10 Ways To Give Your Health A Promotion- Daily

Are you looking to upgrade your life? Of course you are! If you’re alive, I’m sure you seek out ways on the daily to improve your looks, finances, relationships, and overall identity. Depending on your personality you may do a variety of crazy things to accomplish this. For most of my life, I took the “healthy lifestyle” approach. I was convinced that if I ate Kale like it was going out of style, meditated in the wild, sprinted, pulled-up and pushed down that some where along the lines my WHOLE life would change for the better. Now don’t get me wrong, these are fantastic ideas I had but over the years I’ve developed some even better habits, restructured some and took some completely out. With many years of trail and error I can confidently give you a quick 10 tips that will remarkably take your health to the next level.


  1. Take a day off– We live in a competitive society where it’s so easy to run into conflict even while pursuing incredibly fulfilling goals. It’s documented that even President’s of the United States know the power of recovering and recharging by contributing recreational sports into their routines. So, TAKE A DAY OFF! Find time to go for a walk into nature, do something that will completely free your mind of your goals and work.
  2. Work hard when it’s fun, Play when it’s hard- I’m not advocating to not take work seriously when it get’s difficult. What I’m advising is to get your head right. If you’re working hard in the gym and you get to a place where hardcore workouts have turned into pure pleasure, then you’ve struck gold! When workouts or changing to a healthier diet becomes difficult remember to focus on the one meal or rep in front of you and remember it’s not all that serious, you can “go back” whenever you want. You decided to get this goal because you had a strong desire to do so! So get goofy, you have to be able to laugh at how serious we can get!
  3. 30 minute mornings– Starting your day off knowing it’s on your time is one of the best ways to set sail for the rest of your day. Remember, even when you have a full day’s of work ahead of you that you can get up a half hour earlier to make the day yours! For me, this is the best time to get in some HIT training, hydrate with loads of water and ramp up those endorphins! Exercise makes you feel great, it’s a no brain-er here! Starting your day off with some serious blood flow, hydration, feel good hormones and some gratitude will make for an amazing rest of the day.
  4. Drink more than you eat- I could write a book about this one. In fact, it’s been done already and I would recommend checking out Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. It’s truly amazing how much water we deprive ourselves each day and the affect it has on us. First of all, we need water more than we need food; surprisingly,I find most of us reaching for unnecessary food that is usually due to dehydration. Doing this is only taking energy from us by devoting it to digestion instead of playtime, goal obtainment, or exercise. Without getting too scientific…Drink more water than you eat. If you find yourself hungry see if you’re just actually thirsty, it will give you more energy, clear your skin, nourish your cells and wipe out waste debris in your body that could be the reason you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated!
  5. Laugh until your face hurts; daily- This is one you just have to try and see for yourself. It is in my experience, I kid you not, that the most healthy moments and months of my life were those where I was surrounded by people who had me constantly laughing. I noticed improvement in my sleep, skin, hair, digestion, relationships, work, and just about EVERYTHING you could imagine. It wasn’t until those moments where over and I found myself back inside my bubble of goal achieving that I would sometimes go an entire day without laughter and my health less than it was prior. It’s easy for us to think and feel we have to be so serious in order to get things done when it’s truly the opposite and I can say this from a place of experience. Again, the science behind this exists, I’m sure. But it’s one of those things you have to do for yourself. If you want to make an improvement in your living situation at all make it this. Put yourself in an environment where you can laugh until it hurts on the daily and watch your whole world change.
  6. Have a Passion- Passion is everything. Passion is more than desire, it’s something placed into us, it’s our beliefs and experiences stirred up with powerful emotion. Ever go through a period in your life where you found waking up hard to do? Chances are you have a passion deficiency. We are not fixed here on earth merely to survive and if that’s what your life has maybe turned into I can tell you a dose of passion might be the cure to bring you out of debt, sickness, anger and fear. When you have a passion for something, fear becomes welcomed, and life is rejoiced with a higher purpose. Find something to live for, mix every emotion in you with that thing and make it apart of your daily life. When I first am working with a client who is trying to change their diet around one of the first questions I ask is “What “healthy” foods DO you enjoy?”. You’re going to excel at anything you enjoy. If you think eating a healthy diet is something you can’t enjoy, then you just haven’t found healthy foods you know you can enjoy. Once you find a healthy food that can set your taste buds off then you find being healthy much easier, enjoyable and the first step to becoming passionate about having a healthy diet. You can start by doing just this, find a simple workout or healthy food you really enjoy and focus on that everyday instead of the difficult side of things.
