5 Ways Successful People Think

Have you ever wondered why you’re not living the life of your dreams? Do you have the money you need, are you genuinely happy or in a relationship that sets your heart on fire? Chances are, if you’re reading this you would like to improve upon one of all of these topics. Perhaps you have given up or even worse; accepted that “that’s just the way it is”. Maybe you are content and that’s fine, but something deeper in you is telling you can have more. Whatever your situation the bottom line is this. You can have more, you should have more, and your life should be exciting and filled with joy most of the time.

What is Success?

Before I give you the top 10 ways successful people think I will give a general definition what success really is that I believe most can relate to. Success is the ability to consciously create your life the exact way you want in a healthful manner. You see not everyone’s definition of success is the same. Money is not what defines success, if that where the case all rich people would be healthy and as we all know plenty of them are not. Living a healthy lifestyle alone isn’t enough for real success either. Just because you look great, eat well and exercise doesn’t mean you are internally at peace, pay your bills or get along with people well. That being said, there are some basic principles to truly being successful. However; there is truly only ONE main difference between you and successful people and that is, the way they think compared to you.

If you wanted to know how to live a successful life with one tip I would say this. Find a way to match your outer-world with your inner-world. Meaning, when the inner-voice speaks up “you shouldn’t eat that you’ve had enough”, “you should apologize”, “you should start listening to yourself more” you should listen, and follow suit. The truth is, only YOU know what is best for you and due to the obvious collective unhappiness and trend in lying, overreacting, suppressing, and settling there is something to be said about that statement. We lie, overreact or act hasty when we ignore the inner-voice. We rationalize our desires saying they are too big, expensive or unrealistic. We do things we don’t want to do and suppress what we really want out of fear of criticism or being alone. And all in all, live unsuccessful lives because we refuse to listen to our inner-guidance system when it’s telling us to act. If we want to change our lives we have to change the way we think and those thoughts have to honor the inner-genius we all house.

How Successful People Think

  1. Successful people think they are in charge of their lives, not situations, circumstances or other people. They take 100% responsibility for every one of their experiences. They don’t think they are entitled to a great life, that someone, somewhere, somehow or some thing is responsible for their happiness. They think the only factor responsible for their success is them.
  2. Successful people think of every failure as a learning lesson. You have two choices in life, think about doing it or do it. Most people think about doing it and never do, they know more about what could go wrong than what could go right so they never try. Others spend way too much time preparing to do it, then when they fail, they recognize it as a major failure because they were too prepared to fail so when they do they take it way too hard and never try again. Successful people don’t fail. When they try to hit the bulls-eye, they recognize the deeper purpose to their desire; the feeling of achievement and inner-peace, and form that place realize they cannot fail. They load the gun, aim, fire and shoot. If they’re off 2 inches they go through the process again. No need for years of target practice, studying, or rationalizing. They know they can’t fail so there is no fear in failure.
  3. Successful people think BIG. Most people’s struggle is not achieving, it’s setting such little goals and achieving them that there is no fulfillment from it. Ordinary people set goals out of fear, I just want enough to pay the bills this much. This isn’t being modest, it is not trusting yourself with more. You can have MORE, you can have more than enough, you can have overflowing abundance of material goods, happiness, love, health and wealth. It’s just what you do with it once you get it. Do you throw it all to waste? Spend it on yourself? Give it away unintentionally? If you trusted yourself, if you followed the inner-voice you could not only satisfy your own desires and dreams but find ways to help others do the same. Being grateful for what you have, no matter how little is the key to a successful life but stopping at the small stuff is selling yourself, your loved ones and the world short. There is nothing modest about setting small goals.
  4. Successful people think they have a life’s purpose. We all do have a life’s purpose, believing in it does not make you crazy and if it does, hell your better off with crazy thoughts of imagination than you are with disempowering thoughts of limitation. Remember, successful people really function from one basis and that is the inner-guidance system. Getting in touch with it is crucial for determining your life’s purpose. Your inner-voice will guide you to your purpose by your level of joy. When you are feeling incredible joy you are on path with your life’s purpose. The problem is most unsuccessful people look at this ass backwards. They see something wrong with joy. They believe you have to work hard and go through struggle to get anywhere, but that’s exactly why they get no where. Successful people follow their joy. Don’t belive me? Ever hear of a woman named Oprah? If you haven’t let me update you. In short, Oprah is a woman who finds deep joy in helping others, talking about life, god, spirituality, giving away things, eating good food and sitting around talking to interesting people. She perhaps gets the most of hey joy from sitting in great company. In fact, she enjoys it so much she gets paid billions of dollars to do so. Not to mention contributes to the well-being of millions of people in the world. She is aligned with her life’s purpose and she is rewarded for it.
  5. Successful people think they can do anything. The interesting thing about successful people is most of them grew up average, poor, or in a serious “disadvantage”. These people where not gifted by any means and the ones who where only got to where they were because they exercised their will. They believed they could put their talents to use and those without talents believed that even without talents if they worked hard enough, talked to the right people and developed faith they could do anything. This is why so many talented people go broke and become miserable. Though they were gifted with money or talent they lost sight of this one critical thinking pattern. Moral of the story, believing in yourself is a choice. The beautiful thing about believing is we all have the equal ability to do so. No matter how poor your grew up, no matter how sick or how negative your parents where, you have the same exactly will as the richest and happiest people in the world. If you can’t believe THAT, then you have some work to do. Successful people choose to believe. They muscle their will power on a daily basis by setting huge goals, pursuing a life of purpose, attempting things and failing at them and take charge of their every experience. The more you exercise your own will to believe the more you are equipped to actually achieve the things you set your mind to.

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