Manifesting Your Desires

Have you ever felt as if you “never get what you want”? Or have you ever wondered the about the mystery that lies behind people who seem to always get what they want? Perhaps, this indifference and curiosity comes from a physical comparison or perhaps it comes from feeling far from your fullest potential. Whatever end of the spectrum  you are on; both emotions imply that you may feel incapable of getting what you want.

Feeling disconnected from your fullest potential can feel like; hopelessness, stagnation, confusion, lack, boredom, and for a lack of better word; completely off-track.

This feeling off-track is perhaps the best way to describe this internal situation because essentially that is all that is happening to you. Take for example a perfectly good train, with superb locomotive parts and an endless amounts of high-quality coal fueling it. The potential for this train to make it anywhere in life; so long as it is riding along the right pair of tracks, is beyond likely but in fact. You are in essence much like this train, with the unlimited potential to go anywhere, given you are riding along the correct path.

Getting on The Right Track

There is hope, in fact, realizing your feeling of disconnect is the first step to getting connected with the right track. When you realize any discourse in your emotions it is only a signal telling you to get back on track.

Having experienced this train ride enough, I have personally developed a system for manifesting desires that I would love to share with you. After analyzing the successes and failures in my own life I was able to pin point 5 common aspects. These aspects were always in play when I succeeded in anything in my life; likewise, where I “failed” there were always one or more of them missing. Knowing the process I have to go through consciously to manifest my desires I have created what I call “The 5 Powers”. I will walk you through these powers and give you tips on how you can apply this process to yourself for positively achieving your desires!

The 5 Powers

Using a combination my personal education and experiences I have pinpointed the following 5 powers I believe everyone must begin to consciously understand in order create what they desire.

  1. Awareness– Without awareness you will never escape the primal reactions to external situations; fear, anger, sadness, excitement, etc. These are all emotions that when not handled properly destroy success by making you unaware of your own actions. Being fully aware is when you are not occupied by  your thoughts and emotions you are simply here and living life. When you come “alive” only then you recognize your unlimited potential. Awareness connects you to your greatest potential and the basic truth that is; your heart is beating, you are alive and therefore have a chance to make “it” happen. And at any moment something great could happen. In conclusion, awareness says “being here on earth is good enough and a blessing”. That’s empowerment, that state of mind moves you into the next step.
  2. Bliss- Once you have moved from your unconscious state of mind and start seeing the bigger picture, bliss and excitement kicks in. When you are in bliss, you have gone far beyond your ego. Going past the ego is important to success because it’s usually our ego that tells us things like “this isn’t good enough” and kills motivation. Bliss says “I am more than good enough!” In bliss, you don’t have to be right and the burden of judgment dissolves. Contrary to your need to control your outcome, letting go of the outcome creates the common trait in all successful people; the trait that is seeing opportunity where others don’t. All of history’s greatest hero’s were only stories of normal people with an incredible ability to see treasure in the trash. Entering a state of bliss is renewing, creative and innovative and turns you into a hero. You enter bliss only by first entering awareness and knowing with gratefulness that you have all you need within yourself to make your dream come true.
  3. Intention- So far I have discussed with you the two foundations of successful achieving; awareness and bliss. Without awareness and bliss you are almost guaranteed to fail at your goal because without true awareness and bliss every attempt will be a struggle. The struggle comes from the idea of “lack”  or not being good enough. Your goal becomes a resistant and dualistic struggle to regain your wholeness. Once, beyond the mindset of lack and in your natural state of bliss you can throw a seed of intention into the mix. That is, what do you really want?  When you are in bliss, anything you could think to have becomes icing on the cake instead of a cry for wholeness. It is in bliss where all intention becomes possible, because you are no longer empty looking to fill the void. Your cup is full and you can intentionally choose to share what spills over for the rest. Making a list of all your desires becomes exciting and empowering. Your desires now have a sense of worthiness being rooted in growth and love.  You may benefit by contemplating your desires in nature and solitude to truly tap into your heart’s desires and then writing them in a journal, keeping this list with you wherever you go. In this state of intention anything is possible, you are no longer desperately attached to the outcome. The journey for fulfillment of desire becomes fun. When things do not go as planned you know something bigger is in store and you are capable of seeing through circumstance with the eye of a hero.
  4. True Knowledge- True knowledge is judgement free knowledge or truth. Perceiving truth is a difficult task because it involves removing our opinions and personal judgements. However, tapping into the truth is highly beneficial when trying to achieve your goals because let’s face it, we have no idea what we are doing. Tapping into the truth of knowledge requires you to accept that you are whole and carry within you your own truth. While also, being open to a higher wisdom of this planet. True knowledge is being open to change because like our opinions, our bodies and nature; the truth changes. What was true yesterday is not always true today. Finding true knowledge is as simple as asking for it. Once you are in a state of awareness, bliss and have set your intention for what you want it is time to gather the appropriate information on what to do to attract what you want into your life. The challenge in achieving your goals is knowing that they are constantly fluctuating and refining themselves. Removing the challenge is to use true knowledge to remain flexible and adaptable. A simple exercise is to daily check in with your thoughts and ask yourself the question “Am I being true to myself or am I playing a role?” and “Am I seeing things for as they are? Or am I judging them based on what I expect them to be?” True knowledge allows you to borrow the wisdom that allows you to take action on the best means to getting the best ends. You can only have true knowledge by remaining open to the constantly fluctuation of the truth and your own truths.
  5. Inspired Action- Inspired action is the physical action taken when in “spirit” or alignment with yourself. Once you have gathered true knowledge then you will know what to do and how to do it. This is perhaps the simplest of the process. To know whether you are doing the right thing or not is to get back in touch with the inner self. Are you on the right track? If you have completed steps 1-4, in your mind you will find out that you are capable of adapting anything as YOUR own personal truth. Your desires all have a unique place in this world and as long as they are coming from love and growth they always have a purpose. Passion is purpose. Therefore to take inspired action is to take any action that empowers you. In simple terms, if you are happily achieving, you have found the correct track for yourself.Happy achieving to all of you!what-makes-a-writer-fail



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