Why People Fail At Achieving Better Health

Today’s post goes out to those who have hit a plateau or are having trouble creating long-term success. I’m imaging that you’ve taken the first step.

What happens after the first step?
So let’s saying you’ve started. Let’s imagine you are the person who has had enough pain that you HAD to change, or you are so motivated maybe by a new relationship or opportunity that you made the change. Great, you’re off to a wonderful start. You have momentum, you’re following through and your will power is strong BUT…you lose it after a while.

What went wrong? You’ve done your homework. You got the membership, cleaned out the fridge, and even got a workout partner you’re excited about. What goes wrong is you lose to the power of influence. What happens is the outside forces like junk food, social settings and even certain people try to doubt you. They manipulate your “mental menu”. For example, you’ve started a new job that was an outcome of your healthy shift; however, the people are living a less healthy lifestyle than what is on your menu. You know the healthy activities that you need to do to stay on track; your sleep pattern, how much laughter you need, sunlight and what food to eat. You’ve done all the homework but now you’re being tested. People begin to make fun of your healthy eating habits, you’re being inviting to parties during your work out time, you might even be tempting into staying up later than you know you need to. I want you to know that overcoming these situations is where you have breakthroughs.

Two Simple  Solutions:

  • Create a “Mental Menu”– You lose focus when you become influenced. You become influenced when you lack certainty. Just like you create a list of what food is on your diet, you need to create a list of what thought’s will be allowed in your mind. When someone starts poking fun at the way you eat and you feel segregated, lonely or weird you need to recognized that is defeat knocking at the door and you’re not going to let him in.
  • Speak the truth– Don’t be afraid to say what is in your heart. Be cautious of what is on your mind and in your heart, there is a difference. You’re mind might want to call the person poking fun at your meals a fat loser. You’re heart on the other hand, will want to tell someone that maybe that you understand they really wish they had the will power or desire to be healthier but don’t know how. This is where you could offer them some of your delicious food or some helpful tips in getting healthier. All in all, don’t be afraid to tell someone off. You can accomplish this without being egotistical by being open-minded to maybe someone else’s opinion. “You think me eating vegetables is weird? What would you maybe suggest I do to stay healthy and lose weight?” By speaking your heart you will make anyone who is trying to make your health goals harder vanish from your life and you will start to attract people who will be a better suit for your new life.

And remember, the people that may be attempting to influence you to make the wrong choice are the people who will be asking you what you did to look so good!



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