Decide NOW

That’s it. Just DECIDE. 

I had a long talk today with a good friend. We talked about life, choices, opportunity, contentment, gratitude, faith, society, settling and growing. The list didn’t stop there, but for sake of sharing what we dove into i’ll keep it simple for you.

What do all of these topics have in common? They are all a choice. You have the choice to DECIDE whether or not you want to settle just as much as you have the choice to take a risk. You have a decision to make whether you’re going to be all you can become or see if you can find happiness right inside of you where you stand. 

Choice or decision can become disabling. There is such a variety of life that we fail to appreciate it. Failure to appreciate something means you are ignoring the good in it. Let’s talk about health, since I seem to do that so well. We all have a decision to make; are we going to choose health? Or are we going to choose sickness? We even have a decision to choose to stay right where we are, in comfort, settling for what we have now as all we can obtain. If your head hurts as much as mine did when we spoke about this just hang in there and don’t exit out of this just yet! I promise you I’ll create some clarity in a moment. 

Life is without doubt confusing when we start to question these things like I just did. But let me break this down for you into some simple steps to help you become a better decision maker. Before I go into the process step-by-step, I want you to consider this. You will never find out anything until you take it as far as it can go. It was Socrates who said “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” This is as true for physical well-being as much as it is for the well-being of our families, relationships, careers and own personal development in all areas. We have a choice to make first and that is to just decide that you are going to see something to the extent it can go. Only you can really know if you’re giving you’re all or settling. 

How to make Strong Decisions

  • Think of all the things you want in life. Chances are if you are longing for something it’s because you assume you don’t already have it. If you are certain you don’t have the things you desire in life, I suggest you decide to have those things now.
  • Don’t let the “hows” to stop you. A powerful thing occurs in the mind when you actually DECIDE. You realize you are not going to admit defeat to anything. If you catch yourself pondering how you will achieve perfect health because every diet has failed then you haven’t truly decided. When you decide, you powerfully transmute “hows” aka “can’ts” into “I will”. 
  • Overcome “Can’ts” and “How’s”- In your mind before you can actually decide you might have to use some tools to overcome the can’ts in your mind. To do this, simply in your head, or out loud for better affect, replace the can’ts with I WILL’s. This will set up confidence in yourself similar and even more powerful to the confidence love’d ones can instill in you. 
  • Create a Nightmare– Whatever the situation may be, try to fast-forward it in your mind into the worst possible scenario. Put yourself in the future, in the midst of that action. What’s the worst thing that could happen? What fear of decision is keeping you from taking action on it and deciding in your mind?
  • Use the “Fast-Forward Button”– Go even further into the future. Assume you’ve  never decided to get out of your comfort zone and get healthy. Are you truly going to regret putting off going for evening walks, managing your stress, making the phone call, quitting that job, or choosing the right foods? If for even a moment you hear the inner-voice creating pain or resentment, then decide now is the time. 
  • Create strong reasoning- You’re not going to do ANYTHING without good enough reasons. If I told you that after 5 years of cleaner eating, and moderate exercising would have a 15% chance of you losing weight you’re not going to take that chance. Remember, big reasons create big action. If you’re not taking strong enough action in a moment of decision it’s because there aren’t enough good reasons, or referring to the last bullet, there aren’t enough regretful reasons. 
  • Don’t mistake Gratitude for Settling– The last thing that might come into your mind is the one that will get you, gratitude. Gratitude is the most powerful tool for transmuting your life into gold, but be cautious of it. Being grateful for your current situation is a wonderful way to get more. You may be able to talk yourself out of making a decision that you need to make because you are “grateful” to be where you are. If you start to be thankful you’re alive, you may find yourself right where you are for the rest of your life, never seeing yourself grow into something more. The best way to determine whether you’re making the right decision is going to come down to the way you feel. If you know being grateful for your current situation is doing the best you truly can then you will feel peace, and a strong sense of accomplishment. If you are grateful for where you are currently and feel fear toward making a decision that you know could add growth to your life, chances are you need to make that decision. I always keep this quote in mind. “The things we fear most, are usually the things we most often need to do.”
  • Strengthen your Faith- The world is always working in our favor, whether we think so or not. If you wake up every morning thinking work is going to suck because your job sucks, I promise you it’s going to suck. This is true not because it is the truth, truth is relative. Here’s how I know why. Because at your job that sucks so much I promise you I can find one person in this world who loves it. You’re perspective is a little different obviously. When you realize this, you realize if you can have faith that the world is delivering what you focus on you will always be taken care of. So when you are stuck in a moment or a lifetime of decision remember this…Decide, pay no mind to the possibility of failure, if they creep into your mind transmute the failures into opportunities, ignore the mind when it talks you into staying because if you were mean’t to stay still chances are you wouldn’t have even had the thought. And lastly, have faith that once you’ve decided you’ll have it; it being health, happiness, or anything, that the world is going to work with you and deliver you the tools you need to get it done. 

A last word on Decisions
We are on this planet to live, we are alive to feel joy and we feel joy when we’re growing, because growing keeps us alive. In any moment of decision, ask yourself if it’s something that is aiding in your own personal growth? If so, decide it needs to be done because once you seize to grow, you seize to live. 



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