Nail Health: Subtle Clues To Correcting Imbalances

Sometimes all it takes is a subtle clue to find out where you’ve gone wrong and what areas to target as you clean up your lifestyle for a healthier one.

Our physical bodies are a mirror of our internal system. Some of the best ways to see how health you are is to take a look at your hair, skin and nails. We all know what sleepless nights can do to our skin. You may even notice how certain behaviors affect the condition of our hair or quality of digestion. As you know by now our health works systemically and synergistically. So it’s no wonder that taking a look at our bodies is a simple way to see how were doing in the realm of health. Over the years I have been mind blown by all the clues my body was giving me to make adjustments in my diet, exercise habits and more.

Looking at the nails for clues?
Now it doesn’t take a nasty toe or fingernail fungus to tell us we might not be eating a diet that’s fitting our needs. Subtle clues in the health of our nails may be telling us were not eating foods that would serve us best. Something as small as the ridges in our nails can be these clues. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s a little obsessive to look and worry about the condition of our tiny finger nails and start thinking our diets are off. I get it, some ridges is not a really big deal. This isn’t about becoming an orthorexic freak, it’s simply taking in clues from our bodies to start eating and living in a way that would best serve us, give us the most energy, make us the best mentally and physically. Wouldn’t you enjoy to have the most energy you could everyday without it being detrimental to your long term health? Of course you would, we all want the more efficient amount of energy to get through our days, happily, stress free, worry free and feeling good as possible. So what are our bodies trying to tell us with these clues?

Vertical Ridges in Nails: Protein Deficiency, eating too much sugar/carbs, not enough high quality protein. Weak adrenals, digestion, liver and kidneys.


Some Problems:

Largely due to digestive issues, aging, candida and other bacterial/fungal issues, and of course all of these issues largely take place in the mind as emotional stress. People who tend to experience emotional turmoil and don’t take charge of their own mind develop nasty habits that elevate cortisol, damage the adrenals/thyroid, resulting in low stomach acid production. This starts the beginning of the vicious cycle. Once stomach acid becomes decreases food is left undigested and all hell breaks lose. Issues like bacterial infections, SIBO, candida, IBS, IBD, Chrons, leaky guy, parasites, and more. This is serious stuff. It’s so serious because once the digestion becomes damaged it creates a cycle where the bacterial gut issues further weaken the adrenals. It takes some serious care to heal the adrenals and thyroid. Without these glands functioning properly the digestion will never heal. As digestion malfunctions the neurotransmitters, your ability to think, becomes impaired. Though I haven’t read the book yet, I am pretty sure this the “Vicious Cycle” that refers to her in her book. I know this stuff because I dealt with it and healed it myself.

Some Solutions:

First and foremost, you have to stop doing what’s causing the issue. Ditch the stress, stop overworking yourself and of course the hard to digest crap food. Secondly, fix the deficiencies. To fix the cycle you have to take it step by step.

  • Fix Your Mind

Cut out the root, which is probably over-work and emotional stress. Whatever it takes to fix that in your life is most likely relative, I can’t tell you how to live your life and what’s important. No matter what were doing though, it’s important to understand we will never get there. Whatever goals and dreams you’re working so hard to accomplish will someday come and when they do you will have forgotten it and already developed a new set of goals and dreams. That being said, don’t worry so much about getting there. Enjoy the journey, you’re life is only painful if you say it is. This is a lot easier said than done of course, I say get some serious reading material. It’s better than trying to talk to someone because most people either don’t care about what you’re dealing with or are happy you are dealing with it. Chances are, whatever you are dealing with someone else has dealt with it already, figured it out and then wrote a book or started a business about it to help you. Read some books, fix your emotional life. This will start the healing phase of the adrenals and nervous system

  • Fix Your Nutrition

Dietary wise, ditch the sugar, refined carbs and stimulants. Make sure to support the adrenals with a mineral rich diet, rich in health fat and health proteins. Feeding the adrenals quality protein in a must. When correcting a protein deficiency it’s crucial to get high quality amino-acids that are easily absorbed into the body. A lot of the times, people have too weak of stomach acid to break down heavy proteins such as animal products, nuts/seeds, grains and other vegetable proteins. This means eating a ton of protein, even pastured organic proteins won’t do anything if you’re not digesting them.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Protein

  1. Eat High Quality, Pastured-Organic Proteins.
  2. Eat them raw, braised in soups/stocks, lightly cooked/steamed. Eat
  3. them in the middle of your day when digestion is strongest.
  4. Take an HLC supplement.
  5. Eat them with a home-made sauerkraut with a vegetable starter culture. (I’ve recently read that fermenting sauerkraut without a starter culture can be dangerous because you never know the bacteria you are going to get. Certain bacteria can cause further gut issues and allergic reactions that will drag out protein mal-absorbtion. You can check this info out here: Getting the Right Probiotics.)
  6. Take a protein dense green’s powder from fermented greens, seaweeds, and spirulina.
  7. Correct A Leaky Gut. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, get in plenty of health fats, gelatin and broths. Cook your food at beginning stages.
  8. Heal infections and candida issues. These infections will continuously wreak havoc on your gut never allowing proper adrenal function, or digestion. Correct infections with a diet like Body Ecology, GAPS, and SCD.
  9. Try Raw Coconut Kefir with meals. This aids in protein digestion, works to heal the kidneys to filter proteins correctly.
  10. Exercise. Proper exercise is so important for healthy digestion I could write a book on it. In fact, there are plenty. No need to over complicate, just find an exercise  you enjoy, do it 5 days a week and get better at it each time.

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