Failure is not Final

I was inspired to write this post today because I have been fourtunate enough to feel more misery, emotional pain, struggle and over-all failure than most people I have ever come into contact with. This is not my attempt to journal entry a self-pity party, here me out. My point here is simple; I have allowed many things to take place in my life; things that sound a lot like failure, but one thing I have never allowed to take place was real failure.

Defining Failure

Understanding the true definition of failure is crucial to avoiding it at all cost. Failure as we know it is accepted with open arms in my life. These “failures” I speak of, and what you might know them as are: pain, suffering, misery, embarrassment, confusion and negativity. It’s easy to see; without explanation, how these could be failures. However, in my time short life I have learned these are not failures at all. They have actually in fact been some of the most important ingredients to my successes in life. I have learned personally that in the midst of what we know as failures, is the greatest opportunity you will ever have.

So what is real failure?

Real failure is simple; giving up. Giving up is not to be confused with letting go. Letting go is surrender, which is ultimately acceptance. Acceptance is empowering and acceptance allows things as they are, releasing the energy spent on feeling those negative emotions and allows you to make the most with the little you may have at the time. Giving up is a different story. Giving up is self-pity. Giving up is stagnation, holding on, and ungratefulness. There is no greater failure in this life other than the failure that is becoming a victim to your own mind’s bull shit. This bull shit sounds a lot like self-pity and self-doubt.

Using Fake Failure for Great Achievement

Now that you have a clearly definition of real failure verse fake failure I want to offer you a tool to use these fake failures to your advantage. Understand that our perception is creating our reality. If you examine what I refer to as fake failure, it is only a perception shift that turns them into a seedling of opportunity. Becoming more aware of your mind during “hard-times” will assist you in making that shift of perception instead of holding onto a situation and labeling it.

Here is what the mind says during Fake Failure:

  • “This will never change”
  • “Why does this always happen to me”
  • “There is no hope”
  • “What’s wrong with me”
  • “This makes no sense”

    In reality there is always hope, everything makes perfect sense and you are in control of your mind, making you a creator of the circumstances and allowing you to use what life is giving you instead of having it use you. You are just not opening your eyes to the possibilities. If you don’t have money, you can always get a job. If you don’t have clothes someone is always willing to lend a shirt off their back. There is no lack of supply, there can be and is only a lack of faith that produces real failure. Watch your mind as it creates these scenarios and then lastly ask the question:

    “What is this trying to tell me? How can I turn this into something for my benefit to help myself, people around me and the greater good of the world?”

When you make this shift of perception you have mastered the art of overcoming failure, You have found truth in failure. And finding the truth will always set you free.






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