How to have the most amazing workout EVER, every single time, guaranteed.

Passion: The secret ingredient to success.


Why we fail at our health and fitness goals

We live in abundance, yet we still feel lack. We have created machines to make workouts easier, blenders and juicers that allow us to fit a day’s worth of nutrition into an 8 oz glass, we have information pouring out of our screens but we feel in lack. How is it everyone is not in the most incredible shape and loving their physical bodies everyday with all this help surrounding us? The answer is passion, or lack there of. Most people lack passion, especially toward health and wellness. For most, the idea of getting into a gym or giving up crap food is more of a workout than actually doing it, but this workout doesn’t even leave you feeling amazing like the actual workout or food would. We need to put together a formula; if you will, to no longer look at achieving health as something so dreadful but as something exciting, attributing to getting a greater goal in life.

So how do we do that?

It’s a simple process but one that must be done with full attention! We have to start looking deep into our hearts everyday. What I mean is to spend some time for a day, a week or longer and figure out what you really want out of life. When you figure this out you can use it as FUEL for your workout. You may also notice when you search your heart’s desire you find the desire for health as well.  What you must do now is use your greater passion; lets say it’s music, and make the connection with obtaining health and living a life full of music.

Become fueled by your Passion.

From there, step two is to live with that passion and redefine that word “workout”. Instead of going into the gym without an intention other than thinking you might look a little better start using that passion of yours (music) as inspiration to fuel your workouts.

Musician’s example of your new thought process toward your workouts might go like this:

  • I know if I can stay lean I will be more agile on stage and put on a better performance. 
  • Working out gives me so much energy I am able to practice for hours after!
  • Every time I get into the gym I imagine myself putting on a show, so I work my best!
  • Without my health I wouldn’t ever be able to endure a stressful tour! Staying in shape is a must if I plan to tour. 

The key to having the most amazing workout ever is to love it.

The trick is to just simply look into each day and find out what you really love to do, why you wake up every morning, and then align your workouts with that deeper purpose. The funnest most amazing workout you could ever have is going to be one that is aligned with the highest version of yourself. I say; “find what you love in a workout and you’ll never “workout” again”.

Get excited about health!

and always,



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