How to Follow Through

It’s no mystery why the average person never reaches their weight loss goals. Blame it on the diet, genetics, disease, someone else or the weather but when we break it down basically you have failed to see it through.

Jack Canfield is a success mentor, speaker and author. He’s one of the best there is and one of his philosophies is on the idea of completion. He believes the steps in the “Cycle of Completion” to be required for success in anything. 

The Cycle of Completion

  • Decide
  • Plan
  • Start
  • Continue
  • Finish
  • Complete

When we look at the cycle it’s plain to see it has validity. Each one of these steps are going to be necessary to complete anything. Thinking in terms of achieving a weight loss goal, most people never even truly decide to loss weight. When they do, their plan is vague or they never get one. Most people define their decision by stating “Okay, I want to lose weight and get healthier”. The end. Their plan may stretch as far as reading a book, attempting to eat an apple instead of a chocolate bar or even asking someone for help. If the person is dedicated they will not just decide and create a firm, detailed plan but they will actually implement it, persist, finish the plan (Let’s say is a 30 day program) and then stop there. 

Thinking you’ve “Made It”

Here is the common mistake, the difference between actually following through to completion and not achieving your goal. It can take a decent amount of work and education to complete the first few steps of the completion process, in fact, it may even be wise to spend majority of your time on the first few steps. Meaning, you should spend most of your time truly deciding you will commit and follow through and developing a plan that is sound. It’s easy to think you’ve decided then out of your half-committed choice make a half-assed plan. But let’s imagine you’ve started and finished your weight-loss regime. Unless your plan was thoroughly thought out with fine details, help from others and backed with faith and persistence chances are you may still not complete, or TRULY follow through. 

To truly Follow Through

What I want you to think about is how you may have gauged your definition of “following through”. Are you getting so wrapped up in your plan that it just becomes a means to an end? Meaning, you are more excited about your weight loss results than you are the plan you’ve developed, If you get caught up in this cycle like most do chances are you will never follow through. You will be trying one weight loss plan after another with little success. In reality, you’ve become addicted to the plans more than you have actually achieving your goal. To truly follow through means you let go of the end results and fall in love with the process of. At this point there is no more end result, weight loss will just happen because you have committed to not stopping until you have achieved your weight loss. Instead of going from plan to plan, you now are following through with a mind set of “I will stick to this regime as long as it takes to see my results, not the 30 days it says so, because I know it may take longer and I am committed to my goal so I will enjoy the ride.” That is truly following through. That is not finishing just because someone said it’s over. Completion means you hit the goal, you lost the weight and you tweaked your plan, sought out better advice, refined and extended it until you truly completed. 




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