Simple ways to dramatically improve your Health & Happiness

“Health is simple, disease is complicated.”

I ask a lot of questions, especially when it comes to people’s health. Though I get a variety of answers I find that what people are looking for is a path of least resistance when it comes to health. People want to know how they can get the most bang for their buck, how to get healthy without trying very hard. Though I am a fan of a strong work ethic I also believe that where success happens is when one becomes enlightened by their process. To become enlightened by any process to me is to turn something that is relatively difficult, stressful, annoying or dreadful and turn it into something you love.

Expanding on this concept of enlightened “doing” when it comes to health I have come up with a series of actions you could take. These actions are not only going to promote your health wildly but they are things ANYONE can do and enjoy the process of doing it. Like anything, if you starting something totally new it may be at most awkward, but unlike a hour session in a dirty gym with a fat trainer who is relatively annoying, you will actually enjoy this once you are actually doing it. In simpler words, once you take the step, which is the only “hard” part, you will thoroughly love the process. 100% guaranteed.

Simple steps to great health:

  1. Take Advantage of Nature’s Elements. (Dance in the rain, jump in the snow, walk barefoot in the grass, swim in the ocean, walk through the forest, eat outside) Some of these may be more appealing to you than others. The idea of dancing in the rain or jumping in the snow is off-putting to most adults. You worry about hurting your back, getting sick, or dirtying your clothes. However, I want you to realize your hurt back or weakened immune system will dissipate once you start taking on these invigorating activities again. Let yourself be a kid again! You’ll be glad you did!) You may want you start off with a walk in the forest though until you the wild in you reemerges. The bottom line is that connecting with nature provides healing elements. Not only can the elements provide mineralization for your body but it brings you back into the moment, melts away  your problems, and calms the storm in your mind. Something simple I do daily, even on my most busy days, is I start my day off with 15 minutes outside as soon as I wake. Rain, cold, sun, or snow I dress appropriately and breathe the fresh air, feel the daylight on my skin and read a few pages of uplifting material or write in my journal. This helps balance your hormones so you sleep and wake better and is the perfect start to your day. From there you can incorporate other moments in nature as you feel fit!
  2. Dance! That’s right, dance your little heart out. It’s so easy for us to take live way too seriously. But the fact of the matter is dancing is something we can do ANYWHERE! If you’re embarrassed by your less-than Swayze moves then do it in a bathroom stall, in your house before leave or before you go to bed, take a walk at night somewhere remote and bring an iPod and just shake a little!  Not only is dancing a great form of movement that stimulates circulation and lymph movement but EVERYONE can enjoy dancing. Not everyone can smile through a CrossFit workout or even a Yoga class, but anyone can feel good when they do a little dance-dance. 
  3. Share a little bit of everything you get. According to most spirituality, sharing is the ultimate way to “close the cycle.” Meaning, when you share or give you are closing the cycle to receiving more. Most of us never get health because we believe we don’t have what it takes to do it. From the money to buy healthier foods, supplements, gym memberships or personal trainers/practitioners. But the beautiful thing is when you can share even a little bit of whatever you have, it could be a bite of your food, a sip of your drink or even just the information you received, you are always rewarded with the receiving process. I know this sounds mystical and crazy to you. I can already hear the naysayers “I don’t have enough for myself how can I give anything?!” The fact is you do have everything you need. The idea that you are in lack is a mental construct. Even those in the worst of health or financial situations have something to give in the form of an idea, a compliment, information, a hug, love, a favor, or listening. When you can start there, you will begin to receive more things to give. I have noticed in my own life that soon as I started sharing my vast education on health and wellness that I received more health of my own. Which resulted in better work, more experiences, friends and materials that I was able to give even more of! The saying goes “give what you want to have and you will receive it.” If you want health then give it. How can you give health? Read material on health then share it with friends, family and strangers. Smiles are healthy, you could give some of those! If you find an apple tree, pick 3 and give two away! It may feel uncomfortable at first, like anything, but this again will be INSTANTLY rewarding.

These are three simple things anyone can do at anytime and in any given situation. They are the ultimate way to transmute your situations into healthier ones! And the cool thing about these is they have nothing to do with food or exercise for once! It’s not all about food and exercise, in fact, those are supplemental to these. Start here and watch the rest of your health journey fall into place!

In good health,



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