Creating The Perfect Day

Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker, author, and Chairman/CEO of Brian Tracy International. He has spent his life studying the habits of successful people and training others in these philosophies. In this Video he gives some really simple ideas on setting up your day for success!

I’m going to break down this video into sections and explain why these points are valid and how to upgrade them and apply them to your fitness and health goals.

Start The Day With Positivity

Brian mentions starting the day with some positive reading material. He mentions the benefits of positive reading in that it sets your mind up for positive thinking for the rest of the day. He even continues on to relate it to physical exercise (which is our domain here). I want to add to this in that without this positive mind set in the morning you are easily persuaded to skipping a workout, eating something you know you shouldn’t and over all, fall off track. It’s so easy to wake up in the morning feeling unrested, congested or stiff and letting those minor issues set your day. If you wake up and the first thing you do is give attention to a minor ache from simply sleeping oddly then you’ll quickly fall into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. And as we know by now, negative thoughts = negative actions. If you can train your mind to wake up with gratitude and positivity for what you do have, such as the fact that you actually woke up and have the ability to move, then you will more likely take advantage of those situations. Brian’s recommendation is one of the best days to establish this habit of thought.

  • Soon as you rise, take mental notice of the parts of your body that DO feel good. If you’re feeling weak, but you notice you do have total mobility in your arms then honor your arms by dedicating to an arm workout in the morning.
  • Become a powerful transmuter. If you’re back hurts, see it as a way to devote your morning workout to a 15 minute back stretch and warm up.
  • Right when you wake, get on your laptop of Iphone and watch a motivational workout video, your favorite musician preform, or a healthy organic recipe video to inspire you!

Eat For Energy!

I know Brian is far from a nutritionalist but his points are incredibly valid. This goes on to prove my main philosophy that nutrition is truly a simple thing. I do however want to add to this section too! It is no doubt that the world has changed and our food supply is constantly changing with it. Brian mentions eating whole grains for breakfast along with fresh fruit. Chances are you have heard about the issue with today’s grains, especially in America. If you don’t know I’ll give you a quick run down. In America our grains, especially Wheat, Barley and Rye are hybridized foods. They grow twice their original size and the proteins; gluten and gliadin, have become incredibly difficult to digest for most people, especially those who are under great stress and experiencing digestive issues. Regardless, the proteins in these whole grain products take much more energy to break down and breakfast is a time for cleansing the body. Unless you’re experiences some seriously blood sugar or adrenal issues I suggest keeping breakfast hydrating, cleansing, probiotic rich, protein and mineral rich, and easy to digest. My recommendation for breakfast are as follows:

  • Vitality Supergreens by Body Ecology is an awesome breakfast choice. It’s loaded with beneficial bacteria, protein, minerals and is a powder that will mix into water or a smoothie.
  • Soup is a phenomenal breakfast food. It may seem weird at first but first of all it is loaded with water and minerals which will hydrate you. If you can digest it, adding quinoa to your slow cooked soup is an easy to digest source of amino acids that will fuel your brain for the rest of the day as well as help hydrate you! Raw pastured Egg Yolk is great to add to the soup as well!
  • Smoothies are great breakfast choices. The problem with most smoothies is that they are loaded with fruit. Fruit can be great after a workout if you are in good health. Most people who are overworked can’t handle fruit sugars and too much fructose isn’t good for anyone. The fruit sugar can also deplete the adrenals in the morning.

Smoothie Recipes

  • Hydrating Summer Green Smoothie: Greens powder like Body Ecology’s Super Spurilina or Vitality Supergreens, celery, cucumber, lemon, raw coconut oil/cream to slow the sugars and deliver the nutrients and low-glycemic berries as the sweeter.
  • Raw Grass Fed Kefir/Yogurt/Milk, 1 pastured egg yolk, 2oz coconut kefir, berries

I hope these tips help supercharge your morning for a successful healthy and fit day like they do me!




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