How An Artist Begins To Discover

Through the journey and sleep in every person’s life, there comes a time where a subtle thought emerges from the mind and then expresses its full potential of how it can shape the world in which we live in. That, for man’s sake and every other thing we so desperately love, is what we live for. It is that moment when you see what you were born to do, the very first sight of your love, laughs that you share with your friends, and joy of everlasting sharing through kindness and appreciation. What is this thing, I would ask to myself and others around me; but, then I see that is where everybody is wrong. Not wrong as if there was a right, but as an experience of a situation that none of us should ever be a part of. Why ask yourself in what you already know? There is an habitual motive for every person to find assurance in their knowledge and perceptions, but only you, the artist himself, can create the picture in which you would like to put on a frame. If there was any such time to discover, it would be NOW. Now is when you realize the artist himself, the “I don’t know” question is answered by the question itself, and when pieces of the puzzle begin to fit in places that were once unfitted. An artist’s true majestic discovery is when he or she begins to realize the artist – for it is you who creates. That first step then amounts to the discovery of a writer, painter, musician, singer, innovator, inventor, and whatever else men have put a title to. Imagine and then begin to understand that what you have discovered is yourself and everybody else around you. It is that feeling of waking up in morning, the snow plunders the sidewalks and driveways while air is cold as the Antarctic, and you still go outside to experience a new day. As you walk through your neighborhood and see people outside as well, that is when a smile comes about on a face. A smile is all we really paint on our canvas, our only canvas that we received in our lives. And that is how an artist begins to discover… what was already discovered: now.


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