3 Keys to Fitness Excellence


What makes someone excellent at something? Is it talent? Skill? Hard work? Positivity?

I don’t believe it’s none of these things alone. As I have previously mentioned, I believe at the back of all real excellence is love. But what happens when you can’t find love in yourself or your situation? What happens is you have to do something to find it. These three keys to excellence I have gathered from Anthony Robbins and have applied them to my health and wellness. These three keys are what makes someone truly excellent at anything and they are applying them either consciously or unconsciouly. When I first achieved Fitness Excellence I was unconsciously applying them. In order for me to grow to new heights, to reignite the love, I began consciously applying them and have grown in many areas of my health and fitness since.

Before we begin let me briefly clear up some information that may be circling in your current belief systems…
True excellence is not a matter of talent. Talent without application is like having a Ferarri you’ve lost the keys to. You can be born with great genetics, financial support, incredible love and much more but as long as it’s not applied you are a diamond forever in the rough. What’s life without sharing and contribution of your talents? NOTHING. So as long as you think you will get by on your talent you will never truly excel to your personal potential. Vice versa, those of you playing the genetic or poverty card will eqaully never reach their personal potential. I know people who where blessed with the physical bodies of NFL superstars that would rather watch TV and eat Doritos than contribute to the world. Equally, I know people with muscular disease that can throw a Frisbee and baseball better than myself.

The three keys below will help you enhance your talents and apply your skills. If you have no skills, you will learn through these skills how to develop them and out perform the talented guy.

Keys to Excellence

  1. Duplicate the Beliefs of Fit people- I’ll start with a personal experience of my own to demonstrate this key. When I was 130 pounds and wanted to gain a strong physique and improve my physical body I followed this one key with great success. I went to a gym where there were more FIT people and I talked to them daily. I absorbed their information and beliefs. I noticed such remarkable results I intuitively found a guy with INCREDIBLE results. He had gone from 100 pounds to nearly 200 pounds and was stronger than an ox. I knew I could take away valuable information so I did what it took to become his training partner. In 3 months I had put on 35 pounds of LEAN muscle. I never went beyond 10 percent body-fat, maintained a 6 pack and went from never doing a leg workout in my life to squatting 405 for 3 reps. Where there other factors that aided this type of success? Yes of course. But at the foundation of my success was I began to THINK the exact same way as my training partner. My beliefs around food were that everything I ate was giving me muscle and strength. I began to believe with every single rep that I was literally growing my muscle to new heights. In my mind, I was growing by the minute. Though a health conscious person prior to this, my beliefs where not nearly the same as they were when I started to train with my new mentor. I wanted growth and I began to BELIEVE in growth in every action I took. If you want to achieve Fitness Excellence, or any excellence, find a person who has achieved what you want or more and adapt their beliefs. Find a person who is spitting image of your desired results and soak in their beliefs like a sponge and immediately implement them into your own thinking patterns.
  2. Duplicate their Mental Sequence & Order- Once you have adapted a fit person’s belief system make sure you get the order of their beliefs correctly. Think of this as a combination to a lock. The belief system is step one, it’s like the numbers to a vault. But without the correct order of the numbers you are still locked out of the safe. For example, if you started hanging around me you’d gain a few new beliefs. They might look like this; eat organic food, workout daily according to your energy levels, sleep 8-10 hours a day, and take cold showers. These are a few of my personal beliefs that give me great results as a healthy and fit person. However, if you get these belief orders mixed up you could easily get zero results. If you decided to sleep 8-10 hours but you go to bed at 4 am and miss work, then immediately upon rising you eat organic food while taking a cold shower, THEN you decide to workout according to your energy levels you will have a combination for disaster. Now I know you are most likely not that naive and would be able to put together the correct order of these beliefs but just be aware of this. When I first started training to gain all my muscle I got great information and was lucky enough to see it put into correct order. However, there were times when I trained for strength nearly all the time and I hit a plateau when I didn’t allow myself to get proper rest. But I was young and naive and according to my new beliefs training really hard and heavy = new muscles. I totally neglected the importance of proper rest. I knew it intuitively and implemented it subconsciously but I until I started to implement it consciously I was always sore, got stiff and lost flexibility. All because I was ignorant to the proper syntax of my new beliefs.
  3. Duplicate Physiology- This is probably the simplest of all the three keys to excellence but MASSIVELY overlooked. Whenever I try anything new in the realm of physical performance the FIRST thing I am sure to do is make myself LOOK like I know what I’m doing. Though the mind is the foundation for everything in life, your physiology will literally trigger your mind to produce results. When I first took up skateboarding for example I was like anyone else; however, I eventually became one of the best in our school. What did it? I believe it was not just my mindset of “I am awesome at anything” but the style in my physiology. To say the least, I looked really cool when I did tricks. I modeled professional skateboarders in my free time. While others stopped skating after dark I went home opened up magazines and imagined I was them. I could see myself modeling their fluid body movements and I even began to walk like they did, shoulders down, hunched over slightly, with a sag in my pants. I do this same thing today with nearly every area of my life, especially fitness. When I first learned to do a superman pushup from watching the RawBrahs the one thing I focused on was how effortless Danimal made it seem. He obviously had power and strength but I gave less attention to that than I did just mimicking his effortless movement. Each attempt I held his image in my mind, I could literally see myself soaring in the air, fully expanded at the top of the movement and landing with grace and power. When you are in the gym I want you to do the same thing. Start with lighter weight if you have to, use support, whatever you have to do to perform a perfectly modeled version of your workout. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the quality of how you do it. In order to master the quality you have to start with focusing on quality and finish with focusing on quality. Your posture is everything. You’ve experienced this before and are RIGHT NOW as you read this. How are you sitting or standing as you read this? Are you slumped over? Chances are your breathing is shallow too. Your physiology signals your body to produce results. If you are slumped over with shallow breathing your signaling your body to basically shut off. This is why long hours at a computer can be so devitalizing, you are in a posture for lifelessness and trying to finish a deadline. Change  your posture, tonality, breathing and tension and you will change your results. With each rep imagine the form and grace Arnold used. Model your favorite yoga instructor, dancer, Olympic gymnast, anyone. If you don’t have a role model, GET ONE.

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