Comfort Is Killing You

Most would rather be comfortable than do what’s required.

If life is mean’t to feel good why wouldn’t we want to stay in comfort? Comfort feels good!

It’s this simple…comfort doesn’t feel good and you’re kidding yourself if you think so. The truth can be summed up into a popular quote; “If you’re not growing you’re dying”. Allow me to help you understand. As human’s we are ever evolving beings. Staying within a place of comfort means you have stopped growing. And if we look at laws of the world it’s easy to figure out once something stops growing it begins to head in the opposite direction.


Comfort is the opposite of stretching. It’s comfortable to stand still. It’s uncomfortable to take your legs and stretch them behind your back. The beautiful thing about this period of stretching is that afterwards you become more limber. Blood flow; your life force, literally increases through your veins and you become more alive. If you stand still for long enough sure enough blood flow will subside and without a demand for more your body will subside. That is why comfort will always equal death.

We Need To Stretch
Aside from avoiding death we NEED growth to feel fulfilled with our lives. Growth is a basic human need, you need growth like you need love. Allow me to paint you a picture. Imagine you have set out to lose 50 pounds, get a 6 pack, or heal from a chronic disease. The fact of the matter is that you never get to a place of achievement and simply coast. The 50 pounds is never gone, the 6 pack will not just stay there, and the disease will only be eliminated when you have created long-term ease within the body. When you have finally obtained your goal you actually just stretched far enough to get to that level. If you stop stretching you’re body will only return to that place unless you keep pushing beyond the habits that got you into the situation in the first place. You will never get your goal and be able to ditch those habits. Sure things may become easier once the goal has been achieved but it’s not a product of maintenance as much as it is a product of continual improvement. So many times I hear people talk about how they want to get to their goal and just “maintain”… What an awful way to look at your life. You just want to maintain…In other words, you want to get to a place where you can stand still long enough to not feel pain. That is the  equivalent mindset of staying in comfort so you can make it safely to the end of your life in hopes to make it out alive. The fact of the matter is if you don’t continue to push beyond maintenance you will, by law, be moving in the other direction. You will always have to work at your fitness goals. As time passes you will always be evolving your diet for the better, refining workouts and physically stretching your body to stay expansive and growing.

These rules can obviously apply to multiple areas of your life but I want you to consider applying them to getting to peak health. Health is something you get after a workout and a period of health eating. Health is an everyday thing. Health is constant and consistent upkeep of your body, mind and soul’s needs. Below I’ve provided three useful tips on changing your health by breaking your comfort zone. Whether you are trying to heal a disease or you just know you need to start working out and eating better to feel better all the rules can be applied.

Breaking out of your Comfort Zone with Responses:

  • Behaviors– Before a workout speak out about how strong you’re going to be, how much you’re going to push yourself, change your posture, flex strong, walk tall on your way into the gym. As far as nutrition struggles go apply the same rules. When go into the store browse the produce section, the organic section as if it’s your second home. Begin to act as if you already achieved your goal as a healthy person who makes healthy food choices.
  • Thoughts– A good thought for breaking comfort zone is to think about the risk you have by staying where you are. It is true that it is just as risky to stand still as it is to move into something unknown. What would happen to you if you didn’t attempt to change your diet? What would happen if you didn’t start working out? Where will your life go? What will your health be like? Start thinking bigger. Begin by asking yourself, where will I go if I stay here, and could I go even further if I just take the risk. And remember, for those of you who need some certainty, you can always go back. It might be a 5 year journey you spend changing your diet, giving up comfort foods, giving up the couch. But you will never know how much better you’re life could be if you just lost that weight, cured that disease, or got that 6 pack.
  • Images in your head- This might take some practice but I have some useful tools. The images you hold in your head are powerful. Most overweight people don’t lose their weight or keep it off because they are incredibly associated with their overweight selves. I know this sounds stupid but it is science. Whatever you perceive you will conceive. The images you hold in your head will affect your life and if you don’t believe me spend some time thinking about how you perceive your world. Do you picture yourself fat, with those love handles, acne, tried from  your disease, etc. Have you become identified with your current physical situation? If so you need to quickly change that. I know what you’re thinking “but nick the reality is I am fat, I do have a disease, let me show you the lab results!!!” How about trying to tell yourself that you don’t have that disease. How about seeing if for the first time in your life you can hold an image of yourself as thin or healthy. You may have been sick your entire life but just see if you can finally let go of it. Test your own mind power and I promise you amazing things. Simply TRY it, for me. Just see how good it feels to imagine yourself a healthy weight, gorgeous hair, disease free, whatever it is you want. Hold that image, just pretend. Once you notice how amazing it feels I want you to make that a ritual. Get a picture of someone you admire to look like and put your head on it. If you don’t like your head then find someone’s head you do like, carry that around and start using your imagination by putting that persons eyes on your face, their nose, eyebrows, whatever it is you love about their face over yours. Then a magic will happen where you will start taking on the mentality of your dream version of yourself, you’ll eat the right foods, do the right workouts and see the results. You have to first see it in your head. Stop going to the gym thinking about how fat and ugly you are. Stop going into the grocery store thinking about how much you love to eat crap. Instead, start thinking of how you do like to eat some healthy things, you may not be there but you’re getting there. Hold those images.

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