Potential is nothing

Potential is nothing without becoming.
I am sure that you’ve been told a couple times in your life, “you have so much potential!!!” I know I have. And I’m not trying to brag, in fact, rather the opposite. What is potential? Potential is simply a nicer sounding word for capable, possible, or in other words an ability or outcome that may or may not be developed. May NOT even be developed!! That is to say, the idea of potential is not even guaranteed development of an idea or a goal. Rather depressing to think about? If you know me then you know I am far from a negative kind of guy…My point is we all have potential, each and everyone of us! I agree, some more than others will have greater “potential” for achieving particular goals such as becoming an NFL linebacker or playing at the VMA’s. However, we all have the equivalent potential for success. And what most people don’t pay attention to is the equal likely hood for failure. What I mean is that it is as easy for someone with a bad hand to lose as it is someone with a good hand.Maybe this will make more sense…Take two seeds, both containing life force. One seed is of a Red Wood tree the other of an Apple tree. If the seed of the Red Wood never makes it to the soil, never soaks up the rain it will never see its potential to grow tall. Same goes for the seed of the apple tree. They both have potential to become something beautiful. Sure, the Red Wood has much greater potential to grow taller because of it’s DNA structure but without the seed ever germinating in the soil, it’s merely a seed with a lot of potential…

But I’m only an apple tree, what’s the point of growing if I never grow as tall as the Red Wood?
What I see in a lot of people and what stopped me short of so many of my dreams before I even started was this idea of being only so much. I figured if i couldn’t be the best, why be at all? It was never good enough for me to be just a trainer or just a guitar player, I wanted to be a famous trainer, on magazines and on TV. I wanted to play music around the world, selling platinum albums…I knew deep down that “having potential” wasn’t enough for me. But it was a good place to start. Potential is nothing, potential is recognizing that you are not where you could be. These negative statements are as true as a Red Wood is taller than an apple tree. The secret isn’t focusing on your potential because like me chances are is it will likely stop you before you start. Where you set yourself apart is actually achieving that potential, becoming your potential. There is power in this. Chances are you never grew as tall as you could grow and once you do, once you grow into that Red Wood or apple tree you can actually out-do your potential. People get stuck before they even start though. So become your potential, then see how far you can go after that. See if you can be that apple tree, with apples so delicious they make a pie after you. Grow as tall as a Red Wood, so tall they drive a car through you. What you can do is grow as much as you can grow, become limitless and when you grow as much as you think you can grow, spread your seeds and grow some more. No matter your size, no matter your life conditions or your “potential” you have this incredible ability to become something bigger and better everyday. Start being what you can be today, it’s not until you reach your potential that you can outweigh it and become the BIGGEST Red Wood there ever was or the apple tree with the world’s best apples…

This is the foundation of all life; nutrition, physical fitness, mental wellness, family, goals, and aspirations afar. Take this mindset with you into the gym, into work, into every meal, into every conversation and watch your life change. 

Be Your Potential. Then be a little more.



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