have and seeing the abundance is all around you. People, things and circumstance no longer have to be the way you want them to be in order to feel love from them.

To begin cultivating your self reliance make a simple “dream sheet”. Write down all the things that truly matter to YOU and you only. Remove judgements, expectations and for the first time in your life believe that the things you like could be your ticket to freedom. You don’t have to be an artist, musician, or doctor to have a dream or passion. You could just love your dog, walks, nature, reading, writing, speaking, hanging with friends, organizing your bookshelf even. Whatever it is, embrace it. I know people who have passions for the simplest of things and since they’ve embraced it their lives changed. Not everyone will become a millionaire or even wants to. However, embracing your passion will buy you the ticket to happiness. Which is all you want anyway. Create your list of passions and believe that they are part of your unique purpose here on earth.

     2. Pareto’s Principle (80/20)- This is a very popular principle used in nearly every dietary strategy, economic strategy and so on. The basic theory states that 20% of our outputs or efforts produce 80% of our results and incomes. I also call this strategy the strategy of “utilizing the times others waste”. When most people are watching tv, surfing the internet, gossiping about what they hate and other peoples lives, people who are self-reliant and successful sneak away to create their dreams.

Applying Pareto’s Principle

  • Make a list of your “hidden” opportunities- On the left side of a sheet of paper make a list of all the free time you might be wasting. Tim Ferris advises us to ask the question “Am I being affective or just busy?” This is a brilliant question to ask when making this sheet and throughout the day. On the sheet of paper list times in your day where you might be “passing time” or spending the majority of your time. These are your 20% that create your 80%. What you have to determine is whether the outcome is positive or negative. This time can be where bad habits are developed or dreams are nourished. Hidden opportunities look a lot like bad habits; watching TV, gossiping, drinking, smoking, etc. these are the perfect hidden opportunities for you to accomplish your goals. The goal is to replace these wasted times with small steps towards your desires. I personally use these periods to write song lyrics, do vocal exercises, deep breathing exercises, write in a pocket journal, practice gratitude, or do a good deed. (All things that are aligned with my highest vision/purpose.) Once you have your list of hidden opportunities; on the other side of the paper, write in a few small steps you could take to get things done that truly matter to you. Going back to step one; if one of your passions or things of true importance to you is your relationship with your family. Then during wasted opportunities, get a note book and start writing thank you letters to people in your family, read books that will help you brush up your communication skills or whatever tiny step you could take to better your relationships.
  • Nourish your Good Habits- Once you’ve determined where you may be wasting useful time it’s also important to understand where you are already excelling. Getting things in writing is also more useful than keeping them in your brain so again, I purpose you to write this out. Create a second sheet to determine your positive 20%. What are you doing already that is giving you 80% of the results you want? A good way to determine this is to look for the clues that success leaves; feelings of joy and happiness, income, good relationships, peace, collaboration, others happiness, and overall positive flow. Look for the positives in your life already and ask yourself how you got those then be sure to do more of those! These are what I call your “inner genius”. It’s the part of you that is more closely connected to that unbounded soul. You can start doing more of these habits and activities in those times wasted opportunities to increase your self reliance and inner-peace. How you will go about doing so will require thinking and creativity on your part but I will share a personal example with you to spark some motivation. Most of my inner genius and happiness results from me speaking to help others, “being healthy”, playing music, writing and doing physical activity. I understand these habits are part of the positive 20% because they bring me the most joy, they bring others joy and everyone benefits holistically. Though I can’t always be writing at a computer, speaking in front of audiences, or working out in the best of gyms I am able to turn opportunities that most would spend gossiping into a chance to motivate maybe one or two people, pull out a napkin and write a few lyrics out, go for a walk or drop and do a few handstands or pushups.

Using Pareto’s Law allows you to take your self reliance to the next level. You not only get a sense of what matters to you and what your purpose is, which allows you to say no to time wasting events, but it allows you to learn to say no to some of your own personal time wasting habits.

    3. Practice Law of Least Effort- The law of least effort states that nature works in harmony with zero resistance; water flows, plant life and wild life do not stress over food, shelter and appearance. Grass doesn’t try to grow, birds don’t try to fly and fish don’t try to swim. Nature is completely carefree and accomplishes miracles in every moment. The law of least effort can be applied to your own desires to not only create more harmony in your pursuits but bring you much more than you expected with doing much less than you thought you had to. Simply put, when we have resistance in our lives by trying to defend your opinion and desire, or worse, spending energy denying your own desires, you have no time to create the things you love.

Applying the Law of Least Effort

  • Act from Love- There is really not effort needing in applying this law of course. You simply move your resistence out of the picture. So far we have discussed two ways to understanding the functioning of this law of least effort. When you begin to believe in yourself and your desires you are removing judgement and replacing it with self love. When you start looking at your habits in life, good habits are only habits of love and bad habits are habits that lack love. This sounds cheesy from a glance but if when you really think about it, the reasons you develop bad habits in the first place is because you judge yourself. When you start believing you have a problem, when you succum to critiscm, you begin to suppress your desires. However, suppression never works. Eventually the love that was once in those desires has to find a way out, but when it does it usually results in a negative action. Like a child who was punished for playing lashes out with anger.
  • Responsibility- Self responsibility is the last piece to truly doing more with less, becoming self reliant and creating the life of your dreams. This is not about self blame, responsibility is the mindset that allows everything come into place, that everything being self acceptance, self reliance and the nourishing actions that follow. Taking 100% responsibility enables you to have control over how you feel and what you do. You no longer blame others, God or situations on what’s happening. You realize you have the control of how you feel and therefore what you will do from that point. Self responsibility is the empowering notion that as you desire so is your intent, and as you set your intent you set your will and your will creates your destiny. You no longer waste time and energy blaming the rest of the world, and this also makes you immune to tyrants and nay-sayers. Which are tests of your own heart’s desires.

To conclude, decide what it is you love in your heart, believe in that, believe you deserve it, see how you can create it or already are, honor those actions and let go, knowing it’s all in order.





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