3 Steps To Living Your Own Experience

Do you have big dreams for your life? Do you find yourself wondering when it’s going to happen? Do you find yourself seeking approval and support of others? Perhaps you question your own dreams?

If you have answered anything remotely close to a yes when reviewing these questions then chances are you need to hear what I am about to say…

Living your own experience is a very simple thing but is also one of the most difficult things for people to do. It’s like telling the truth, in fact, living your own experience is simply the ability to be 100% honest with yourself; total self-empowerment, WISDOM.

In order for you to live your own experience you have to stop relying on people for your advancement and growth in life. Role modeling is a great tool, but only when you have decided fully on what it is you are going to do! I see a need that needs to be met in this area of personal power, that is the need of having faith in yourself. People seem to read diet books, personal development books, blogs, television programs, go to churches, doctors and specialist across the board and either get no results or worse receive great results that are temporary and dependent on an outside factor. I know you think that resources out side of your self are fantastic and I am not dying that. If you are someone who has decided on their personal journey then this particular post isn’t for you. This is for the people who are in constant search for inspiration or approval and support from things outside of their own intelligence. There is an intelligence within you that if you only shut up enough to listen to you, all of your answers and questions would be answered. The genius within you will provide you all the support you need, all the love you need and all of the certainty you need.
Okay, so you think whoever wrote this is insane, I get it. The genius within you I am talking about is the same voice that can tell you instantly when someone is lying to you. It is the voice that throws out the “bull shit” warning light. It’s the genius in you that tells you when you need to say sorry, eat, sleep or use the bathroom. This is the same intelligence that digests your food, which assimilate the nutrients to grow your hair and skin. Imagine if you had to figure out how to do that shit? Yeah, that’s what I thought…
So obviously your inner-genius has a hold of some pretty powerful things; digestion, breathing, blood circulation, um.. your LIFE. Do you think you can trust it now to help you design your dream life? I’d hope so…

How do you go about living  your own experience, believing in yourself, and making the correct decisions to get the life of your dreams?

Here’s a short list on living your own experience:

  1. Stop reading, seriously. Put the books down, leave the library, get off the internet, get off of my blog. I appreciate the support but how many of these will you have to read before you just do what it is you want to do? You don’t need my approval or anyone else. I don’t care if you think you are crazy. None of us are right, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Do what makes you happy, healthy and you want to do it for a living just find a way to meet a need with your desire. I don’t care if what you love is chewing on pencils, I can promise you there’s a way to meet the needs of the greater good by doing it, if it’s what you really love.
  2. Talk to people. This seems to be a lost art. We hind behind computer screens, fake personalities and lies. Instead of emailing people and being dependent on technology get out and ask someone for advice. If you love to chew on pencils, find another “weirdo” who is happily earning an income, healthy and happy doing “weird” shit. Team up, pick their brain, just stop denying what you know about yourself and start embracing it. It’s simple. If you’re lost, fuck the computer, you’ll accomplish finding your way 100 times faster by picking up a cell phone and making a call as opposed to testing them or emailing them, or worse goggling it.
  3. Meditate. Depending on what you’ve read by now you are probably either really okay with this or really not okay with this. Meditation is not for the devil and hippies. What I mean by meditation is creating an exercise program of using your inner-intelligence. Instead of becoming a subconscious victim of your mind, meditation helps you become a conscious controller of the inner-voice, creating wisdom to call upon it when needed. You can practice meditation by simply listening to your breath. The idea of this is you are witnessing that intelligence I speak of. You don’t have to try to breathe, it happens naturally to keep you alive. So by becoming a witness of it you have tapped into and become aware of the genius in you. This will at a very basic level help you build the confidence and trust in your self that you most likely strongly lack. When you realize you don’t even have to try to do the most basic essential thing for your life, you begin to have an incredible shift in your own power. I also encourage going for walks in desolate areas with no technology, writing in a journal in a quite place, yoga, or take it a step further by seeing if you can watch your own mind create stressful situations. Next time you are in a stressful situation and you FEEL fear, anxiety or stress see if you can watch the story your mind is creating. If you can begin to laugh at that story, you’ve taken control.
  4. ACTION. Living your own experience is about action. Get out of your head. It’s great to meditate, goal set, take conscious control of your mind but what’s it all for? It’s so you can take inspired action. Inspired means “In God” so to take action that is in God’s name means you can’t go wrong. I dislike using the word God because it has a lot of negative connotation and is misused frequently but in the simplest of terms; if you can get inspired to act from getting to a place where you have conscious control over your thoughts you will be backed by everything you need because at the more basic level God is everything, abundant and complete. Therefore, you could never make a wrong choice or not have what you need when you act from an inspired place. Don’t make the mistake of going half way, coming up with an inspired idea and not acting on it because you think God will do it for you. Remember, affirmation – action = delusion. Plain and simple, stop talking about your goals and start taking action! Maintain your mental vision but get your fix by spending just an hour meditating on your ideas, going for walks and bringing a notebook to give thanks for goals. But spend the rest of your time DOING. Shoot the target, if you miss the bulls eye, adjust your aim and shoot again then keep shooting until you eventually hit the bulls eye. You don’t need a manual for your life.

You have EVERYTHING you need within yourself. Realizing it is the first step. After you collect that faith, you apply it immediately by taking action on that things you dream of in your mind.


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