  7. Wear your heart on your sleeve- We’ve had fear put into us that if we say what we mean and feel we will experience pain in result. We keep quite to avoid losing our jobs, we hold things in for the sake of our place in society. We do all we can do fit the mold. Try once a day to just say what you’re really thinking or feeling. Chances are two things will come about: 1) You will start attracting the right people who are on your honest level of thinking. 2) The people who have been around that have only feed into your fake reality will start to vanish. Either way it’s a win-win. Don’t be so afraid to “lose” things or people by being your honest self. Life is so much richer when you’re honest with yourself and everyone around you, no matter how outrageous your beliefs or opinions may seem.
  8. Let it go- An incredible mentor of mine once told me during a recording session…”Nick, how do you feel about the song we just made?” Me- “I think it’s pretty good, I feel like I could have done better though.” Mentor- “But Nick, if you could have been any better you would have. You are only as good as you are NOW because it’s all you know. If  you knew how to be any better than who you are now, you would be.” This hit me like a brick wall. It made perfect sense. Why do we hold onto things so tightly? We hold onto the past’ even when it’s seconds ago, to try and change it for the better, when really it’s only as good as it ever will be. If we can just let go of what happened we can focus more intensely on what is actually going on. I promise you good things will come. Life isn’t about struggling upstream for the obtainment of a goal. You cannot merely bite your lip and grind through life experiences. Sure, a challenge is healthy. A moderate amount of stress is wonderful. But welcome it. Let go of your expectations of yourself and see what you are really capable of. By letting go you might even just correct some imbalances in your physical body…Constipated lately? hmm.
  9. Move when you’re empty, Eat when you’re hungry, Converse when you’re fed- I always say, it’s so much more important HOW we eat as apposed to WHAT we eat. If you’re trying to exercise it truly makes no sense to eat before hand. Unless your blood sugar is wildly unstable then you might, but make sure you let everything digest before moving around vigorously. If you’ve ever experienced intermittent fasting or longer fasts you realize how much food we actually DO NOT need. I’m not recommending you starve yourself at all. I merely am trying to bring about the point that we spend a lot of time feeding ourselves out of boredom or lack of something beyond nutrition. Ever notice how when you’re at a party or doing something you absolutely love that time flies and you forget to eat? Maybe what were really missing isn’t nutrition as much as were missing experiences, love, joy, fulfillment. Finally, when we do sit down to enjoy nutrient dense food we should really engage more in this experience. Talk with people around you about how amazing the food is! Smell, look, touch, actually TASTE your food. Eating alone can be a great way to really take in all that is in your meal but I recommend trying to eat with liked minded people as often as possible to get the most out of your meal time!
  10. Say “Thank You” and mean it- I cannot recommend the book The Magic enough. This little book has opened my eyes to the power of gratitude more than any religion on earth. If you’re in the midst of a health goal such as losing some weight for example, pay attention to what are you focusing on everyday.What is it you’re focused on? Be honest, is it the fat you still have to lose? Are you waking up every morning thinking about how much fat left there is to lose? How you’re still far from your goal? Or are you focusing on how hard you worked? Are you grateful that you have been able to start this goal even if you aren’t are your peak effort? There’s a saying that goes “you will never get to second base if you never take your foot off of first”. It’s a very true statement but I believe there is more to it. I believe in order for us to have the courage to take our foot off first we have to have gratitude. We have to be thankful enough and confident in ourselves that we made it where we are in the first place. Without that deep gratitude for the things we have we merely focus on what we don’t have and it paralyzes us from ever going further. Give thanks to what you have gotten so far and watch your life finally move into the second stage!



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