Decision Making- Making the “right” choice for YOU

Is there such thing as a right or wrong choice?

That’s a good question. Depending on the pair of ears receiving that question, as well as the view point of the pair of ears relaying the answer to that question, you will perhaps have a different answer. After all, as a collective part of a unlimited universe we can perhaps agree that all life is relative.

That being said, there are two key components of ALL decision making.

1. Karma- Simply put, everything that is happening to you in this very moment of your life is due to the choices you have made previously to this moment; cause and effect.

2. Conscious Responsibility- We are all capable of stepping back and witnessing the choices we make and our interpretation of life.

Understanding decisions and their components make for better decision making. Having an awareness that your decision or indecision will create an outcome or particular karma. The idea of karma is what stops most from making decisions at all. The possibility of creating more trouble in our lives, unhappiness and destruction is perhaps one of the greatest fears that lies in making a choice. Most will put off making a choice out of the fear of making a bad choice; however, the confusion in this senario is that not making a choice is still a choice. Understanding that most indecision results from fear and having a basic understanding of karma will assure you that most indecision will result in an unhappy outcome.
To best master the art of decision making we must then move to the second component which is conscious responsibility; or awareness. When you can recognize that you are an infinite choice maker and that even no choice is a choice, your only job is to then become aware of your choices.

Infinite Choice Maker
To best help you understand that you are an infinite choice maker is to provide you with a quick example. Perhaps a stranger pays you a compliment. You have the choice to feel happiness and a boost of self confidence OR to not take the compliment. If you have not felt this for yourself I am sure you have at least witnessed it on the other end. You may have paid a loved one a compliment and because of their state of mind they chose to reject it. You- “You look gorgeous in that outfit!” Partner- “What are you talking about? I look fat.” You see from the example, you paid a perfectly honest compliment, your perception was your partner looked beautiful; however, because of your partners current perspective of her self she overlooked your compliment and only saw her point of view. When you can make a choice and

Making the Right Choice

There is a simple exercise to applying the two components of decision making to your life.

Ask your self TWO questions:

1. What are the consequences? When asking yourself the consequences of your action you will know in your heart what they are.
2. Will this choice bring happiness to me and those around me?

Only YOU know the RIGHT answer. There is no such thing as a right or wrong decision collectively, there is only right or wrong for YOU. And out of the inifite possibilites there is only ONE decision to make that will provide you with spontaneous bliss and happiness.

Your body will provide you with the correct course of action. Simply, place your hand on your heart and focus on the beat of its rhythm. Ask your self the two questions above and pay attention to the sensations of your body. If you get a sensation of excitement, bliss, joy or comfort that is the right decision to make.


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