Is Your Diet What’s Costing You Success?

Did you know you are only 10% human? That the other 90% of you is bacteria and fungi, and other microorganisms. Science refers to these bacteria as “micro-flora”. For almost every function in the body there is a strain of bacteria that contributes to the function of it.

What if it’s not entirely your fault that you can’t stay motivated, act fearless, get into the gym feeling unstoppable? What if what you ate was keeping you from your personalities fullest potential?

Lets take a look at some of the many roles our gut bacteria have in our bodies:

  • Expression of Genetics
  • Weight
  • Digestion/Nutrient Assimilation
  • Immune System Function
  • Neurotransmitter production

The most interesting of all function that these bacteria have is their profound ability to affect our mind. That’s right, certain bacteria in your body will affect the way you think. I came across an article in “The Guardian” and this video by Dr. John Dillard’s and found some interesting material. Supposedly, mice lacking healthy gut-bacteria were found to not only be overweight but showed signs of anxious behavior. Now i’ll save you the trouble of reading the science lingo by paraphrasing the article:

According to the science in The Guardian; There are three different genes: BDNF, 5HT1A, and NR2B, that have been previously implicated in emotional and anxiety-like behaviors. In short, the lack of gut bacteria increased these poor genetic expressions in the mice which resulted in down-regulation of the feel good hormone serotonin. In addition, the function of the amygdala; was also down-regulated, which has an established role in processing fear, learning, memory and other emotions. This shows that we all have rather equal ability to be strong leaders and take charge of our health; however, depending on the gut bacteria in your body (which has the ability to be altered by diet) you will show either genetic strengths or genetic weaknesses. 

More scientific dogma about health?!
Trust me, I’m with you. The last thing I’m trying to do is spread some scientific propaganda on health. In fact, the only reason I am posting this is because of my personal experience with the science being talked about here. I come from a family of fear, poverty and emotional catastrophe. I know more than most that it is what we are brought up to believe that has the greatest affect on our bodies and health. I have sat for a while trying to determine what comes first, the healthy mind or the healthy body. I have come to the conclusion that they truly do not exist separately . If you eat crap it will bury your conscious mind, it will make you lazy and unmotivated. Don’t believe me? Just try to eat nothing but processed food for a month straight and tell me if you can mind power your way through it. You won’t. I know this not because of a book I’ve read or any information put into my belief system. I know this because I have tried and tested these things to the extremes. The result; bad food will eventually make you feel bad and good food will eventually make you feel good. As the saying goes,  you are what you eat. This article takes it a step further; however, by showing you how what you eat can affect the 90% of you that will make up that last 10%.

True wealth is healh
If you take a look at truly successful people they are healthy people. They are addiction free, they have self-control and self-discipline, living with intention and experiencing fulfillment. People who live in abundance practice healthy eating habits. Sure, a lot of these people had the right mental training that result in their multiple areas of success. At the root of all my blogs it is my mission to unfold the mentality and philosophies of truly healthy people. It is in my opinion that without the right philosophy no one will ever get healthy. The interesting thing is that this research is showing that maybe successful people started with getting their minds right to form the right habits to eat the right foods and maybe there were already blessed with some “success bacteria”. In my personal experience the thing that turned my desire for perfect health into its physical counterpart was the action of eating right. Once I incorporated the correct food into my diet that promoted the health of good bacteria my entire life began to shift. I became more fearless, I have stronger faith, I became calm in stressful situations and so on. I am, like many others a testament to this research. This goes to show you it doesn’t matter where you are currently but that with the right dietary choices and life choices you can turn things around.

Do what healthy, successful people do
Think about some successful people in your lives, are they healthy? What are their eating habits like? I’m sure you will find like most, that it is a lot of the time when people take charge of their physical health they become successful in other areas of their lives. Their confidence sky rockets, they have unlimited energy, they become fearless and their entire personalities change for the better.

How can we promote the growth of the right bacteria?
These bacteria are also known as probiotics. Chances are you have heard of probiotics. You can buy these healthy bacteria in capsules and powders all over but they are hardly effective. These pills and powders, even the highly expensive ones hardly ever by-pass the digestive process. In fact, even bottles that cost up-wards to $200.00 dollars only provide short-term immune health. If you want to truly promote the gut-bacteria in your intestines to mood altering, life changing bacteria you can do it only ONE way. That is through diet and fermented foods. Fermented foods are the only thing that will make it through the bile and acids in your digestive system and actually ALTER and promote the growth of new healthy bacteria, the kind of bacteria associated with healthy successful people.

I recently wrote a blog about the brain-power of fermented foods. What struck me most about the article this post is based on is the fact that these bacteria not only have a huge role of your mood as far as feeling happy or sad goes, but on their ability to literal determine whether you will fail or succeed at life.

So here are the foods that will promote the growth of “success bacteria” and foods that will produce “failure bacteria”.



  • Sugar
  • Processed Food
  • Fried Food
  • Baked Goods
  • Pasteurized/Homogenized Dairy
  • Gluten/Cereal Grains
  • Pop
  • Vegetable Oils

Well there you have it. An official list of foods that will wreak havoc on the gut bacteria in your body thus promoting the bacteria that makes you lazy, weak, unmotivated, scared and closed-minded! For more information on creating a successful, healthy life  I would check out Donna Gates at Body Ecology. She is on the leading edge of this information and a beautiful woman at that!

(Donna is in her 60’s and a true testimony of what  proper nutrition, thinking and believing can do. She is beautiful from the core-out)


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